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What Is In Coffee Mate Creamer

Coffee Mate Original Liquid Creamer Singles

Coffee-Mate releases new creamers

As America’s #1 creamer brand, Coffee mate coffee individual creamers blend quickly and completely into hot or cold beverages. These coffee creamer singles are available in popular flavors that are all cholesterol-free, lactose-free, and Kosher

  • Available in a 4 x 50-count dispenser box, 180-count box, and 360-count box
  • Velvety smooth finish to any cup
  • No refrigeration necessary
  • Longest industry shelf life at nine months
  • Great for all food service needs

What Are The Ingredients In Coffee

Providing 30 ways to add a little pizzazz to your coffee, Coffee-Mate coffee creamer comes in 23 regular flavors and a variety of seasonal flavors. Coffee-Mate is available in fat-free, sugar-free, all-natural, liquid and powder forms.

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However, Coffee-Mate isn’t a significant source of nutrients. Here’s the list of ingredients for their most popular types.

What About Milk Or Cream

We know that the calcium in milk is good for us. It seems like our mothers, not to mention our health education teachers, told us that every single day. Cream? It contains more calories and fat, but its one of the gold standards in a keto diet so it must be good for us as well. Right?

Yes and no.

When you add milk or cream to your coffee, youre adding calories, fat and carbs.

  • Two tablespoons of whole milk: 18 calories, 1.4 grams of carbs, 2 grams of fat.
  • Two ounces of nonfat milk: 22 calories, 2 grams of carbs, 0.1 grams of fat.
  • Two ounces of heavy cream: 120 calories, 0.8 grams of carbs, 12 grams of fat.

And thats without the sugar you might add as well.

Sure, those numbers arent huge, but multiply them by four or five cups of coffee a day and theyre eye-opening.

Its true that milk and cream can be good for you. They contain nutrients and protein that promote muscle growth and support bone strength, and they can provide other health benefits as well. But you can get those benefits in healthier ways, too, without adding lots of carbohydrates, calories and fat to your diet.

Thats important, particularly if youre watching your weight.

But what about the fact that milk or cream can cool down your coffee and soften its acidity or simply the fact that theyre delicious when added to a cup of coffee?

Thats where coffee creamers come in.

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What Does All This Mean For Your Health

So now you know what is coffee creamer made of and if you are asking what would happen if you used it once, then the answer is simple: nothing. There are basically no short term side effects to creamers, so you can use it every once in a while. Its still good for those who are on the road and cant carry around a carton of milk. Looking for a healthier method to creamers? Try making it at home in How to Make Coffee Creamer at Home.

But when you take the long term effects into account then you might not want to stick to creamers all the time, as they do more damage than you would think.

Lets take Coffee Mates Liquids as an example. Many people have experienced nausea, dizziness, vomiting and liver dysfunction. These are all serious things that shouldnt be taken lightly. So why are people still going crazy for them?

Well, mainly because they are called dairy-free. Which is true, but you might be better off with a little bit of a stomach ache or flatulence, than these long term effects.

But generally, there are so many more things that can happen to your body if you use creamers constantly, so watch out for your health. Check out this dairy-free plant-based coffee creamer we found.

Does Coffee Mate Go Bad If Not Refrigerated

COFFEE MATE Fat Free The Original Powder Coffee Creamer

Yes, but not if you want to avoid getting sick. Coffee creamer is usually sold in glass jars with lids. It is important to check the expiration date on the jar. Once the expiration date passes, the product loses its effectiveness and becomes unsafe to consume. In addition, the flavor changes after the expiration date. This is why it is recommended to buy new creamer instead of using old creamer.

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Other Healthy Coffee Creamer Suggestions

One of the companies known for producing healthy dairy-free creamers is Califia Farms. Their products are plant-based, low-sugar and available in a wide range of flavors from vanilla and hazelnut, to pecan caramel and mushroom oat. They really are healthy and they all taste good.

If calorie-free rules your dietary choices youre probably familiar with Walden Farms, because the brand offers a huge variety of zero-calorie salad dressings, sauces and syrups. They also sell six flavors of no-calorie coffee creamers which contain no fat, sugar, carbs or gluten, although they do contain undefined cream flavoring, salt and food coloring. That doesnt necessarily make them unhealthy, but we wish they provided more specific information on the ingredients. These creamers dont taste quite as good as the ones weve already mentioned, but zero-calorie, zero carb is obviously tempting.

And in the best of the worst category, Coffee-Mate has a line of popular creamers called Natural Bliss. Theyre made with either milk and cream, or with plant milks most have added sugar and they all have much higher calorie, fat and carb content. But they are all-natural, which is a step up from most major commercially-sold coffee creamers.

