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Who Makes The Best Single Serve Coffee Makers

Are Expensive Coffee Makers Worth It

Who makes the best single-serve coffee maker?

Some of the best coffee maker brands charge incredibly premium prices for their creations. It should be noted, though, that some expensive coffee makers might not necessarily be worth it for the everyday consumer. Prices that range up to $600 or $700 often focus on flexibility and precise control over aspects of brewing like temperature, steeping times and intensities, bloom and grind density.

If you’re looking for a pro barista grade experience, these more expensive coffee maker options can be well worth their price. However, if you just need a quick shot to get you up in the mornings, we’d recommend steering clear of these more premium devices.

Features To Look Out For

Coffee makers are built with more than practicality in mind. The aesthetics are just as important as the performance these days after all, this machine will be on display in your kitchen for some years. Some feature a timeless brushed steel finish, while others are much more bold with a glossy, painted exterior. Before you choose your favorite, make sure that its size is suitable for your countertop some are much bigger than they appear.

The latest models come with plenty of useful features. One to look out for is the ability to grind coffee beans and then automatically transfer the grounds to the filter basket. In doing this, youre getting the freshest coffee possible. Some machines also come with settings that let you control the strength of the brew as well as the temperature of the coffee. Controls such as these are a brilliant addition as you can try out different combinations until you find your favorite setting. Size selection is another important factor some designs let you choose from a single-serve coffee up to an entire pot, which can save waste.

Coffee makers have come a long way in terms of tech as well. Some feature touchscreens rather than manual controls, while others can connect to your Wi-Fi or use Bluetooth. In doing this, you can control the coffee maker handsfree through your smartphone or even using voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant.

Check out more of our appliance coverage:

Breville Nespresso Pixie With Aeroccino

  • 1

MethodTime to brew

The Breville Nespresso Pixie’s ability to rapidly produce quality espresso with minimal effort quickly made it one of our testers’ favorite machines. While the machine is limited to making 2.7-ounce espressos and five-ounce lungos, its size, convenience, and quality of the product more than made up for its lack of versatility. Simply drop in a Nespresso pod, select the size of pour you’d prefer, and 37 seconds later, you’ve got a steaming hot java topped with a rich crema. Yum! The tiny machine hides on most countertops and holds enough water and spent pods that it can make eight espressos. The Pixie features a handy cubby underneath for cord management, leaving only the required amount of cord exposed, keeping your counters clutter-free.

While the Breville Nespresso Pixie is at the higher end of our cost range, the gourmet coffee it produces makes it feel like a good deal, even when considering the price of its recyclable aluminum pods. Unlike the Keurig Classic single-serve coffee maker, there was no discernible foul taste of the pod itself.

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Is It Time To Get A New Cuisinart Single Serve Coffee Makers

Youre looking for a new cuisinart single serve coffee makers. What do you think? Its difficult to predict future price changes. If there are no signs of production slowing, it can be worth buying now to enjoy your investment sooner. But if output is declining and prices are predicted to rise, you might want to wait until the buzz has died down before making a choice.

Pods Versus Reusable Brew Baskets

6 Best Single

Single-serve machines utilize either pods or reusable filter baskets to brew coffee. Pods which are used with Keurig or Nespresso machines, for example are capsules of pre-ground coffee packaged into aluminum or plastic containers. Rodriguez explained that the coffee inside them is ground to a specific particle size to optimize extraction and flow rate while brewing. Reusable filter baskets, on the other hand, are designed to hold the appropriate amount of ground coffee for a single cup. You have to add ground coffee to the filter every time you use it.

Brewing coffee with pods versus with a reusable filter basket is one of the main factors experts said you should take into consideration while shopping. Heres what you should know about them before you buy:

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Nespresso By De’longhi Espresso Machine

  • 1

MethodTime to brew

If you’re seeking a bean-squeezing machine that’ll knock your socks off, the Nespresso by De’Longhi is an obvious winner. Easy to use and requiring little clean-up, this machine produces a wide range of great-tasting coffee. Are you trying to streamline your morning coffee routine? The Smart Single Serve Coffee Maker automatically detects the type of pod and brews the correct size and strength of coffee. The controls are intuitive and have sleek interface. Whether you want a 14-ounce Alto or a single espresso, the Nespresso by De’Longhi will have you sipping in less than two minutes. Additionally, the machine produces a rich crema that is absent on all but the Nespresso Pixie. It features a self-cleaning function that takes three minutes and requires almost no effort on the part of the user, which we love.

While the Nespresso by De’Longhi is a little above average in cost compared to other machines, its pods cost double that of a Keurig pod. The upside is the recyclable aluminum pods don’t leave a plastic aftertaste that seems almost universal in the Keurig pod options. It’s unfortunately on the large side, but it does hold enough water that it could produce up to 17 drinks without the need for extra attention.

Pods Vs Ground Coffee

Most single-serve coffee makers are compatible with store-bought, single-use coffee pods and reusable coffee pods . Reusable coffee pods can be filled with fresh ground coffee an endless number of times. Other coffee makers will provide a reusable filter to fill with ground coffee, so if you don’t want to use pods, whether single-use or reusable, these might be a better option for you.

