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How To Make Your Own Coffee Mug Design

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DIY Coffee Mug!

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> > > Leave your thoughts below in the comments please BTW Life is shortEnjoy the mess! I hope you try this quick and easy diy project out for yourself, it can make any plain mug look beautiful! I love using these ceramic paints! See how I used them on this Dollar Tree decor to make a unique cake stand!

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How To Make Your Own Custom Coffee Mug

By | Submitted On May 08, 2007

Have you ever seen a custom coffee mug and wondered how in the world that person made their own mug? Well, now you too can quickly and easily make or buy your very own custom coffee mug that has whatever design you want on it – and you do not even have to be a professional graphic designer either. With a few quick steps, you will be well on your way to having your own custom coffee mug that will surely brighten your mornings.

Most customization shops will make you purchase as many as twelve custom coffee mugs, but what if you only want just one? You will probably end up paying more, but then you will have a mug that is truly one of a kind – making it that much more special. If you want to “mass produce” your custom coffee mug, then you should swing by for great prices on all kinds of custom coffee mugs that you can design yourself. On the other hand, if you just want one mug to call your own, check out, as you can easily create your own mug there in no time. offers a quick and easy service for people looking to purchase more than one mug with their logo or design emblazoned on it. You can select a readymade logo from their website or create one of your own and submit it. Either way, you will have a massive selection good quality custom coffee mugs to choose from.

Loads Of Creative Ideas To Inspire You

As you can see, theres so much creativity and originality on show, and checking out what other people have been trying never fails to inspire us.

We hope youve enjoyed reading and watching these plans as much as we have finding them for you and above all, we hope weve helped you find all the ideas you need to make some DIY coffee mugs of your own.

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Tips To Make Your Own Coffee Mug Design That Stands Out From The Rest

Coffee mugs with catchy messages, sweet sayings, or unique artwork have held a place in peoples hearts for years. Treasured as gifts and for holding your favourite morning beverage, coffee mugs are a staple in todays kitchens, offices, and boardrooms.

And, believe it or not, mugs go back thousands of years, although what we think of as the traditional coffee mug was designed as recently as 1945.

Whatever the history, coffee mugs are so enduringly popular that you can be sure the trend will continue well into this century.

Custom Mugs From Zazzle

Custom mug Design your own mug glitter mug best friend

The love for coffee has grown remarkably over the last few years. For many of us, enjoying a warm cuppa is how we start our day, without it, many of us would struggle to function. Whether youre serving your warm beverage out of a French press or your standard home drip machine, pour it into a custom mug from Zazzle!

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Make Your Own Custom Mug With Printifys Mockup Generator

If you are interested in creating custom mugswith pictures, then our free Mockup Generator is the perfect place to start. The tool is so easy to use it works on a drag and drop basis.

Once youre in the Mockup Generator, start loading existing designs you may already have whether theyre stored on your desktop, your hard drive folder, your Google Drive, or your Dropbox our Mockup Generator seamlessly connects with all options.

After you load your design, you can go ahead and further customize it with custom text in different fonts, or even additional photos.

Diy Custom Coffee Mugs

This is a video tutorial we enjoyed watching since its always fun to see talented people at work. In this time-lapse video, we can observe this YouTuber decorating coffee mugs using a simple technique involving marker pens, and although the designs are very simple, the mugs all look fantastic. It just goes to show you dont need to do anything fancy to create something beautiful, and if you watch this video, its sure to give you plenty of ideas.

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Design Custom Travel Mugs

For the person always on the move, custom travel mugs can be a lifesaver. Browse our wide selection of design options to find the one that best fits the style and personality of the person for whom youre designing it. Once youve selected your personalized travel mug design, make it truly unique by personalizing it with our variety of customization options. Add names, initials, monograms and a custom message. Also choose from an array of color options, font sizes and font styles. Upload your favorite photos to create a design that displays one main photo or create a collage of photos to make the perfect custom travel mug for you or a friend. Whether you’re designing a stainless steel travel mug or one that’s acrylic, it can be fun to personalize drinkware that showcases your unique personality.

Not Sure What To Designshutterstock Has Your Back

Make Your Own Reefer Covered Coffee Travel Mug Tutorial a Stoner DIY

No pre-existing design? No worries, its super easy to create your custom ceramic mug design from scratch. Plus, Printify is also integrated with ShutterStock, one of the biggest visual libraries of stock photos that you can unlock to bring your ideas to life.

Once you are finished designing your custom picture mugs, go right ahead and publish them on your eCommerce store or order a sample for yourself to make sure everything is up to par. When everything is ready-to-go, you can have your product up & running in your store, no matter what the platform you chose Wix, eBay, Etsy, Bigcommerce, Shopify Printify is seamlessly integrated with all major platforms used around the world.

