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How To Take Off Coffee Stains From Clothes

Rinsing With Cold Water

How to Remove Coffee Stains

Place the stained cloth under cold running water. After every three or five minutes, rub the stained area gently using your thumbs.

Do this for two or four times. You are supposed to rinse the back of the cloth first until all the excess drip comes off.

It is worth noting that you should not rinse the front of the stain first, as this will help in spreading the stain even further. Repeat the process again if the stain still remains and then leave your cloth to dry.

Remove Coffee Stains From Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets are a bit more of a hassle to clean than a single cotton shirt, so you might want to learn how to remove coffee stains from cotton sheets without throwing them in the washing machine. For that, baking soda is your best friend.

Baking soda is perfect for cleaning around the house and can be used on upholstery and carpet stains, as well. Dip a damp cloth into a small bowl of baking soda. Blot out the stain by rubbing gently in a circular motion. If the stain is set, use a toothbrush instead of a cloth.

Some set stains may leak through your sheets onto the surface below, and for those, use one of our favorite bed mattress cleaner recipes. If the stain in your sheets is a more difficult stain, mix the baking soda with a little bit of water or laundry detergent before rubbing the area.

Pull The Stain Out Of The Fabric Using Paper Towels

Forté notes that its extremely important to resist rubbing the stain into the fabric. If the stain has done minimal damage, sometimes its just a matter of gently blotting the affected area with a dry paper towel or absorbent cloth like a rag or old T-shirt.

If the stain is more severe, place a dry paper towel underneath the area, wet your finger with water, dip it into dishwashing liquid or hand soap and delicately dab the stain. Then use a damp paper towel to lightly blot the stain. Let it dry for a few minutes.

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How To Remove Coffee Stains From Clothes At Work

Anyone that has ever dealt with a coffee stain at work can attest to how aggravating it is to deal with removing that light brown color from an article of clothing, especially if the fabric is white or another light color.

To remove coffee stains from clothes at work first decide if the stain is fresh or not, this should be obvious. If the stain is still fresh:

  • First, try rinsing out the stain with cold water. If possible, run the cold water through the back of the stain. It will prevent the coffee residue from penetrating deeper into the cloth.
  • Run cold water through the back of the stain for 10 to 15 minutes, if you have the time. If the water starts to turn more clear it is a good indication it is washing out the coffee residue. However, if this does not do the trick in 10 to 15 minutes consider another course of action.
  • Add mild laundry detergent to the stain. Rub the liquid into the stain along with a little cold water. Liquid dish soap sometimes works as a substitute in workplaces if you have not already put together an emergency cleanup kit.
  • Let dry and see if the coffee stain diminishes or completely dissolves. You will need to wait three to five minutes at the minimum to notice a difference.
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    Getting Coffee Stains Out Of Upholstery

    Coffee spilled on your favorite armchair or sofa can be devastating. Depending on the fabric, removal can be more tricky compared to bedding or a carpet. Avoid scrubbing at upholstery as this can weaken and damage the fabric. Blot gently at the stain if fresh and this will remove the worst of the color.

    If this doesnt completely fix the issue then use some washing up liquid in a cup of warm water. Get a clean cloth or sponge and dab the mixture onto the stain until it lifts away. Adding some white vinegar to the mix can help remove tougher stains.

    How To Remove Coffee Stains From Carpets And Clothes

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    Alaina Digiacomo/rdcomavoid These Mistakes

    Over the years, Razmus has witnessed a number of stain removal disasters and could write a book on how not to get a coffee stain out of clothing. Avoid the following:

    • Using lemon juice: While you might have heard that lemon juice can effectively remove stains, Razmus does not recommend using it, because lemon juice has sugar, so it can leave a stain behind.
    • Applying bleach directly on a stain, even on white clothes. Straight bleach can damage the fabric as it can cause the whiteners in the fabric to become damaged, turning the spot yellow.
    • Using the wrong type of bleach: It is important to avoid using chlorine bleach on colored fabric. Not only will you remove the stain, but also the color.
    • Applying baking soda: While baking soda might be an effective cleaning agent for many stains, it isnt going to work well with coffee. For tannins, you need something acidic and baking soda is an alkaline, she points out.

    Its not just your clothes that coffee can stain, find out how to clean your coffee cup, too. Plus, check out the best stain removers for clothes everyone should own.

