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Where Can You Buy Kona Coffee

Volcanica Kona Coffee Hawaii Extra Fancy

How to Grow Kona Coffee at Home – Complete Growing Guide

When it comes to delivering high-quality Kona coffee, Volcanicais another brand that you can trust.

The companys overall mission focuses on making coffee from beans that grow at altitudes of 3,000 to 7,000 meters, in volcanic soil.

Since the Kona region fits that pattern, it makes sense for Volcanica to have this coffee variety in their portfolio. This solid medium roast has a mellow flavor and isnt too acidic.

Notice that it is labeled as extra fancy, which means that youll be purchasing only the most exquisite and defect-free Kona beans around.

These beans are also available ready-ground, with the mention that Volcanica will only roast the beans once your order has been placed, in order to deliver the coffee as fresh as possible.

Who Would Enjoy This Coffee?

This coffee is perfect for people who enjoy floral fruit aromas, with hints of sweet caramel and tart cherry.

Hualalai Estate 100% Kona Coffee

Hualalais 100% Kona is available on Amazon in a medium-dark roast that will suit most palettes. It is top-grade, pure Kona grown, roasted, processed, and packaged in the Kona region of Hawaii without the use of pesticides.

We find the flavor and aroma of this Kona to be excellent. It has low acidity and no bitterness, with a full-bodied flavor when ground fresh. Its a real treat for any coffee lover who loves the taste of authentic Kona.

Learn About The Growers Harvesting Process

But just because you buy 100% Kona coffee beans doesnt mean that the beans will be very high quality. Make sure to learn about the farmer who grew the beans that youre buying. Try to find answers to these questions before you buy:

  • Does the Kona coffee farmer hand-pick his or her cherries, ensuring that only the ripest cherries are harvested?
  • Does the farmer passionately tend to his or her trees, providing enough water and nutrients for vigorous growth and maintaining the health of the trees through proper and consistent pruning and care?
  • Does the farmer naturally dry their beans for richer flavor?

Scott Burr, the founder of Carta Coffee, completes every step of the coffee-making process by hand. As a winemaker turned coffee farmer, he takes extra care to ensure that he is growing the healthiest trees possible to produce the highest quality beans possible.

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Why Is 100% Kona Coffee So Expensive

Various factors contribute to the high price, one of them being the labor costs. Each year, our farmers select Kona coffee by hand. It will take you 3 cents to mechanically pick this particular pound of ground coffee. The cost depends on whether you want a piece of handpicked coffee or not. It is also easy to find Kona coffee here.

Koa Coffee Tripack Editors Value Choice

Kona Macadamia DECAF

The Koa Coffee Tripack is an award-winning value choice Kona coffee perfectly roasted to medium. The trio pack contains the extra fancy whole bean samples of Grande Domaine Kona Coffee, Private Reserve Kona Coffee, and Estate Kona all to give coffee lovers a tasty experience of coffee beans harvested from the slopes of Mauna Loa volcano.

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Best Of The Best Volcancia 100% Pure Kona Certified Extra Fancy Volcanica Coffee

The Volcanica Hawaiian Extra Fancy Kona Coffee is one of the most sought out coffees in the world, and for good reason. Its been cultivated in the North and South districts of Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is 100% extra fancy coffee that has been certified as meeting the rare qualifications in taste and bean. This been isnt cheap, but if youre looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, its worth checking out. It comes with a certification from the state of Hawaii.

  • Cup notes: Single-Origin. 100% Kona. Shade-grown.
  • Flavor notes: Floral-Fruits, Jasmine, Bright Citrus, Tart Cherry, and Sweet Caramel
  • Grade: Extra Fancy

Hawaii Was One Of The Last Origins To Get Coffee Rust

Coffee leaf rust was first detected in Sri Lanka in the 19th century. Since then, it has swept the planet, affecting almost every coffee-producing country in the world.

Leaf rust is a fungus that thrives in warm, wet conditions. It weakens the coffee plant, discoloring leaves and coating them with a fine orange-brown dust. This will reduce the plants yield and quality, and if left untreated, can destroy it entirely.

Until just a few years ago, Hawaii coffee farmers had been lucky. We were one of the only origins that wasnt affected by the fungus. However, rust was first spotted in Maui on wild coffee trees in 2020, and shortly after spread to coffee farms throughout Hawaii. Rust will eventually cause Kona coffee prices to rise, meanwhile producers are looking for the most effective treatment protocols.

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Which Brand Of Kona Coffee Is Best

The brand of Kona coffee that is best is the brand that sells you true, single origin Kona coffee beans that have the stamp of approval. As mentioned above stay away from Blends unless you can see exactly the amount of Kona coffee in the blend. The Koa Coffee Brand is the best brand of Kona Coffee, in our opinion.

What Makes It So Special

Coffee Growers Sue Amazon, Walmart & Others For Alleged False Advertising

Kona is considered an exceptional coffee with a unique flavor and aroma. The coffee farms on the west coast of Hawaii enjoy an island microclimate. The Hawaiian Kona is planted in dark and porous volcanic soil and is given the utmost care it needs to produce a coffee from the Big Island.

