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Where Can I Buy Super Coffee

Easy To Use Here’s How It Works:

How to Use Pre-Ground Coffee in Super Automatic Espresso Machines

Step 1

Grab one single serve pod or a full scoop of Super Amazing Coffee. If you have the scoop then add hot water, otherwise, just brew.

Step 2

Drink daily to shed pounds and boost brain power with 12 natural superfoods in every cup of Super Amazing Coffee. Packed with ingredients like cordyceps, turmeric, maca root and matcha.

Step 3

Make it a daily routine. It’s so convenient! Get all the natural benefits of 12 amazing superfoods in your morning coffee. Customers enjoy drinking it hot or iced!

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Super Coffee From Shark Tank Update

The one thing that makes Sunnivas Super Coffee better than most would be that it works better than most energy drinks and bottled coffees. Yes, that even means Starbucks brand bottled coffee. Although they were unable to strike a deal with any of the sharks on Shark Tank, that did not stop the founding brothers from still going on to try and make their business a success.

This coffee company makes all the best flavors, including cold brew coffee. They also sell creamer, pods, and espresso. The reviews that are on Amazon rate the coffee drinks as fair. Since their appearance on Shark Tank, the Super Coffee brand has gone through a name change, and now goes by Kitu.

A post shared by Super Coffee on Apr 18, 2020 at 2:00pm PDT

There are some positives with the new coffee brand, especially with the brothers now making a sugar-free Super Coffee. Was happy to see this product come in a sample pack I dig that these single servings contain MCT oil and 10ish grams of protein. One reviewer says who claims theyve been on keto for about six months. Another says, I like the vanilla and hazelnut the best. These drinks help me with cravings for sweets. They also comment that this drink is a great addition to a Keto lifestyle.

What Makes Super Amazing Coffee Special

Nutritionist Approved Formula

Made with 12 superfoods that are nutritionist approved for natural weight loss. It’s NON-GMO and helps control cravings while boosting metabolism.

Safe, NON-GMO Ingredients

Proudly made in the USA at a FDA registered facility with natural, NON-GMO ingredients. It’s safe and natural to use! Each coffee is packed with 12 amazing superfoods.

Tasty, Cocoa Flavor

Superfoods coffee is made for coffee lovers. It has a smooth and rich, nutty cocoa flavor. Customers love it! It has hints of cocoa and cinnamon and tastes great by itself or with creamer.

Your Daily Superfood Supply

Drink 1-3 daily to improve skin, shed pounds, boost brain function, & restore gut health. Combine with Super Amazing Coffee for maximum beauty & weight loss results.

Join over 400,000 customers!

These reviews are submitted by real customers and represent their own experience with the product. We can not edit or modify their reviews. Individual results may vary.

Proudly American Made.

Our superfoods products are made in the USA at a FDA registered, GMP certified facility. Each purchase helps create American jobs! Drinkware, accessories and ingredients sourced globally.

Each cup of Super Amazing Coffee is packed with 12 essential superfoods.

1 of 12

Boost metabolism, control appetite, and defy aging as well as improve memory and learning abilities.

2 of 12Turmeric

Improve the appearance of skin and reduce the signs of aging. Enhances mood and reduces inflammation.

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Peets Caf Domingo Whole Bean Coffee

The Best Whole Bean Grocery Store Coffee

Roast: Medium

Price: $9.99 per 12-ounce bag

Where to buy it:Online and in most national grocery stores

To be honest, most of the Peets coffee beans youll find at the grocery store are solid contenders . But the Café Domingo blend, made from three Latin American beans, stands out as a great middle-of-the-road, medium-roast coffee, especially if you like your medium roast to taste kind of like a dark roast. By that we mean, its very smooth and medium-bodied, with nutty, chocolatey vibes and an overall balanced taste, but might be too bitter or dark if you prefer a lighter roast. Wed happily take a cup of this over our bougie $5 latte any day.

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Alternatives To Kitu Super Coffee

Kitu Super Coffee
32 grams 37 grams

As this chart makes clear, Super Coffee and Super Espresso offer significantly more caffeine, protein, and fat per serving than the drinks from Starbucks and Red Bull.

You wont take in any calories if you drink black coffee instead, but the beverage also offers less caffeine than Kitu Life beverages.

Analysis Of Customer Reviews

Kitu Super Coffee has a lot of online reviews on sites like Amazon and Netrition. It averages 3.4 stars on Amazon and 4.5 stars on Netrition.

Some of the most consistent feedback we read was that customers thought the drinks tasted super sweet, despite the lack of sugar. Many also noted that they appreciated the 12-ounce serving sizes and their creamy texture, especially when they were chilled.

Those following the ketogenic diet noted that the Super Coffee was a simple way to get a caffeine fix in the morning and that the drink contained enough protein to keep them feeling full.