    For Immediate Stain Removal:

    How to remove coffee stains from clothes
    • If you tend to spill, you may want to keep a stain treatment on hand, like Shout wipes. These can help get rid of the majority of your stain, right after it happens.
    • Salt! Run down to your office cafeteria, or stop at a restaurant nearby. Sprinkle a generous amount of salt on the stain. The more salt you have, the deeper it will penetrate the fabric. Let it sit for a few minutes, then gently rub away with a clean paper towel or cloth. This will help remove excess liquid, and prevent the stain from worsening or spreading.
    • Dont have salt? Baby powder works too.

    When you get home, heres how you care for your clothes to remove the rest of that deep-set stain.

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    How To Remove Coffee Stains

    Many rely on coffee as their early morning or mid-afternoon pick-me-up, but the real wakeup call comes when the coffee spills and splatters everywhere.Whether it has happened on your freshly dry-cleaned shirt as you’re rushing out the door, on the living room couch while you’re settling in with a book, or on your car’s upholstery and carpet after you’ve slammed on your brakes, cleaning a coffee stain after a spill doesn’t have to be cause for alarm.As long as you try and treat the stain as soon as possible, and use Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner to help remove it, what could have been a stain nightmare comes out in just a few quick and easy steps.

    How To Get Coffee Out Of Couch And Upholstery

    What you will need:

    • Dry rag or paper towels
    • Liquid laundry detergent
    • Vinegar

    Removing coffee stains from upholstery or a couch is similar to treating clothing. Start by blotting the spot with paper towels or a dry rag to remove as much of the liquid stain as possible. Make sure to avoid rubbing the stain as you can damage the fabric, warns Razmus. Then, use a wet and dry method: Make a solution of one tablespoon laundry detergent, one tablespoon of vinegar, and a cup of water. Using your rag, blot the solution into the upholstery. Then, dry the area by blotting. Repeat the process until the stain is lifted.

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    How To Get An Old Coffee Stain Out Of Clothing

    If you are attempting to treat a coffee stain that has already set in, start by soaking the garment in a solution made out of 1/4-cup bleach to one gallon of water for a white shirt or white jeans, or, for a colored garment, use an oxygen bleachsuch as OxiClean. After soaking, you can place it in the washing machine. If the coffee stain is removed, you can then place the item in the dryer. If the stain is still there, move on to the vinegar as outline in How to get fresh coffee stains out of clothing. above.

    Act Fast Before The Stain Sets

    How to Remove Coffee Stains from Clothes: 8 Methods that Work!
    • The sooner you act the better. Wet stains are easier to get out than dry stains so take action as soon as it happens .
    • Read the tag first to understand the type of material youre working with.
    • Cotton – Highly durable, can take more stress.
    • Silk & Polyester – More delicate so be less abrasive and dont expose to any heat.
    • Wool – Delicate, needs a lower amount of detergent.
    • Leather & Suede – Generally needs professional dry-clean attention.
    • Blot the stain from the outside with a paper towel or napkin to get rid of any extra liquid as soon as possible. Blotting helps you gently lift the coffee stain out of your shirt or clothes without rubbing it in deeper.
    • Rinse with cold water if possible, and turn the garment inside out. Youll know youre ready to move on once the water looks clear through the other side of the garment. This process shouldnt take more than 5 minutes depending on the severity of the stain.
    • Pro-Tip: If youre not at home or dont have access to a sink when the stain happens, you can always try blotting then rinsing with bottled water, club soda, or soaking with an ice cube to get some of that liquid out and keep the coffee stain moist.

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    Are Certain Fabrics More Prone To Coffee Stains

    Most, if not all fabrics out there stain. And while there are some stain-resistant materials out there, chances are that wasnt what you were wearing when you spilled coffee on yourself. There are a lot of fabrics out there, each of them unique, thats why its important to know what your clothing is made out of before trying to remove a stain.

    Different fabrics have different instructions for cleaning. Some require cold water, some require warm. Some need heavy detergents, and some need light. So before you go out trying any of the techniques in this article, check what fabric youre trying to clean and what the cleaning instructions are.

    Removing Coffee Stains From Cups

    This tip from The Kitchn is especially useful if you have a favorite coffee cup that you use all the time. All you need is baking soda!

    Sprinkle a little baking soda into the stained coffee cup. Add just enough water to make a paste. Scrub the cup with a dishwashing sponge. The abrasiveness of the baking soda gets rid of the stains almost immediately. Rinse the cup with water and wash it as you usually would.