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Best Machine With Reservoir: Cuisinart Coffee Center

If you drink multiple cups of coffee per day, then a single serve coffee maker with a reservoir is nice to have. There’s no need to pay big bucks for this feature, either! Not every machine has a water tank since the on-board storage does tend to bulk up an appliance, but if you do have the room for a slightly larger coffee maker, you’ll soon come to appreciate the convenience of not having to add water every time you want to brew a cup.

Our pick for a mid-priced coffee machine with a reservoir is the Cuisinart Coffee Center with its generously-sized 72-ounce water tank complete with charcoal filter. You can set it to brew coffee or heat up water for soup, tea, or hot chocolate in sizes ranging from 4 to 12 ounces, and you can take the drip tray out if you need to fit a travel mug under the spout. This machine is K-cup compatible, but you do have the option to purchase it with a refillable filter cup that allows brewing bagged coffee as well.

Purchase the Cuisinart Coffee Center from Amazon starting at $134.52.

Just How Is This Product Various From Other Products In Its Category

5 Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers 2022

The point of this comparison is to give you as much information as feasible to make an educated choice about your purchase.

We’ll look at what active ingredients are made use of in each item, both good and also negative.

We’ll also discuss what type of customer the business targets with their advertising project, which might be required for some individuals.

Last but not least, we’ll discuss price differences between brands to see if there’s any relationship in between the price and also top quality of the product itself.

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What To Know About Single

  • The coffee is medium strength and medium bodied. If you like an extra rich brew, you may want to look for one that gives you strength control to avoid being disappointed.
  • Most work with pods or capsules and you need to keep a supply on hand and find a place to store them. At about 60 to 80 cents each, the pods are pricier than ground coffee. You can find models that work with reusable filters that you fill with ground coffee, but that eliminates one of the advantages of these machines.
  • Models are available with all kinds of special features as well as in designs that also make a full carafe for those times when you entertain. However, as is often the case, fancier machines are more expensive, take up more countertop space, and are more complicated to operate.
  • Coffee pods are not compostable. Most are recyclable, but you will have to peel off the lid, toss or compost the coffee grounds inside, and then rinse out the pods before throwing them in your recycling bin.

Ninja Dualbrew Pro Coffee System

Looking to splurge? This is your guy. Not only does the Ninja DualBrew Pro feature 13 different cup and carafe options , but you can also brew a classic cup, a rich cup, brew over ice or specialty drinks, like cappuccinos and lattes. For particularly challenging mornings, you can even pop in a K-cup or use a standard coffee filter before adding your grounds. Oh, and did we mention that it has a compact design that allows you to place the 60-ounce water reservoir on the side or back of the machine to optimize counter space? Heres looking at you, tiny apartment-dwellers.

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Our Top 3 Selections For 2022

Not every coffee maker can deliver what it promises. That is why it becomes necessary to scrutinize every feature and ensure that you select only the best coffee maker in the market. That is where we can help. We have studied and compiled a list of the 10 best machines according to their features, size, capacity, taste, and other attributes.

We found the clear standout among all the machines is the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee maker. It can brew faster, hotter, and much tastier coffee, making it an instantaneous pick for coffee lovers. With a fast-brewing speed of just 90 seconds for an 8-ounce cup, the machine produces a super smooth coffee with absolute versatility.

Another brilliant machine that captured our attention is the Ninja Specialty Coffee maker. It not only comes with a stunning and exquisite exterior, but the production of lush coffee is sure to melt your tongue. You can save hundreds of dollars every year without the need for pods, and thanks to its multiple brew sizes and types, you can easily make barista-style quality coffee every day at home.

Our tests show these top performers to be the best. However, there are other brilliant machines that may be more suited to your needs including Black & Deckers smaller single serve. Lets take a detailed look at the 10 best single serve coffee makers without pods.

Why You Should Trust Us

5 Best Single Serve Coffee Makers for your Kitchen in 2019

Buck Yedor started sneaking sips of his mom’s coffee when he was just a little kid. From there, his love for coffee blossomed into a lifelong and daily ritual. Having lived with and received training from some of the preeminent Specialty Coffee Trainers in the country, Buck has honed his abilities to make and taste coffee. While he prefers a good pour-over to just about anything else, he recognizes and appreciates the convenience of single-serve coffee makers, especially on busy work mornings or for a quick pick-me-up at the office.

To ensure that we recommend the best possible single-serve coffee maker for your needs, we purchased all of these machines for exhaustive side-by-side comparison. We spent the better part of five days brewing coffee of several varieties in each machine. We dug into the manuals, cleaned and disassembled the machines, measured coffee temps and brew times. We used pods in the pod machines as well as reusable pods in the machines that would accept them. We used filtered water, freshly ground coffee and maintained a constant indoor temperature to ensure that our data was as consistent as possible.

