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What Kind Of Coffee Table Should I Get

What Size Coffee Table For Sectional

How To Build a Modern Coffee Table – Woodworking

The ideal size coffee table for sectional is two-thirds of its width. If you have a sectional with a chaise, then the coffee table should be two-thirds the size of the sofa portion only. Also ensure that you have ample walk-around space around the table to avoid bumping into it. This will create a balanced look in the room.

Contrast A Brown Sofa With Cool Blues

Most shades of brown have warm undertones, which means cool-colored accents often pair nicely with brown sofas. Blue throws and pillows, for example, can help bring out the richness in brown leather upholstery. In this living room, walls wrapped in wood paneling and a variety of plush textures layer in coziness.

Painted Coffee Table Ideas To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

No living room is complete without a painted coffee table, often considered a statement piece that sets off the rest of your decor. Coffee tables range from sleek glass tops to simple modern pieces or classic varnished wood. But these days, DIY furniture is in and its the best way to make your living space completely unique.

People are pushing the envelope when it comes to making their own furniture. Youll see coffee tables made from boat parts or decorated with wallpaper. But making a great coffee table can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Sometimes it just requires a bright coat of paint.

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Too Much Brown Furniture A National Epidemic

It starts off innocently enough. You finally purchase your first new home! Okay, now its time to decorate the living room and / or family room.

Your husband has been dreaming of a brown leather sofa for the better part of his adulthood, and convinces you its comfortable, classy and not to mention easy to clean. So you pull the trigger!

Yes, its definitely pretty.

But then you realize you need more furniture a console for under the TV, end tables to rest your drinks, a coffee table for your feetand you panic because you really do not know what to buy.

So you find yourself in Pottery Barn buying a lot of this:

and this:

Vary Materials Between Tables In The Room

14 Ashley Furniture Hamlyn Coffee Table Pictures

Its also wise to vary up the material between coffee tables and side tables. This is a golden rule I abide by in rooms when Im furnishing them for clients. Not everything has to be so matchy-matchy. A variety of materials/finishes in a room is important.

The same goes for coffee tables and dining tables in open plan living-dining rooms. I like to have all three tables in this space of a similar vibe but definitely not all from the same collection. Think of the tables as sisters, not twins. Maybe even cousins with a strong family resemblance.

Image above is of the divine from Coco Republic. Notice theres a lot of white stone in the coffee table, but the side table features a little stone and some black metal legs. This is a winning strategy.

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When To Use Round Tables

Round coffee tables are especially great to use with your sofa, chaise couch, or L-shape sectional. If you have a lot of square or rectangle shapes in your design adding round elements will create interest and balance in your living room.

The round nesting coffee table is nice when you like to entertain since it can be expanded for more surface space. While this shape may seem like a classic with all the size, material, and style options they are far from ordinary.

No matter your price point or budget there is a round coffee table perfect for you!

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Choosing A Coffee Table

A coffee table should be proportionate in size to the sofa. As a good rule of thumb, the coffee table you buy should be at least one-half the length of your sofa, but not longer than the sofa itself. A nice happy medium coffee table length of three-fourths or two-thirds is perfect.

The height of your coffee table should be about even with the height of your sofa seat, give or take a few inches.

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The Right Color: Striking Or Simple Coffee Table

Which coffee table matches which sofa in terms of color is an absolute matter of taste and ultimately depends on the style of your living room . Do you have a Scandinavian style living room? Then tables in lighter colors are ideal. Dark wooden tables are perfect for country-style living rooms. Or do you want to consciously create a break in style ? Because the coffee table with its many different colors and shapes is also very suitable for this.

Of course, due to the material, you are limited in terms of color to a certain extent. However, there is now a large variety of models . For example, a specimen made of glass does not always automatically mean a transparent glass plate on legs.

Some retailers also have the option of combining different materials . For example, there is a combination of one in our DREIECK DESIGN range Glass coffee tables with wood or one Glass coffee tables with metal.

Matthews Foldable Coffee Table

How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Table

If you need something that you can stash out of sight at the drop of a hat, this Joss & Main piece is an easy choice. You can remove the tray and fold up the legs in a snap, so its the perfect piece to have on hand if you only have space to set up a table on occasion. The sleek gold is nice and stylish, too, although its also available in black and rose gold.

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Floral Transfer Coffee Table

Floral transfers on top of a painted coffee table are one of my favorite designs.

