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How To Make Starbucks Cold Coffee

Additional Flavorings And Toppings


In addition to whipped cream, you can add other flavorings and toppings to your Frappuccino. These are completely optional, but we wanted to give you a little bit more room to make the Frappuccino your own. Here are some optional ingredients you may want to add based on the desired flavor:

  • Java Frappuccino: 1 handful of chocolate chips can be added to the base .
  • Mocha Frappuccino: 3 Tbsp. of cocoa powder can be added to the base . Chocolate sauce topping can be added to the whipped cream.
  • Carmel Frappuccino: 1 Tbsp. of caramel sauce can be added to the base or to the top of the whipped cream as a topping.

Starbucks Iced Coffee Copycat Recipe

Funny to admit Im finally starting to feel like an adult, because Ive figured out how to make a good cup of coffee at home. Im going to share how to make a Starbucks iced coffee copycat recipe via two methods: cold pressed iced coffee and French press iced coffee.

Theres nothing I enjoy more than a cold, delicious iced coffee from Starbucks. But sometimes I dont have the time to pick one of these bad boys up in the mornings, so I was determined to figure out how to make Starbucks iced coffee at home, which is exactly what I did!

The trick to making the iced coffee is to cold press it or use a French press, and then serve it with a simple syrup and cream. Having a simple syrup is the smooth sweetness that compliments the coffee so well and because it is already a liquid, you wont have any pesky sugar granules coming through the straw! Coffee made via these methods are so smooth, youre going to love it, so lets dive in.

How to make iced coffee via the French Press method:

How to make iced coffee via the cold pressed method:

To me, a cold glass of iced coffee is the cats meow.

Out of curiosity, I looked up what the phrase cats meow meant, and totally got a laugh out of Urban Dictionarys use of it in a sentence George, your zoot suit is quite the cats meow!aaahhhhahaha! Im still going with it in this context Phi, this iced coffee is the cats meow!

What Is A Frappuccino

Before jumping right into the Frappuccino recipe, lets take a moment to discuss what a Frappuccino is. Even though it is easily one of the most popular drinks in the United States , very few people understand what the drink is.

Simply put, the Frappuccino is an ice coffee blend sold exclusively through Starbucks. Inspired by the frappe and cappuccino, the drink is made from cold and delicious coffee. This drink will typically be based on an instant coffee roast or crème. The drink will likely include syrups, spices, and whipped cream for additional flavoring in addition to the base.

Even though Starbucks trademarked the name Frappuccino, other stores sell similar drinks, just under a different name. Many stores sell their own version of the Frappuccino under the name frappe, nodding back to one of the inspiring drinks for the Frappuccino.

Because a lot of different stores make the Frappuccino, the recipe isnt too difficult to figure out. In fact, Frappuccinos are really easy to make, and just about anyone will be able to make one from the comfort of their own home.

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Tips For Making Serving And Storing This Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Recipe

  • Substitute half and half for the heavy cream and milk mixture. You probably wont taste that much of a difference.
  • Add a dollop of whipped cream. For an even more indulgent presentation, crumble a vanilla wafer on top.
  • Keep any leftovers in the fridge. Extra vanilla simple syrup in the fridge for up to six months, while you should drink your cold brew coffee within a week.

Check out more of our favorite Starbucks recipes on our Youtube channel.

Ingredients In Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Starbucks Iced Coffee Copycat Recipe

For the cold brew coffee

  • Filtered water This will give you the best flavor, although you can use tap water.
  • Ground coffee For a taste as close as possible to the Starbucks cold brew, use a medium or dark roast blend of coffee.

For the vanilla syrup

  • Water
  • Sugar regular granulated white
  • Whole vanilla bean You can usually find whole beans in the baking aisle of the grocery store. You can also use vanilla extract instead

For the sweet cream

  • Milk use a dairy or non dairy milk of your choice
  • Whipping cream
  • Vanilla syrup use the recipe above or a store-bought vanilla syrup for coffee

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Making Flavored Cold Foam

If youre not a fan of nonfat milk, you can elevate your cold foam game with flavor options. All you have to do is add some flavored syrup to your milk before frothing. There is no golden ratio of milk to syrup, but youll need less than you might think. Start with just a drizzle and add more if necessary. You can also taste the foam as you go to determine if its too sweet or not sweet enough.

Common flavor options use peppermint, mint, chocolate, and vanilla extract. Feel free to mix and match different syrups to get a better-tasting foam.


Key Steps To Better Cold Brew At Home

  • Get the grind right. Cold brew requires a specific grind. A larger grind something closer to the coarseness of raw sugar keeps the brew from getting bitter overnight. If youve got a small home grinder, its best to grind the beans in batches.
  • Use a higher ratio of coffee to water. This recipe uses a ratio of 8 ounces of ground coffee to 8 cups of water which is 1 ounce of coffee per cup making it easier to scale this recipe up or down. Drip coffee uses about 1/2 ounce of coffee per cup.
  • Strain slowly. The Toddy System that Starbucks uses to brew and strain their coffee relies on gravity to gently remove the cold brew from the grounds. To replicate that at home, youll need to strain the cold brew gently through cheesecloth and a strainer. Avoid pressing or squeezing the coffee grounds, as that extracts bitter flavors. Work in batches to strain as gently as possible. You might be asking yourself, Cant I just strain the coffee with a coffee filter? You could, but it slows the straining process and occasionally the paper filters tear, creating more of a mess than anyone should have to deal with before coffee. My favorite tool for straining my cold brew is actually a nut milk bag.