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Hamilton Beach One Cup Coffee Maker

Need something simpler? The Hamilton Beach 49981A could be a good choice if youre looking for a single-serve coffee maker that operates more like a classic drip machine. It uses a mesh scoop filter that you can fill with your own ground coffee. Its a straightforward, compact machine, with only two buttons and virtually no learning curve.

At this price point, there are some drawbacks. This machine brews more slowly: a 14-ounce cup takes 2.5 minutes. The reusable mesh filter, though eco-friendly, lets fine grounds through, so you may have to supplement it with paper filters. If you grind your own coffee, youll have to be careful to get the texture right, or you could run into overflow and clogging issues. It also has a very small water reservoir, so youll have to refill for every cup.

With just a one-year warranty, youll be glad for the simple and durable design. The stainless steel construction makes it feel more expensive than its low price point.

The Mr. Coffee BVMC-SC100-2 is a streamlined brewer that works with all standard-sized pods and includes a reusable filter pod. However, with no customization options or added features, the higher price point is hard to understand.

Tired of silver and black appliances? The CHULUX is a simple pod brewer that comes in five vibrant colors. At 9.4 tall and under three pounds, its an attractive option for a small kitchen.

The Reigning Champion: Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

| Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

With a Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, theres no need to limit yourself. With the push of a button, you can get a regular coffee or cold drinks.With this coffee brewer, itll feel like having your own personal Starbucks.

It comes in four brew sizes, and you can go for a brew that’s:

  • Classic
  • Black
  • Milky

With this maker, the sky’s the limit. You can choose your cup size with a dial, create special brews, and froth the milk for a latte or a cappuccino.

Note: This coffee maker doesn’t need pods, but uses ground coffee. If you need ground coffee, Nomad Coffee Club has got all your needs covered with our monthly coffee subscription service, you’ll never run out.

With all of these features, there are still some points to mention. In all honesty, no brewer is perfect.

Ninja’s downside is that dripping happens frequently, and the filter while reusable makes it messier to use compared to other coffee makers.

What We Like

  • You can choose between a glass or a thermal carafe
  • Super simple interface
  • A sleek finish will complement any kitchen decor

What We Don’t Like

  • Tends to drip after brewing

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Coffee Gator Pour Over Travel Best Travel Coffee Maker


  • Hot Coffee Warm Keep 6+ Hours, Cold Coffee Cold Keep 20+ Hours.


  • The lid is not spill-proof.

When you are in a traveling situation, it is impossible to say how long time you will travel. In this case, if you have a cup of coffee with you, it will be much interesting for you to pass the time of your journey. This may be the best solution for Coffee Gator Pour Over Travel, which allows you to pass your time to enjoy coffee easily.

Also, its a compact size, and you can carry it in your suitcase or anything. This Pour Over is also very easy to use. Simply pop on the stainless steel mesh filter, fill the mug with warm water add 2 spoons ground coffee, Gradually pour the hot water over the coffee, then remove the filter and then enjoy. It warms a few hours so that you can keep the remains in the pot for a time. It is also much easier to clean.

How We Review Single Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods

â?The Best Single-Serve Coffee Makers Of 2022 – Amazon Top 5 Review

We start our search by compiling a list of products that meet your criteria single serve coffee makers without pods in this case. We single out the very best performers of the category by overall performance and value then rank them in order.

We then search every corner of the internet for relevant facts and customer feedback for the products that made the cut. We then compile the data and form your detailed review.

In each review, you will find:

  • We score our top-rated products out of 10 in terms of their features, ease of use, durability, brew quality and overall value for money so you get a good idea of what to expect at a glance.
  • Where possible, we provide a video to get you a hands on demonstration.
  • We provide the important product statistics in one handy place.
  • We form a list of pros and cons for you to consider from reading customer feedback. We pick out the most common threads and list them as pros and cons so you can see what works and doesnt with each product.

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Most Versatile: Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2

| Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

While Keurig offers convenience, Hamilton Beach offers quality.

It has two sides:

  • A single server Works with both ground coffee and coffee pods
  • A pot server Has a 12-cup glass carafe

This may make it sound bulky, but its compact and wont take up too much of your kitchen counter space.

Both of these sides have separate water reservoirs, but herein lies the problem youll have to refill the single server reservoir every time its used.

On the other hand, the pot side doesnt have this inconvenience. You can set it up to automatically brew a pot of coffee.

Hamilton Beach has Easy-Touch programming, which means your coffee will be ready when you wake up. After brewing, your coffee will stay warm for 2 hours before the brewer shuts off.

What We Like

What We Dont Like

  • Having to refill the reservoir after each use
  • The lid doesnt open all the way

For Coffee and Espresso: Breville-Nespresso Vertuo

Calling all coffee fanatics heres a fantastic coffee and espresso machine.

What makes this stand out among the other pod machines? The technology called centrifusion.

Lets explain.

You insert a capsule, which rotates 7000 times a minute, and it blends ground coffee with water to make the perfect crema. Once its done, the capsule will pop out on its own.

Whats more, the Vertuos advanced technology can automatically recognize the blend youve picked. What does this mean for you?

Other features include:

  • Heats up in 3 seconds

What We Dont Like


Most Popular