There are so many materials available these days. This design uses a simple furniture transfer to layer an eye-catching floral design on top of a DIY orange and peach paint job. There are tons of ways to customize this idea with your own colors and designs and its done in just a short time.

Get A Great Fit For Your Room And Your Lifestyle By Considering A Coffee Tables Size Features And Aesthetics

Elizabeth Millerermillerdesign.comFibreworks®doTRG Architecture + Interior DesignThe Home Co.Patrick Ahearn ArchitectdownMaxim MaximovSebastian Construction GroupMetal bases with glass topsD2 InteriorsEminent Interior DesignAshleigh Weatherill Interior Design upholstered coffee tableStudio Aubergine Interior DesignEBCON Corporation | Hughes ConstructionKakar House Of DesignTeague Hunziker PhotographycoastersNorth Fork Design Co.Tell us: More on Houzz

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Consider How Youll Decorate

Lastly, be sure to consider how you want to decorate the top of your coffee table before buying one. Do you want to display coffee table books? Do you want to have a family photo album? A coffee table tray? A vase of flowers? A candle? The possibilities are endless, and its always fun to plan the design ahead of time! Consider the colors you want to use beforehand to make sure everything fits together just right!

I hope this post inspired you and made your coffee table decision a bit easier!

Let us know what you chose in the comments, or tag us on !

Qualities To Look For:

Should I Get A Round Or Rectangle Coffee Table : Round Or ...
  • Will the top be durable?
  • Is it cleanable?
  • Does it fit with my decor?
  • This time I chose not only a beautiful coffee table, but one that was WAY more durable.

    The white lacquered top completely changed the space and I can spray it down to clean perfect!

    If you are putting the coffee table in a room that doesnt get a ton of use, then you can just think through getting one that looks good.

    Post contains hand selected products, with affiliate marketing links throughout

    Shop the Room

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    Different Types Of Materials:

    • Woven
    • Natural materials

    Side note: upholstered coffee tables in fabric or leather look amazing, but arent the most practical since they are hard to clean. You also have to use a tray for drinks, so they are limited in their use.

    Also think through how durable you need the top to be.

    Do you need it to be cleanable or do you want to put your feet up on the table.

    Can it handle people who dont or wont use a coaster?

    My previous coffee table had a wood top and it took a beating! Here is a similar looking coffee table.

    We used it without concern and propped up our feet, ate on it, and I would lay on the sofa and set my drink in the corner every night.

    The finish wore off, chipped and eventually it ended up with a bunch of college kids LOL!

    When I went to replace my old coffee table, I looked for different qualities this time.

    Plus didnt just focus on getting a good looking table.

    Types Of Coffee Tables

    So what type of coffee table is best for your sofa? Well, it depends on the kind of sofa you have! If you have a standard horizontal sofa, then we recommend going with an oval or rectangular coffee table. If you have a sectional or L-shaped sofa, then we recommend going with a round or square shaped coffee table to fit in nicely. Of course, you can definitely make it work without following these rules if you really have your heart set on a specific coffee table!

    Here are the main coffee table shapes to choose from:

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    If You Entertain A Lot Opt For A Coffee Table

    Yes, you can easily set a tray on an ottoman, and place your drinks and food on it. But first placing a tray and then placing things on it can constrict the available space that is needed for a lot of things when you are entertaining. And it may not seem like you are losing a lot of space, but you actually are. Plus, coffee tables handle spills better, no matter how moisture- or stain-resistant your ottoman fabric is.

    Coffee Table Vs Ottoman: Which Is Better For Your Living Room

    Home Decorating: How to Decorate a Coffee Table

    Some call it the decorator’s nightmare. How do you choose between an ottoman and a coffee table, when both are so functional and have immense aesthetic value? Here’s our effort to make the task a little simpler.

    Some call it the decorators nightmare. How do you choose between an ottoman and a coffee table, when both are so functional and have immense aesthetic value? Heres our effort to make the task a little simpler.

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    Consider Your Own Needs

    Of course, when choosing the right coffee table for you or your family, you should consider your lifestyle. Do you need a piece with a lot of storage? Consider a storage piece. Are you one to play board games in the living room constantly? Make sure it’s a comfortable piece to gather around. Do you have a tendency to put your feet up on the coffee table when watching TV? Maybe an ottoman is a better option for you.

    As for coffee tables that are kid-friendly, opt for a piece that has no sharp edges and isn’t made of glass. There are enough horror stories of kids breaking glass tops to know it’s NOT a good idea.