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Add Three To Four Cups Of

How to make iced coffee with starbucks cold brew concentrate. You might be living somewhere with a cold climate most of the time. Just mix with water and ice for a refreshing glass of deliciousnessor make it your own with cream, sugar and your favorite flavors. The signature starbucks® cold brew you love is now easier to make at home.

8oz water to 2oz ground coffee, or 1 cup water to cup ground coffee. Make the vanilla simple syrup. This creates lower acidity and the naturally smooth, sweet taste its known for.

Cold brew coffee concentrate is a type of coffee you can store in the fridge and is perfect for summer months with ice or even warm. To make the smoothest coffee, strain the date and cocoa sediment out by straining the coffee concentrate through a nut milk bag or cheese cloth. When ready to enjoy, add the coffee.

Each pitcher pack is filled with a perfectly measured portion of the same blend of latin american and african coffee that is used to make batches of cold brew in starbucks stores. To make cold brew coffee concentrate, you need to keep the cold brew ratio in mind and increase the quantity of coffee relative to that of water. Add 125ml of water and enjoy.

The signature starbucks® cold brew you love is now easier to make at home. Cold brew coffee concentrate is really strong and is meant to be diluted with water or milk. Its all in the brew.

Get starbucks® cold brew coffee pitcher packs at your local starbucks store or online.

Helpful Tips Worth Mentioning

  • Although nonfat milk is Starbucks preference, it may not be yours. Skimmed milk has also been recommended for making cold foam. Others have atrociously advised on using whole milk . Perhaps you want to take matters into your own hands and experiment with various kinds of milk.
  • Dear vegans and non-dairy folks, the best dairy-free option to make Starbucks cold foamStarbucksis oat milk. Oat milk provides a good consistency for cold foam. Other plant-based milks dont froth well, keep this in mind.
  • Keep an eye out for over-frothering. Your desired consistency should be similar to whipped cream. If your cold foam resembles a meringue, youve overdone it. Abort mission!

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Make Cold Foam With A Handheld Milk Frother

Serious coffee lovers may already have a milk frother in their kitchen. A handheld frother works wonders for hot foam, but you can get a similar effect with cold milk as well. You will need a mug or cup to stir the milk until its nice and thick. Keep in mind that the liquid will more than double in size, so use a large enough mug to hold it all.

Wait A Minute Whats Cold Foam

Originally, the hot frothed foam was designed for hot drinks. If you think the same foam is used for cold drinks, think again. This kind of foam just doesnt translate into cold drinks, this isnt how to make Starbucks cold foam. Cue in cold foam, an alternative that is used to spice up cold coffee drinks. Cold foam does not use steam or any kind of heat like original foam does froth.

Cold foam carries a rich, thick, and creamy consistency that can be layered. The layering effect cold foam provides creates the picture-perfect drink. There are many different techniques to make cold foam. The cold foam is intended to sit on top of your coffee, it doesnt incorporate or mix into your coffee since it is quite airy.

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How To Make Starbucks Sweet Cream

The Starbucks sweet cream recipe is just a mixture of vanilla simple syrup, heavy cream, and 2% milk.

To make vanilla simple syrup:

  • Add one teaspoon to each cup of simple syrup. If you dont have any simple syrup, you can make it by mixing two cups of white sugar with water in a small saucepan.
  • Bring to a boil slowly while continuously stirring.
  • Once the sugar dissolves, remove the saucepan from the heat. When the simple syrup is at room temperature, stir in one tablespoon of vanilla extract.
  • Questions You May Have

    How To Make Starbucks

    How much am I saving by making Starbucks Cold Brew at home?

    It costs about $0.53 to make a grande sized cup at home. Starbucks charges around $4.00 for a grande Cold Brew so youre saving $3.47 each time you make the drink at home. Thats a lot!

    Can I use any coffee to make cold brew?

    Yes, any ground coffee can be used to make cold brew but to make Starbucks Cold Brew, you have to use their blend to get the taste as close as possible.

    How can I make a stronger or weaker cold brew?

    Since the pitcher packs make a coffee concentrate, you can add less or more water to make it weaker or stronger.

    Whats the difference between cold brew and iced coffee?

    Cold brew coffee is made by steeping ground coffee in cold water. Iced coffee is made by making hot coffee, then cooling it down. Iced lattes are made with espresso, from an espresso machine.

    Does cold brew have more caffeine than iced coffee?

    Yup, cold brew has more caffeine than iced coffee. At Starbucks, a grande Cold Brew has 205 mg of caffeine and a grande Iced Coffee has 165 mg of caffeine.