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Raise A Glass To Custom Mugs With Adobe Spark Post

Make the most magnificent mug with the design power of Adobe Spark Post. Whether youre making a mug as a gift or just for your daily morning beverage, Adobe Spark Post has professionally designed templates to get you started. Or create your custom design from scratch. Add photos, text, and personalized colors. You can even mock up your design on a stock photo of a mug to preview how it will look. Once you make a design you love, you can resize it to share on any social platforms or printed format. Its as easy as choosing a template, customizing, and sharing.

Sit Back And Relax You’re Done

And we are done! Our illustration is ready for printing. Take it to your local print shop and get your very own, one of a kind mug!

But before you run off to the print shops, I have one very important tip regarding printed mugs: never, ever wash them in a dish washing machine. The print will fade and eventually it might fall off. Always hand-wash them. Enjoy your coffee!

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How Can I Create My Own Custom Mugs

  • What mug is best for you?: Start by choosing the best coffee mug for you from our many options, including travel mugs for those constantly on the go, frosted mugs best for cappuccinos, espresso cups for the one-shot early riser or our classic standard mug. Choose our fan favorite, a morphing mug that starts out as a plain black mug, but add some tea or coffee and suddenly your custom image appears, just like magic!
  • What sizing is available?:From here, simply choose a size. Each style of mug will have its own sizing available to choose from
  • How to choose a mug design?: Now for the most important part, its time to choose your design. Scroll through ready to use , mugs from your favorite brands and more!
  • Ready to checkout?: Lastly, add your new custom mug to your cart and checkout. You’ll be sipping from it in no time!
  • Ways To Decorate Mugs

    Personalized Coffee Cups : create

    Some of the most popular supplies used for decorating mugs are:

    • Acrylic Paint if you use a paint make sure that it is suitable for glass and/or ceramic. This would be something with multisurface, porcelain, or enamel on the label.
    • Etching Medium youll need a special medium for this process. Youll also want to wear gloves as the product is an acid. Its a very unique look and I love the results.
    • Mod Podge they offer a Dishwasher Safe formula that is perfect for top rack washing. This formula of Mod Podge is frequently combined with glitter to decorate mugs.
    • Nail Polish marbling with nail polish is very popular. Visit our DIY marbled mugs tutorial!
    • Sharpies youll want the oil based paint pens. The regular Sharpies dont provide consistency in terms of a permanent design.

    Note: the official recommendation on most products is to start your design at least 1/4 down from the lip of the mug so that your lips are never touching the product. While many craft supplies are non-toxic, and you should be fine if your lips do come in contact, its just something to keep in mind.

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    Handmade Diy Coffee Mug Design

    Coffee is something that most of us are fond of and when it comes to the coffee mugs am sure that the coffee lovers are obsessed about them too. To enjoy the coffee I think the mug also has to be something that we like. It always happens that we want some kind of a mug but cannot find them in stores. So here we have come up with 14 DIY Handmade Coffee Mug Ideas where you can design your own mug and personalize it.

    The first one here is a customized coffee mug with a letter or symbol on it which you can do with the help of spray paints and stencils. Next are the watercolor coffee mugs. The process is very simple where you only need water and watercolors and will have to dip the mug inside and abstract art would be there on your mug which is totally surprising and astonishing, also you can find a tutorial below to learn how to do this with paint as well as with nail color.

    So do not forget to transform your coffee mugs before the winter arrives. Note all these DIY coffee mug ideas and try them out.

    Mugs For Seasonal Events

    From Christmas and Fathers Day to Milestone Anniversaries, Valentines Day, and Mothers Day you can customize your mugs to fit right in this seasons event. Targeting big yearly events like these, or universal themes like birthdays, can be your big chance at a big profit spike to further fuel your business.

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    Create A Coffee Mug Design In Adobe Illustrator

    Mugs are part of our everyday life. They help us enjoy most of our favorite daily beverages – from warm coffee and tea to cold milk and ice tea. Can we make the experience even more enjoyable while having our drink from our very own designed mug? Sure we can. Its always more fun to use a colorful mug instead of the boring blank ones. And it will be also a nice addition in the kitchen. So lets start designing our mug!

    When you’ve finished your design, why not show people how it would look in real life by using a realistic and easy-to-use coffee mug mockup:

    Start A Mug Business And Market It To Find Success

    How to make Customized Mugs | DIY MUGS (easy)

    Remember, the market for coffee mugs will never die. Personalized mugs will always remain in demand. Custom coffee mugs are the go-to gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, babies’ births, Fathers Day and Mothers Day, achievements, Valentines Day, and more. Sometimes, you dont even need an occasion to give a custom coffee mug to a loved one, friend, or employee.