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Does Coffee Creamer Go Bad How Long Does It Last

Lucky Belly is depicted in this image. Nothing can take away from the fact that coffee is a delectable beverage in and of itself. However, once you begin to use coffee creamer, there is no turning backward! Furthermore, there are so many various flavors of coffee creamers available these days that it is nearly hard to choose one that you truly enjoy drinking. As a result, it would come as no surprise to us if you claimed to have purchased an excessive number of coffee creamers at the same time, all of which were different tastes.

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How Long Does Non

Ice cream made without refrigeration is essentially a non-dairy alternative. They are frequently produced with a lot of fat and sugar. As a result, they do not require a chilly environment in order to remain fresh. Non-refrigerated choices also have a tendency to have a longer expiration date than refrigerated options. It is not always the case that a non-refrigerated creamer is non-dairy in composition. There are other powdered dairy creamers that dont require refrigeration, such as sour cream and vanilla.

Powdered creamers can be stored for several months without deteriorating.

If you want to use individual small creamer cups, you should be aware that they have a longer shelf life as a result of the packaging. These cups have a shelf life of around a month on average. Because you use each cup completely after it has been opened, there are no concerns about contamination.

Creamer Type

How Long Do Liquid Dairy Creamers Last

HUGE Coffee Creamer Review – Which Ones To Buy & Avoid!

Depending on what you pick, liquid dairy creamers can last anywhere from two weeks to around half a year. Half-and-half and heavy cream are sold chilled and have a shelf life of no more than a couple of weeks, at the very most. They also have a tendency to last for only a couple of days after the written date, at the most. However, there are shelf-stable dairy creamers available, and their shelf life is far longer, typically reaching six months or more. Moreover, they continue to work for at least a few weeks beyond their expiration date, if not longer.

  • If the product has to be refrigerated, it should be good for 3 to 5 days beyond the expiration date. If the item is shelf-stable, add a month to the expiration date

Of course, they are merely educated guesses. In addition, you should always check to see if a product is safe to use before using an expired creamer . In general, after the creamer is opened, it has a shelf life of between 5 and 10 days depending on the product and the manufacturer. Specifics may be found on the label. The storage durations for opened liquid dairy creamers that have been provided are already extremely lengthy. As a result, attempting to squeeze in an extra day or two is fraught with danger.

Preparing individual half-and-half creamers for use with coffee

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Cinnamon Vanilla Crme Liquid Coffee Creamer

One of the better vanilla-based creamers in Coffee Mate’s lineup is this one that’s accompanied by cinnamon. It’s not an overpowering cinnamon flavor it’s just a touch of spiciness but it’s the right amount to blend nicely with the sweet vanilla crème. Because it’s not super strong or overly sweet, it’s a good place to start if you’re new to trying flavored coffee creamers. Think of this one as neutral ground. The cinnamon-vanilla duo will add a hint of flavor to your preferred coffee, be it mild or bold, and is light enough to enjoy first thing in the morning.

Cinnamon vanilla crème has a favorable rating of 4.7 out of 5 on its Coffee Mate webpage. Lovers of this product appreciate the deliciously spicy and sweet combination for its ability to balance out richer coffees. Others say that the combination actually enhances their morning joe and they wouldn’t go without it. One reviewer, hfriz, suggests that this creamer is excellent in chai as well, which is understandable given chai’s mix of spices that include cloves and ginger: Adding the cinnamon vanilla creamer sounds heavenly!

Is Coffee Mate Keto

No, Coffee-mate is not keto-friendly.

Coffee-Mate contains hydrogenated vegetable oil sourced from coconut, palm kernel, or soybean that contains artificial transfat.

Although transfat has technical advantages for food processing, we cant ignore the fact that it is linked to various adverse effects.

Transfat is a no-no in the keto diet as it increases the risk of developing heart diseases and raises the level of badcholesterol in the body.

In that sense, you should avoid Coffee-mate if youre on a keto diet.

Here are my suggestions for the best keto coffee creamers:

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Bulletproof Coffee Instamix Creamer

160 Calories | 15 g Fat | 0 g Net Carbs

This is one of the most high-fat options in the list, filled with grass-fed butter and MCT oil to fuel ketones and aid in fat loss.

Bulletproof Coffee creamer that goes wherever youre going, and single-serve packets make it easy to get an energy boost on the go. Brain Octane oil rapidly converts to fat-burning, brain-boosting ketone energy. Grass-fed butter is delicious and tasty, and combined, these smart fats will improve focus, fight your cravings, and power your day.

Add 1 packet of InstaMix Keto Creamer to 8 oz. of freshly brewed coffee and stir. Or try Adding InstaMix Keto Creamer to your favorite salad dressings and soup for added healthy fats.

Perfect for traveling and any time you need a blender-free keto boost.