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    Starbucks Cold Brew With Vanilla Sweet Cream

    Starbucks took its delicious nitro cold-brewed coffee and topped it off with sweet cream flavored with vanilla. The combination makes a rich and creamy iced coffee drink youll want to enjoy over and over again.

    But that can get expensive when getting it at the restaurant. So why not save money make it at home? And you dont need to get big bottles of expensive store-bought coffee syrup either.

    All you need to do is to make vanilla simple syrup, mix it with milk and cream, and you have homemade vanilla sweet cream.

    Then youll add that to cold brew coffee, which is also super easy to make. Just steep coffee grounds in cold water overnight. Find out more in my thorough guide on how to make cold brew coffee.

    Just because the temperature is soaring doesnt mean you have to give up your love for coffee. Cold brew coffee is an enormously popular alternative to traditional iced coffee. With its smooth, mildly sweet flavor and low acidity level, its the perfect summertime pick-me-up. But leave it to Starbucks to turn something good into something downright addictive. If you havent already tried Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, you dont know what youre missing.

    Make Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee At Home With This Copycat Recipe

    I have an addiction to Starbucks cold brew iced coffee. If youre not familiar with cold brew, its prepared through a slow extraction process thats kept cool or room temperature from start to finish the coffee never gets heated up. This results in a smoother, less acidic drink. And the Starbucks variety has a very unique, strong dark chocolate flavor that I cant seem to find anywhere else.

    My addiction has been problematic for two reasons. The first one is pretty obvious: Buying coffee at Starbucks is unnecessarily expensive. Spending $5 per day on coffee instead of investing that money in a stock market index fund will cost somewhere in the vicinity of $300,000 over a 30-year period.

    I never came close to buying Starbucks every day, but spending $4-5 on a drink felt kinda dumb no matter how frequently I was doing it. So Lauren and I came up with a hack to get BOGO Starbucks cold brew every time we went. Unfortunately, even at 50% off, the cost still felt unjustifiable.

    Aside from the price, my other problem was the coffee itself: Starbucks makes their cold brew in a delicious, strong, concentrated form, which they then dilute with a lot of water before serving . I like soymilk in my cold brew, but I dont want that extra water. In the past, it was easy to order this way, but the vast majority of Starbucks stores cant or wont do a no water cold brew concentrate any more.

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    How To Make Starbucks Iced Caramel Macchiato

    Starbucks serves its Ice Caramel Macchiato drinks in a layered fashion. This is pretty fun and easy to doand think of all those likes youll get on the gram!

    Start by putting a little vanilla syrup in the bottom of your cup, then add ice so that the cup is about 1/2 full. Slowly pour the milk over the ice, then add more ice so that your cup is almost full .

    Now slowly pour 2 shots of espresso over the ice. Take the caramel sauce and drizzle it all over the top.

    The layers will start to meld together quickly, so snap a pic then swirl it together to mix and enjoy!

    Prepare What You Need To Make Starbucks Coffee At Home


    Before we learn how to make iced coffee like Starbucks, gather everything you need. Like any recipe, you first have to prepare what you need to make a Starbucks-style iced coffee. Consider how many cups you want to make or the number of people youre preparing iced coffee for.

    For this guide, were going to prepare a pitcher of iced coffee. Are you planning on only having one cup for the day? Dont worry because well also include a recipe for one cup of iced coffee later.

    The items you need to make iced coffee like Starbucks are:

    • 5 and 1/4 cups of ice
    • Ground coffee of your preference
    • Sweetener
    • Coffee press
    • Milk

    Note that you dont need to have all the equipment that a typical Starbucks branch has. All you need is a functional coffee press. If youre considering getting an espresso maker, check out this guide from Espresso Canada.

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    Tips And Things To Consider When Making Iced Coffee

    Sometimes, the heat or cold brings out the unadulterated flavors of a coffee roast. What is the best coffee at Starbucks that will best fit the iced variant? Coffees with fruity or chocolaty flavors taste best iced.

    Do you want to drink coffee with a fruity flavor without having to add orange slices in the cup? Ethiopian coffee beans are famous for their fruity flavors. With a little research, you can find the right flavor of coffee that youre yearning for.

    While iced coffee is the perfect way to beat the heat, try to limit your coffee consumption to five cups per day. Studies say that if you go past that, you put your health at risk. You increase the risk of developing heart disease by 22% when you go overboard with your coffee.

    Other Tips And Tricks On This Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe

    • If you have an espresso machine, then you can sub in 2 shots chilled espresso for the coffee in the recipe.
    • Love cold brew? You can use it in this recipe for a different spin! HERE is a recipe for cold brew so that you can make it right at home!
    • Instead of ice, freeze extra coffee in an ice tray and use it in the iced latte to avoid it getting watered down!
    • It is up to you whether you would like to use milk or half-and-half in the recipe. Personally, I am a half-and-half person.
    • Homemade vanilla simple syrup is an amazing alternative for store-bought vanilla syrup but that is totally optional!

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