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    Directions For Removing Coffee Stains From Carpet:

  • Blot away any excess coffee. Use paper towels to absorb leftover coffee. Do not rub the spot, as this will push the stain further into the surface and potentially spread it.
  • Wet the stained area with water and continue blotting. Keeping the area wet will dilute the coffee and make it easier for the stain remover to penetrate the stain.
  • Apply full strength Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner. Allow the cleaner to soak into the stain for 1-2 minutes. This will allow it to break down the coffee stain.
  • Blot the stained area with a damp towel or absorbent cloth. Blot the area with a clean, damp cloth.
  • Allow the area to air-dry. Keep carpet or upholstery from being used until the affected area is completely dry.
  • Repeat if necessary.
  • How To Remove Dried Coffee Stains From Upholstery

    How To Wipe Coffee Stains From Clothes

    Blend a 50/50 mix of white vinegar or lemon juice and water, doubling up the mixture for larger spills. Add an equal part of powdered laundry detergent to your mix and blot the solution to the dried coffee stain. Leave the stain to soak for roughly fifteen minutes and then rinse it clean. Dab away any moisture left with a cloth to help keep quickly dry the upholstery.

    You may need to try a stain remover if the stain isnt disappearing.

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    How To Get Stains Out Of Almost Anything

    Theres nothing like putting on a new item of clothing only to spill something on it right after. Or, that proud feeling of showing off a brand new rug only for a beloved pet to make their mark on it. But fret not where theres a will to get a stain out, theres a way.

    Stain removal experts Patric Richardson, owner of Mona Williams, also known as The Laundry Evangelist, and Mary Marlowe Leverette, laundry and housekeeping expert at The Spruce, were kind enough to share a few tips on how to get the toughest stains out of your clothing, and various surfaces, too.

    How To Remove Coffee Stains From Almost Anything


    Few things are more disruptive to your morning ritual than spilling that freshly brewed cup of coffee on your work clothes. We’ve all been there but you may not know how to properly remove coffee stains. Instead of scrubbing furiously with a wet washcloth, take a look at these foolproof methods of making those embarrassing stains disappear, even when you’re in a hurry.

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    How To Remove Coffee And Tea Stains

    Mornings are difficult as it is, and sometimes drips and spills from your morning brew can leave unsightly stains on your clothes. Coffee stains or tea stains don’t have to ruin your morning if you act fast to treat them.

    Start by blotting the stain and then running cold water over it. Pre-treating is critical, so after you’ve rinsed the stain, work in a detergent like Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid using a soft-bristled toothbrush. You can always repeat the pre-treating steps until you’re satisfied, just remember not to tumble dry until the stain is gone, as drying will set coffee and tea stains permanently. Read on for Tideâs step-by-step guide to coffee and tea stain removal:

    Removing Coffee and Tea Stains from Clothing

    Step 1


    Run cold water over the stain. Pour Tide Ultra Stain Release Liquid detergent onto the stain and rub the fabric together gently or use a soft bristled toothbrush to help work the detergent into the fibers of the garment. Then let it stand for a few minutes.

    Step 2


    Use the cap to ensure you use the right amount of detergent. Just fill it with the correct dose of detergent, and pour it into the detergent dispenser if you have an HE machine, or directly into the drum before loading the clothes if you have a non-HE machine.

    Step 3


    Wash as usual with Tide, making sure you dose correctly. Always make sure to follow the instructions on your garmentâs care label.


    Tips for Removing Coffee and Tea Stains on the Go

    Dry Clean Only Clothes

    How to Remove Coffee Stains From Clothing

    When a tea or coffee stain happens on a garment labeled as dry clean only, blot the stain with a dry white cloth. Sponge lightly with a white cloth damped with plain cold water and blot dry. As soon as possible, head to the cleaner and point out and identify the stain to your professional dry cleaner.

    If you are using a home dry cleaning kit, be sure to treat the stain with the provided stain remover before putting the garment in the dryer bag.

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    Dealing With Especially Resistant Clothing Stains

    Some coffee stains refuse to go away. After immediately dealing with a fresh stain, or trying to scrub one out after it has dried, here are some additional suggestions for especially resistant coffee stains:

  • If the stain remains, try mixing powdered laundry detergent with equal parts white vinegar and water. It will create a thicker paste that can be especially effective at eliminating difficult clothing stains. Before you apply the paste, however, test it on another garment to make sure it wont discolor the fabric. Also, use a toothbrush to scrub the stain for more effective removal. Then rinse after applying the paste.
  • Consider investing in a stain remover spray or gel product. These items are relatively inexpensive and make excellent emergency aid, especially at work. Stain removers usually only need a few minutes to dry, and they can get washed normally. They are very effective to use at work after you spill coffee on your clothing.
  • Persistence is often the best approach. It may not go completely away the first time you wash and scrub, but repeating the process can eventually work out even the most difficult stains. It just takes a little more time and persistence so try not to get frustrated it the brown color is not immediately removed.

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