Nutrition Facts

The Healthiest And Unhealthiest Creamers For Your Coffee

Coffee Mate Non

If you dont like to drink your coffee black, you might add a splash of milk, half-and-half or heavy cream and a spoonful of sugar or sweetener. With creamer, you kill two birds with one stone because its creamy and, most of the time, its sweetened, so you dont need to add extra sugar. Some basic flavors include hazelnut, French vanilla and caramel, but you can find exotic varieties like Funfetti and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, too.

Because of convenience and customizability, creamer is a popular addition to Americas cup of joe. However, its not always especially healthy. If you use store-bought creamer regularly, its smart to know which ones are best and worst for your health. Some are higher in fat, calories and sugar. Some are made with just a few ingredients while others sound more like chemistry experiments. Theyve been listed here in order from generally unhealthy to healthy.

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Laird Superfood Creamers Unsweetened

With only three ingredients, this creamer contains no added sugar or artificial ingredients. It is made with coconut milk powder, Aquamin , and coconut oil.

It comes in a powder form and does not contain any additives that would prevent it from clumping, so using your hands to break up any large pieces while still in the bag is recommended.

One tablespoon of this creamer provides 40 calories, 3.5 grams of fat, 2 grams of carbs, and no protein.

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How Long Does Powdered Coffee Creamer Last

Powdered coffee creamers have a shelf life ranging from one to three years, depending on the manufacturer. They can readily be stored for an additional couple of months on top of that, and in some cases for much longer. Unfortunately, there is no way to know how long powdered creamers will remain effective once they have expired. You should choose something that you are comfortable with as well as something that your taste senses recommend. If youre not afraid of utilizing a powdered creamer thats been sitting on your shelf for more than a year, go ahead and use it.

Last but not least, remember to test your coffee after using the outdated creamer to see how it tastes.

The creamer should be removed if this does not occur.

Adding powdered creamer to coffee is a common practice.

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How To Store Coffee

Proper Coffee-Mate storage depends on the productstore liquid dairy products in the refrigerator. Non-dairy products and powdered creamers can usually be stored in the pantry, cupboard, or dry, cool place. Once a liquid creamer is open, please keep it in the fridge in an airtight container. Powdered Coffee-Mate is safe to store in the cupboard after its been opened, as long as you keep it dry and free of moisture. When in doubt, check the label for specific recommendations.

Do Liquid Dairy Creamers Go Bad

Enjoy the NEW Liquid COFFEE-MATE | Nestlé PH

The shelf life of all liquid dairy creamers is about the same, however some of them go bad considerably sooner than others.

And after you open the bottle or box, you only have a couple of days to a week or so before they start to taste bad and you have to throw them out completely. When determining whether or not your dairy creamer is safe to use, look for the following characteristics:

  • Time for archiving. If your creamer has been sitting in storage for an excessive amount of time, it is no longer safe to use. Its not inherently spoilt or awful, but utilizing it after a certain point becomes dangerous, and its preferable to err on the side of caution rather than regret. In the shelf life section, I discuss certain time periods
  • For example, Container. If the package is still sealed but the product is bulging or puffed out, consider that the goods has gone bad. Appearance. If the creamer is plainly separated and chunky, or if the surface is discolored or moldy, its time to throw it out. However, while separation and chunkiness are not necessarily indicative of rotten creamer, they do render the product ineffective. Smell. Its best to discard out creamer that smells sour, moldy, or otherwise strange. Taste. Its important to note that if the creamer tastes sour rather than somewhat sweet and reminiscent of the flavor choice you selected, its not ideal.

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Is Milk A Better Alternative To Coffee

Dairy milk is a better alternative to Coffee-Mate. If you dont want to consume that, you can opt for plant-based milk like almond milk, oats milk, or hemp milk.

Many people cant cut back on consuming coffee without any dairy or no dairy creamer added to it. And its absolutely alright. But some people try to avoid dairy. There could be plenty of reasons for that but the most known one is that they have some health condition or simply because theyre lactose intolerant.

Whatever, the reason may be, is Coffee-Mate better than regular milk?

You see, Coffee-Mate is made up of refined sugars and hydrogenated oils with no nutritional value like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and much more. One tablespoon of Coffee-Mate is equal to 5 grams of sugar and the same amount of fat. Whereas if you compare it with regular whole milk, theres about 0.8 grams of sugar and 0.4 grams of fats. You can clearly see the difference!

So, instead of using Coffee-Mate, I think regular whole milk is much better. It has way less sugar, way fewer fats, and has many nutrients and minerals like omega- 3, calcium, iron, and much more.

But if you dont want to consume dairy milk, you can choose plant-based milk which works fine with coffee like almond milk, oat milk, and even hemp milk.

You can watch this awesome video for more information:

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