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Where Can I Buy Colombian Coffee

What Are The Steps To Export Coffee From Colombia In This Article Youll Learn:

Where Can I Buy Fresh Coffee from Colombia?
  • How much coffee can you export?
  • 5 key steps to export coffee
  • What does it mean to be ready to export coffee?

Did you know that you can export coffee from Colombia? Yes, exporting coffee is no longer just for large exporting companies. Individuals and small companies can export coffee from Colombia.

This regulation started back in April 2016, when Colombia started to allow any person to export Colombian coffee in small quantities through international transport or postal companies .

In this article we cover: how you can export coffee, how much coffee you can export, andhow to prepare to export.

Buy Colombian Coffee Directly From Colombia

Besides loving coffee and incessantly writing about coffee, we have come to know folks in the coffee industry in Colombia. Our focus has not been on the huge companies that dominate much of the industry but on small family operations that have been growing, processing, and roasting great Colombian Arabica coffee for generations. We mentioned one such operation in our article about coffee from Manizales, Colombia. Roasting is an art and coffee is their life in this part of the world.

Roasting Coffee

It used to be that the easiest way to get your fresh Arabica coffee from Colombia was to visit Manizales and bring back a suitcase filled with bags of coffee. Of course, one had to pass inspection by the soldiers checking luggage and their drug sniffing dog! But, a couple of years ago Colombia streamlined its export procedures for coffee which has made it easier for mere humans, instead of multinationals, to export coffee from Colombia.

Thus we are pleased to help our clients with getting freshly roasted Colombian Arabica coffee in smaller quantities delivered by air freight within days of roasting.

And, we are pleased to help clients buy commercial quantities of Arabica green coffee beans, ones that are fresh and not ones that have been in storage for years like the story about Brazil.

Colombian Coffee Grades

And coffee roasters need uniform bean size when roasting a batch, otherwise the small beans are over-done and the batch is bad.

Getting the Coffee from Colombia to You

Is Colombian Coffee Good

Fundamentally, Colombian Coffee is an excellent choice for many reasons. Whether youre hoping to serve it hot or make a Colombian cold brew Coffee, youve undoubtedly decided exceptionally well.

It has unmatchable renown, unmatchable quality, unmatchable history and, potentially, an unmatchable future. Now all thats left is for you to buy Colombian Coffee online or in-store.

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  • Delicious coffee at a good price.

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  • The best blend I have so far come across.Am gradually working my way through the Central and South American blends.

    Review byDerek Miller

    Posted on2021-12-18

  • We buy coffee beans and grind them ourselves. Lovely flavour. Should we wish to try other beans, there is an excellent variety to choose from.

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  • Good flavoured coffee for all day drinking

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  • Intense but mellow taste! The husband loves itvery much, we constantly order.

    Review byNataliia Yankovskyi

  • Great taste.As simple as that.Just what is needed first thing in the morning.

    Review byDerek Miller

    Posted on2021-10-19

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    The Colombian Coffee History

    Before we come to the most popular brands of Colombian coffee available on the market today, lets have a look at the history of coffee production in the country to see how it came to be such a force in the world of coffee .

    Coffee was probably first brought to Colombia in the early 18th century by Jesuit priests, and beans were first exported to the US around 30 years later. Due to favorable growing conditions, by the latter part of the century, exports to the US alone had reached 170,000 bags.

    In 1927, the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia was created to help regulate the industry and help it to grow in a more integrated way.

    From the 1950s, the Federación introduced Juan Valdez, a fictional coffee farmer, who became the face of Colombian coffee around the world and helped raise the profile of beans from the country.

    Since then, despite some problems attributable to the vagaries of the international market, as well as a sometimes-volatile situation at home, coffee production in Colombia has continued to grow. It is now the third largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest grower of arabica beans.

    Colombian Coffee From Farm To Table

    100% Colombian Coffee Naturally Caffeinated Medium

    We offer access to the highest-quality Colombian coffee you can find straight from the farm to your kitchen. Colombian coffee is some of the best, most flavorful coffee in the world, which is why it has become so popular in recent years. Our difference is that we give you direct access to our producers. We offer a wide range of different products from whole bean coffee to freeze-dried coffee, ground coffee, and our specialty coffees only available here, all with the Juan Valdez seal of approval.

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    Is Colombian Coffee Arabica

    Colombian Coffee plants tend to be – as is the case with the beans we use here – arabica. This is often an older, more mature type of bean considered to be of the highest calibre.

    Brewed Arabica Coffee, regardless of its origins, has characteristically heavy aromas with smoother tastes. Such is the case if youre wondering, What does Colombian Coffee Taste like? You now have your answer.

    Characteristics Of Coffee Bean Types

    Coffee from chock full of nuts, similar to those that you can find from other companies, are made using beans that have been roasted at different levels. In this case, here are the different roast types and what you can expect from each of them:light roast: because of lightly roasting the beans, it is able to retain most of the original characteristics of the coffee. This type of coffee will have a high level of acidity.