On the negative end, it seems the sweeteners tend to be polarizing, as some people had strong adverse reactions to them, reporting that they tasted fake and had a strong aftertaste. Others stated that the drinks were too expensive for them to use regularly.

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Starbucks Veranda Blend Whole Bean Coffee

The Second-Best Whole Bean Grocery Store Coffee

Roast: Light

Price: $21 for a 1lb bag

Where to buy it: Online, in most national grocery stores and at Starbucks stores

If you prefer your coffee on the bright, fruity side , Starbucks blonde roast fits the bill. Its flavorful without being too bold, with soft notes of citrus and no bitterness at all. According to the brand, the coffee beans are sourced from Latin America and it gets its mellow profile from a shorter roasting process. Considering the coffee chain is known for its burnt-tasting beansto be honest, we find most of its medium- and dark-roast coffees far too bitter to be enjoyablethis light-roast option is a refreshing change of pace. Its also readily available in almost all national grocery stores, as well as online through Starbucks and Amazon.

How To Store Coffee Beans And Grounds

Saeco Xelsis SM7684/04 Super Automatic Espresso Machine Review

And when you go to store your coffee at home, there are a few important things to keep in mind. For starters, whole beans and grounds alike will stay fresh and tasty the longest if theyre stored in an air-tight vessel , so transfer bagged beans to a designated coffee container. Psst: If youve ever been told that storing your coffee in the refrigerator or freezer will keep it fresh for months, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but, unfortunately, its just a myth. The fridge and freezer will actually make your coffee go stale faster, because they draw out all of the coffees moisture. The best way to ensure a great-tasting cup of joe? Buy fresh beans or grounds, use them up within a week or two and buy more when theyre gone.

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Naturally Good For You

Super Amazing Coffee is the most delicious way to enjoy 12 superfoods that help drop-pant sizes, fight aging and boost brain power.
“My wife and I love it!”*

My morning coffee IS my superfood supplement and that is amazing. Iâm reaching my goals without having to totally change my routine. My wife and I love this coffee.

* Review is based on this customer’s experience. Individual results may vary. Exercise and proper nutrition are needed to achieve weight loss.

Best Whole Bean Coffee

More often than not, youll find whole bean coffee sold in 10- to 12-ounce bags at the grocery store, but some places also offer them in the bulk section. This is our preferred form of grocery store coffee, for a few key reasons. One, coffee beans rapidly start to lose flavor and freshness the minute you grind them, so buying them in their whole form means theyll last a little longer and are more likely to taste fresh when you buy them. Two, that also means you have the freedom to grind them to your preference and tailor the grounds to your brewing method.

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Maxwell House Original Roast

The Best Canned Grocery Store Coffee


Price: $4.88 for a 30.6-ounce can

Where to buy it: Online and in any national grocery store

Look, were not saying this stuff is gourmet by any meansits in a plastic tub, what do you expect? But if youre looking for something really, really budget-friendly that also actually tastes like coffee, its definitely your best bet. Its dark and rich without being too bitter and with a splash of cream, you wouldnt even know it came from a plastic tub. Look at it this way: When a 30-ounce package costs the same as that gourmet cup we bought from the café down the street this morning, we cant really complain. Our own PureWow food editor says she often stocks up on this blue can when shes being budget-conscious, telling us, I brewed it in my fancy coffee machine at home and, you know what? Not bad. I didnt hate it. You heard it here first.

The Second-Best Canned Grocery Store Coffee:

Roast: Medium

Price: $8.80 for a 38.4-ounce can

Where to buy it: Online and in any national grocery store

If youre less concerned about nuanced flavors and more about getting caffeine in your body, stat, then Folgers is a good second option in the canned coffee category. Its mild, relatively uncomplicated and overall inoffensive, a lot like an average cup of diner coffee. But its a little more expensive than Maxwell House, not to mention less flavorfulsome might describe it as watery, which isnt exactly how we prefer to take our cup of joe.

Whats The Difference Between Strong Coffee And Super Coffee


Lets take a look at the ingredients for Strong Coffee and Super Coffee. Were using Morning Fix from Strong Coffee and the Hazelnut Super Coffee as examples. Were also using the Ground Hazelnut Super Coffee and the Hazelnut Super Coffee Creamer.

What they have in common:

  • Strong Coffee and Super Coffee both contain MCT Oil
  • They both contain caffeine

Thats pretty much it.

Whats different? Im glad you asked.

Lets be honest. Strong Coffee Company has a lot more bang for your buck nutritionally and from an environmental footprint perspective.

The nutritional content alone for Strong Coffee Company shows how much more youre getting.

  • Youre getting instant, organic coffee.
  • 15 grams of grass-fed collagen protein
  • C8-C10 MCT oil
  • L-theanine a powerhouse of an amino acid
  • Hyaluronic Acid 50mg to keep your skin and joints healthy along with getting nutrients to your brain
  • Electrolytes and minerals to help keep you hydrated
  • Organic NeuroFactor 100mg that increases your BNDF levels 143%

Thats a lot of good s#!t!