    Do your research on how do I start a mug business, learn about your target market, and put a plan in place to market your mug business. When youre ready to order, were ready to deliver.

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    How To Make A Diy Sharpie Mug With Paint Or Sharpies

    • Choose your stencil and position it on to the ceramic mug.
    • Smooth out all bubbles where there is open stencil. The edges dont matter because no paint will be transferred there.
    • Apply your ceramic paint in a thin cover over the stencil.
    • Reveal your design.
    • Add extra details with the oil-based paint Sharpie of your choice.
    • Allow to thoroughly dry. At least 24 hours is recommended.

    Baking Instructions for either ceramic paint or Sharpies:

  • Place your decorated piece in a COLD oven after allowing your design to dry.
  • Set the temperature to 325 degrees and let the oven warm to that temperature with the dish inside, leave for 35 minutes.
  • Turn off the oven allow the piece to cool completely IN the oven.
  • Diy Stenciled Coffee Mug

    If you are like me, you cant function in the morning without your cup of joe! The unmistakable aroma and the comforting steam make it a special moment of the day. How can it get any better? how about with a personalized and adorable mug? Customize your coffee cup by using stencils. This easy DIY requires few supplies and is a fun way to add some fun to your daily routine of drinking coffee.

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    Sharpie Mug Engagement Gift

    The owner of this blog prides herself on only writing about projects that work, so if youre looking for a plan that guarantees results, this one is worth a look. In it, she teaches us how to make customized mugs to congratulate somebody for their engagement, but of course, you could also adapt the plan to any other occasion and whatever you make, theyre sure to be well received.

    Unique Customized Mugs For Couples

    Design Your Own Mug 15oz Ceramic Coffee Mug

    The couples market is a huge one and it can do wonders for your business. Creating wholesome 2-Piece sets is a great way to add value to your offer and make it stand out. These custom coffee mugs can have great appeal to couples themselves, and can become a smart gift that spreads a smile with every sip. Potential winners include quirky slogans, loving quotes, inspirational sayings, and heart-based designs.

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    Download The Final Image

    With Smartmockups, you get perfect product mockups in the highest quality, available for downloading or sharing.

    Super Tool. I use it for all my Mockups and I am super happy with it.

    Thomas MangoldSmartmockups user

    “Smartmockups is an excellent platform! It is super user friendly and is updating constantly. It upgrades every design significantly and leaves a WOW impression on your audience. Highly recommended!”

    Hadas Avidor GoldinSmartmockups user

    Custom Coffee Mugs For Non

    Some people thrive by waking up with the roosters, others consider an early wake up to be a society-imposed blight. No better way to appeal to an audience that is united against mornings than with a custom mug that plays on that sentiment. From grumpy cat designs, to clever one-liners demanding coffee before anything skys the limit.

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    Cute Customized Mug For Pet Lovers

    No other audience is as passionate as pet parents. From simply adding the cutest picture you can take of your own kittie, to designing adorable puppy art, to adding clever pet-related taglines you can appeal to a vast, dedicated community all-year long. Make your own designs and remind your loving customer base what its all about fur family.

    Ready For A Stress Free Holiday Season

    DIY Coffee Mug Design

    Our LWSL Holiday Planner is BACK and better than ever for 2021! Set family goals, plan your menus, keep track of your gift list, manage your budget & so much more! Best of all, it’s completely FREE.


    LWSL reader Ana shared the following comment on Facebook: I used oil-based paint markers and even after curing them, they smudged when they got too hot. Instead, I bought , followed the directions to a T and I have washed it in the dishwasher several times, no smudges or washing off.

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    How To Personalize Mugs With Vinyl

    Of course there are different ways to personalize mugs or tea cups, but I am going with vinyl for this project because it makes it really easy to get professional-looking results.

    Adhesive vinyl may be a bit intimidating or scary if you havent ever used it before, but it really is not that difficult to work with. Just think of it as a sheet of sticker paper! Stickers arent scary right? Haha okay, lets make some awesome DIY personalized mugs!

    For a full, step-by-step guide to working with adhesive vinyl, check out my beginners guide to adhesive vinyl HERE.

    The first step to decorating your cups is to cutting out the design from the vinyl. Download the SVG file of your choice from the supply list above and open it in your software. Then send it to the machine and let it cut for you. If you dont have a Silhouette or Cricut, this design might be a bit too complicated to cut by hand, but you can absolutely cut out other designs using scissors or a craft knife.

    When your design is done cutting, its time to remove the excess vinyl . This process is often referred to as weeding.


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