    In this article, we will introduce and identify characteristics of the four main types of coffee beans currently in commercial circulation: arabica, robusta, and the less common Liberica and Excelsa coffee beans.

    Arabica has two main varieties, Typica and Bourbon. In canephora, we drink a variety called robusta. This is why the term robusta is generally used for this entire variety of coffee. In effect, coffee beans have been divided into two main types arabica and robusta. The main difference, besides being different species of the same plant family, comes down to flavour and characteristics of the actual bean.

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    The Juan Valdez Difference

    While Colombia has been producing coffee for centuries, it became more widely known outside of Colombia, and especially in the United States, when the National Federation for Coffee Growers in Colombia launched an advertising campaign featuring Juan Valdez, a fictional character who represents a Colombian coffee grower. The campaign had the goal of differentiating 100% arabica Colombian coffee from coffee blended with beans from other regions, to showcase the superiority of Colombian coffee. The Juan Valdez campaign was wildly successful in spreading awareness about the prowess of Colombian coffee growers and marketing the coffee to American consumers. There were even multiple actors who were hired to play him in TV commercials and movies throughout the 1960s and 70s. He is usually depicted with his mule, Conchita, and his image is still printed on bags of Colombian coffee. When you see the Juan Valdez symbol, you can rest assured that you’re getting the very best and purest Colombian coffee.

    Where Can I Buy Fresh Coffee From Colombia

    I bought Selden Café Authentic Colombian Coffee
  • 1. Where Can I Buy FreshCoffee from Colombia?By
  • 2. produces large quantities of the bestArabica coffee in the world. Coffee is best whenfresh. So, your question should be, where can Ibuy fresh coffee from Colombia? We would liketo present a little background to help you withfinding the greatest coffee at reasonable prices.The bottom line is that you should buy Arabicacoffee directly from Colombia but why is that?First, a little bit about Colombian coffee beans.
  • 3. Coffee Beans
  • 4. coffee history started in the 18thcentury when coffee was reported to begrown near the Meta and Orinoco Rivers.Commercial production was first reportedin the early 19th century. But, it was thearrival of coffee growers in the Manizalesregion that started the development of acoffee-growing center that today producesthe most high-quality Arabica coffee in theworld.
  • 6. Direct from Colombia
  • 9. to Import Coffee from Colombia
  • 11. Coffee from Colombia Sentto You
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    Colombian Coffee Brands: A Recap

    Colombia has incredibly diverse geographical and climate features that make every bean unique in terms of flavors and aromas. That is also the reason why Colombian coffee is the best in the world. Whats more, the coffee is high-quality, bringing an exceptional taste to your cup.

    There are many options when it comes to the best Columbian coffee brands and the good news is that you can buy Colombian coffee online easily.

    To be honest, any beans from the list will give you good coffee. There is one though, that Id recommend giving a try, especially if youre completely new to coffee beans from Colombia.

    Volcanica Colombian Supremo Coffee is superior for a few reasons. Firstly, its a perfect coffee for daily use. You can easily use it to brew French press, Espresso, or Drip coffee. Whats more, its high-quality coffee thats shade-grown, Fair-Trade certified, Rainforest Alliance certified, and roasted on demand. That means you get a freshly roasted batch every time you order!

    Colombia Supremo is a medium roast and medium body with smooth acidity. You can expect sweet notes, a floral aroma, and 100% arabica beans. What I love about it is the smooth finish, nutty undertones, and a bit of Colombia in every cup I drink!

    What Is The Difference Between Colombian Coffee And Other Beans

    What is Colombian coffee, when compared with regular coffee? There really isnt such a thing as regular coffee. All coffee types are made from specific coffee beans grown in a different region. Colombian beans are on the higher end of coffee luxury, and are almost always an Arabica bean. Buying Colombian coffee is a commitment to higher-end coffee and more-refined taste.

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    Order Green Coffee Samples Directly To Your Door

    We help make your story extraordinary by matching our unique specialty Colombian green coffee bean origins with your businesss needs. Try any of our curated sample packages and expereince the start of a perfect farm to cup experience. We source a constant supply of the finest quality Colombian coffee beans, from specialty seasonal varieties to year-round staples.

    Coffee Industry In Colombia

    MJB 100% Colombian Ground Coffee, 23 Ounce Can

    Coffee growing is a big business in Colombia. They are the worlds third largest coffee producer with 12% of the worlds production. This puts them behind only Brazil and Vietnam, but in contrast with these two, Colombia grows almost exclusively high-end arabica beans.

    Coffee growing directly employs a half million farmers, making it the countrys largest source of rural employment. Nearly all Colombian coffees are grown on small plots of land averaging 5 acres and tended by single-family coffee farmers.

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    One of the greatest risks to the industry is the shifting weather patterns thanks to climate change. Rising temperatures and unpredictable rainfall negatively impact bean production. Arabica beans, which make up the vast majority of Colombias crop, are particularly vulnerable to climatic variability.