    Best Coffee Tables Online

    When it comes to shopping for unusual coffee tables there are many resources online. If you are looking for modern coffee table options I have a go-to list to help you get started.

    Best Places to Shop For Modern Coffee Tables

    There are so many retailers in this category but I have found it best to limit the options. When I start the design process I first dream and look at all the trendy styles.

    At first, Im looking for the vibe I am after so budget is not a factor. After I let myself dream a little the next step is to find the best coffee table in the style and price I am after.

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    Coffee Tables For $300 Or Less

    Now that you now how to choose a coffee table that will look like a designer found it for you its time to go shopping!

    Ill group the coffee tables by shape to make this as easy as possible with a variety of styles from modern, transitional, and traditional design.

    Plus a variety of finishes so you can find something that works in your existing space.

    Design Considerations For Putting Rugs Under A Coffee Table

    Shelby Glass Top Coffee Table with Quatrefoil Underlay ...

    Here are the three things you need to consider when putting a rug under a coffee table:

  • Size of the sofa: A typical 3-seater is 7 to 8. Your coffee table should be either half or 2/3rd of its size.
  • The rug edge: Ideally, the coffee table is always placed in the center of the room, so the rug edges should be 18 larger than it.
  • Clearance for the sofa: The clearance space around the coffee table should be anywhere between 12 to 18 to 24 depending on the size of the lounge. The front of the coffee table should have a larger clearance are because the circulation space is always bigger there.
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    The Right Material: Rustic Or Elegant

    Coffee tables are available in a wide variety of materials. Whether wood, metal, high gloss, stone or glass – there is something for every taste. This is less about which coffee table goes with which sofa. Rather, the properties of the different materials play an important role. Arguably the most popular are Coffee tables in glass, wood and metall.

    • Coffee tables made of glass look light and elegant and loosen up the room. In addition, colored carpets come into their own with transparent glass.
    • Coffee tables made of wood , on the other hand, are particularly robust and easy to care for. They look natural and, depending on the color and finish, set a rustic accent in the living area.
    • Metal coffee tables are also very stable and easy to care for. They also bring an industrial flair to modern living rooms.

    Emphasize A Brown Couch

    There’s no need to hide your brown leather couch or cover it up. You can also choose to highlight its rich, cocoa color with a few easy styling tips. Add accent chairs that pick up the hue of the existing dark sofa, then layer the sofa with decorative pillows to lighten the visual weight of darker furniture.

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    Be Mindful Of The Height

    There’s nothing more awkward than a coffee table that’s too high or too low. To ensure you feel comfortable in your living space, opt for a coffee table that’s the same height as the cushions on your sofa or one to two inches lower. Any more and you risk the space looking and feeling just a little off.

    Choosing The Perfect Coffee Table Shape

    D.I.Y – Coffee table Enclosure type thingy!!

    Once you have determined which size coffee table is right for you, you should then consider which coffee table shape works best for your living space. To ensure it is the perfect fit, you need to consider how much space you have, as some coffee table shapes take up more room than others.

    When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee table shape for your home, there are unlimited options to choose from including:

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    How To Choose The Perfect Coffee Table For You

    A coffee table is a grounding centerpiece in a living room. Depending on the style you choose, it can really change the overall design and feel of a room.

    So, how do you go about selecting the perfect coffee table?

    First, it’s important to think about how the coffee table is going to be used and what kind of function you want it to have in your room. This can vary greatly depending on your unique lifestyle and needs. Where one person might want a modern, glass top coffee table, another may want a sturdier table that they can put their feet on.

    Whether you want your coffee table to act as a design element or a surface for board games, this guide will help you choose the perfect coffee table in both style and function.

    The Right Shape: Round Or Square Coffee Table

    Here, too, it is best to orientate yourself on the surrounding seating furniture. Basically you have the choice between rectangular, square, triangular, round or oval coffee tables. Depending on the size and shape of the existing living space as well as individual needs, certain variants are more suitable:

    • Rectangular coffee tables go well with large L-shaped or elongated sofas .
    • If the couch is very long but you don’t want a square table , oval models are a good choice.
    • With U-shaped living landscapes we recommend quadratic or round models
    • Round or triangular coffee tables are ideal for smaller sofas .
    • With two adjoining sofas a small triangular table in the corner is perfect.
    • It is best to combine round chairs with comfortable armchairs Side tables made of glass. By the way, these can then be a little higher, because after all you have to reach for the table over the armrest.
    • Round and oval designs are ideal for families with smaller children . Because here the risk of injury is much lower than with a square table.

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