The best part is it comes in one bagno extra purchases with extra containers.

Kitu Super Coffee has a creamer, a ground coffee, and the packaged cold drinks. Each varies in terms of ingredients. L-theanine only comes in the ground coffee, as do the vitamins.

So you buy the ground Super Coffee. That means filters, coffee maker, and taking more time in the morning. It doesnt taste quite right or to your liking? You then spend money on the creamer.

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Who Is Strong Coffee Company

Strong Coffee Company is the brainchild of CEO Adam Von Rothfelder. Adam is a former MMA fighter, Master Fitness Trainer , and a family man.

Strong Coffee Company creates products that help you reach your potential. This company has a CEO that genuinely cares about your health Adams mentality as a trainer was carried over into his role as CEO, and it shows.

Their drinks are promoted as being healthier and helping your cognitive functions, hydration, and physical performance.

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Are Super Coffee Products Available And Ready To Deliver In Bratislava Kosice Petrzalka Presov Zilina

Desertcart ships the Super Coffee products in Bratislava, Kosice, Petrzalka, Presov, Zilina and more cities in Slovakia. Get unlimited free shipping in 164+ countries with Desertcart Plus membership. We can deliver the Super Coffee products speedily without the hassle of shipping, customs or duties.

Who Is Kitu Super Coffee

KITU Super Coffee | Maple Pumpkin Seasonal Coffee Drink | And look — a discount code!

The Super Coffee company is the brainchild of three brothers Jordan, Jake, and Jim DeCicco. Jordan was an all-conference basketball player at Philadelphia University in 2015 .

Their healthier ingredients led to them outselling the Starbucks Frappuccino. They even landed on the ABC television show Shark Tank.

Their drinks are promoted as being great for sustaining energy, healthier than your average coffee drink, and come in a variety of flavors and delivery methods.

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Does Super Coffee Actually Taste Good

Plain and simple, yes. Plenty of beverages that are touted as healthy don’t deliver on the taste factor, but in my experience, that’s not the case with Super Coffee. The DeCiccos knew that in order for Super Coffee to work, people had to actually like the taste of the beverage as much as, if not more than, they liked the ingredient list.

Super Coffee offers four flavors: Creamy Black, Vanilla Bean, Smooth Mocha, and Maple Hazelnut. All are gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, and non-GMO, but more importantly super creamy, sweet, and delicious. They’re just indulgent enough, but still manage to be light so you feel fulfilled without going into a food coma. My personal favorite is the Smooth Mocha when poured over ice or sipped straight from the bottle, it tastes like a grown-up version of chocolate milk, making it a delicious upgrade to your plain, black morning coffee.

Premium Roast Brewed Coffee

The perfect medium-dark roast tailored to Canadian tastes, made from 100% Arabica beans roasted slightly darker than medium to yield a perfectly balanced full bodied flavour with rich aroma.

GHIRARDELLI and logos are registered trademarks of Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Sprüngli AG, used under license.

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Illy Drip Ground Forte Extra Bold Roast 100% Arabica Coffee

The Best Pre-Ground Grocery Store Coffee

Roast: Extra Dark

Price: $13.60 for an 8.8-ounce tin

Where to buy it: Online and in most national grocery stores

We admit that at almost $13 for just eight ounces of coffee grounds, this option is kind of a splurge for grocery store coffee. But hear us out: The Italian brand makes a damn fine cup of coffee. According to the brand, the blend is sourced from nine different beans worldwide . While this one is definitely a much darker, bolder roast than our other choices on this list, its not bitter or overly acidic. We think even cream-drinkers would enjoy this coffee black. It brews up caramel-y and roasty with a full body, and the air-free packaging ensures that its fresh when you buy it, unlike most bagged coffee grounds, which allow air to degrade the beans.

How To Choose The Right Grocery Store Coffee

Super Coffee Original 3 in 1 Coffee Mix 0.70oz X 25 Sticks ...

No matter what type of coffee beans you choose, whether theyre whole, pre-ground or in a brightly colored plastic tub at an impossibly low price, youll get the best flavor if the coffee is fresh. Some brands print a roasted on date on the packaging, but not all do. If you cant find out when the coffee youre buying was roasted, another good way to check the freshness is by looking at the expiration date.

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Breakfast Blend Light Roast Ground Coffee

The Second-Best Pre-Ground Grocery Store Coffee

Roast: Light

Price: $7.48 for a 12-ounce bag

Where to buy it:Online and in most national grocery stores

This Vermont-based coffee company is best known for dominating the coffee pod market, but we prefer its bagged coffee grounds instead . This light-roast coffee is clean, bright and easy-drinking, not to mention surprisingly good even after a quick warm-up in the microwave. Its not going to blow you away with nuanced flavor notes or anything innovative on the palate, but it performs well in the standard cup of coffee category, which is exactly what we need when our alarm sounds.


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