    Climate change has also increased the spread of the coffee industrys other major worries: coffee rust fungus and the coffee berry borer insect . Both dangers have now spread to higher elevations where they are able to infect more farms and further decrease coffee yields.

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    What Does It Mean To Be Ready To Export Coffee

    However, after reading the free guide , you may be asking yourselfare you REALLY ready to start exporting coffee?

    There are many vital aspects of a successful coffee business.

    • Have you thought about what kindof coffee youd like to export? Green or roasted this one decision will define how your export business will function.
    • Do you want to sell coffee from a particular group based on gender, race or area?Coffees with a message can sell much better.
    • How can you ? That means not using your power as a buyer wisely. In todays market, consumers want to know where the money is going.

    Additionally, have you considered

    • How will you know if the green coffee a cooperative or grower offers you is good?
    • How can you cup, or taste, coffee and define the quality?
    • How can you detect defects in coffee defects that will lower the price of coffee drastically?

    My online coffee course, Slurp Fast! Coffee Course, will teach you the fundamentals of coffee in record time . In fact, we are currently offering a 15% discount off the course if you use the links in this article.

    Is the Slurp Fast! Coffee Course right for you? Check out the curriculum and feel free to ask us any questions about coffee or our courses.

    Sign up for our free monthly newsletter for people starting out in the coffee industry, The 2nd Cappuccino.

    If you would like to ask us any questions, just use this form we will get your message right away:

    Great Variety All From One Country

    As we explained before, despite the fact that Colombian beans are all arabica and are mostly processed in the same way, it is a country that still produces top-grade beans with a wide range of flavor profiles. Now its time to go and explore the coffee brands in Colombia!

    Which Colombian coffee do you love most? Have we missed your favorite? Perhaps you have uncovered a little-known brand that you wish to tell us about?

    If you have anything to add, please leave us a message as we love hearing from you and if you enjoyed reading, please dont forget to share

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    How To Export Coffee From Colombia

    If youre interested in sending coffee from Colombia to the world, the first step is to register as an exporter.

    How do you do that? The FNC explains the registration process here.

    The first step is to register without cost in the National Registry of Coffee Exporters , which is managed by the FNC.

    You need to fill out the application form and send it in with the necessary documents, which are outlined on the website. Then youll need to register the export and pay the coffee tax.

    That brief explanation might have left you with more questions than answers. Dont worry well help you out.

    Step #1 Register as an exporterStep #2 Set up your export with the FNCStep #3 Determine how youll ship your coffeeStep #4 You cant export coffee if you dont follow this regulationStep #5 How to successfully export coffee

    Our free guide walks you through each step, with links to key websites, an explanation of the documents youll need, a list of shipping companies, and essentials regulations you need to be aware of.

    How To Brew It Best

    Roasting Colombian Coffee – Profiling Pink Bourbon from El Zacatin | Coffee with April #162

    Now that you have some beans, make sure you brew them the right way. There are a few schools of thought on how best to brew Colombian, but it depends on the roast and origin of the beans. Heres a few safe brewing options:

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    Espresso Being high in acidity and mild in flavor makes these beans ideal for espresso brewing. They can be roasted dark and brewed strong without the risk of an overt bitterness. The high level of acidity also means they take well to milky espresso drinks like macchiatos and cappuccinos.

    The Aeropress The balanced taste and smooth, full-bodied mouthfeel of these beans make them well suited to the Aeropress style of brewing. Bogota, Colombias capital, even hosts an annual Aeropress Championship which is serving to enhance the brewing culture within the country.

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    Is Colombian Coffee More Acidic

    Yes, good quality Colombian coffee is more acidic in general. This is because of the growing conditions: high altitudes and lower temperatures .

    This has more to do with temperature than altitude. Coffee that is grown at cooler temperatures tends to ripen slower, allowing the development of more complex flavors. When brewed, it tends to be more acidic and aromatic than those coffees grown in warmer climates say, lower down the same mountain

    Justfreshroasted = Premium Arabica Coffee Beans

    We are one of the original pioneers and the largest supplier of online premium coffees in Australia. We have specialised in this segment for over a decade.

    Anyone with an interest in coffee knows that Africa is the spiritual birthplace and undisputed leader in providing some of the world’s best coffee beans like Kenyan Coffee, Ethiopian Coffee Beans, Burundi Coffee, Rwandan Coffee, Tanzanian Coffee, Ugandan Coffee, Zambian Coffee – packed full of intensity and complexity, African coffees punch well above their weight with unique and distinctive flavors.

    We think that Australia has reached peak coffee. It’s a crowded, over-saturated market that has become commoditized, sanitised and rather boring. is our specialty seasonal focused brand. It is a pure niche service for the true coffee lover that will shake up the senses and offer you direct access to the freshest and most exciting range of premium coffee beans in the market. Reinvigorate your coffee supply and buy coffee beans online from Just Fresh Roasted today.


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