To better grasp what pure Kona coffee offers and why it is sold at such seemingly extravagant prices, Big Cup of Coffee will take a closer look at coffee production, history, and keys to finding the best place to buy this royal Kona, private reserve Kona beans and other Big Island coffee brands.

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Kona Coffee Is Extremely Rare

The belt where coffee can be grown in the Kona District is about two miles wide and thirty miles long. There are roughly 800 farms in this region, which average between five and ten acres in size.

To put that in perspective, there are single farms in Brazil that are larger than all of the coffee-growing land in Kona. Amazing, right? Furthermore, authentic Kona coffee is 100% hand-harvested and grown in a relatively small area which is one of the reasons that it is more costly.

Some Of The Best Kona Coffee Brands

If youre looking to buy Kona coffee online, the following brands are well worth a look. They sell the real deal, roasted to a high standard, and are all readily available for order. This list is far from exhaustive there are plenty of decent brands out there. They are just demonstrative of everything that is good about Kona coffee.

Some are pure blends , whilst some are blended sympathetically with a good quality Arabica, making them far more affordable whilst still giving you a good coffee treat.

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Hawaiian Kona Coffee 100%

The Kona coffee is famous for its rich flavor, its lack of bitterness and its irresistible aroma of fresh nuts.

Kona beans have been grown for over 100 years on Hawaiis Big Island. The islands west coast takes advantage of a unique micro climate. The Kona Belt is located on the west slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes, which protect the plantations from the strong winds that blow on the island. A rich volcanic soil and perfect climatic conditions provide to this sought after coffee its exquisite flavour and unique aroma.

Our pure Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy is imported exclusively from certified Kona coffee farms. You will always receive from us very freshly roasted Kona 100%. Dont hesitate to enjoy your favorite coffee all day long with our Swiss Water® naturally decaffeinated Kona 100%.

No need to waste money on shipping cost to order from Hawaii. Your Kona coffee 100% is already here in Canada and ready to be roasted for you, sold in Canadian dollars and shipped free of charge with Canada Post Expedited Parcel on any order!

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Where To Buy The Best Kona Coffee For Flavor Aroma & Authenticity

Discover the Best Kona Coffee Brands &  Where to Buy Them

Knowing how to find authentic Hawaiian Kona coffee beans will narrow down your choices quite a bit. And weve narrowed down the field even further to find the highest-grade Kona coffee beans with the best flavor and aroma so you can be sure youre getting the best coffee for your money.

Heres where to buy the best Hawaiian Kona coffee beans:

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Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy From Volcanica Coffee

Volcanica Coffee specializes in roasting your coffee fresh and shipping it to your door the next day. Their beans are grown at high altitudes in rich, volcanic soil, which makes them an obvious choice for sourcing the best Kona coffee beans. Their Hawaiian Kona Coffee Extra Fancy offers a mellow but rich flavor, full body, and low acidity in a medium roast.

How do they get such a mellow, low-acid flavor? Well, their microclimate is particularly unique because its shaded. And, these Kona coffee beans are grade No. 1 Extra Fancy, so you cant get any better than that. These authentic Kona coffee beans satisfy every flavor profile, whether you love rich, full flavor or mellow, slightly sweet, and low acid.

Volcanicas Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy can be purchased as whole bean, or it can be freshly ground to suit your preference. Either way, they dont roast your beans until after you make your purchase, so you can be assured of their freshness. This Kona coffee is a bit pricy, but its definitely worth the money if youre into exceptional coffee.

Its Grown In A Very Limited Radius

Most coffee beans are grown all over the world because its more cost-effective this way. Thats not the case with Kona coffee beans at all. Not only are they harvested in only one part of the United StatesHawaiibut within Hawaii, a one-mile area is dedicated to growing and brewing the beans. This expanse of land is only 30 miles.

Its known, quite appropriately, as the Kona Coffee Belt.

The beans that come from this small belt go into every cup of Kona coffee. If coffee beans are grown even a mile outside of the Kona Coffee Belt, then guess what? That cup youre drinking is not authentic, 100-percent Kona coffee.

If you accept no substitutes, then you can already see why Kona coffee is in a league of its own.

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Volcanica Coffee Kona Peaberry Coffee

The Volcanica 100% Pure Kona Peaberry Coffee is Rated as a Top 10 Coffee by Food and Wine Magazine in March 2006. This is as high a quality of coffee as you can find. Peaberry coffee beans are unique and have a much richer flavor. They are only found in 5% of the crop and are removed manually. The flavor of the peaberry is of a finer quality than the rest of the crop and is desired by coffee connoisseurs and passionate fans. This coffee is the simply the best of the best, period.

  • Cup notes: 100% Pure Peaberry Kona coffee. Single Origin and Shade-Grown.
  • Flavor notes: Smooth, Nutty, and Luscious
  • Grade: Extra Fancy

For more information check out our full Volcanica Coffee Review.

Peaberry Kona Coffee From Koa Coffee

HEAVENLY HAWAIIAN – KONA Coffee Farm in HAWAII – Tour, Tasting, Pour-over, Views | Craig & KJ

The Peaberry coffee beans are known as the Champagne of Kona. It is a medium roast, whole bean Kona Peaberry coffee that youll consume cup after cup without being able to stop. This high-quality brew is also produced from the Kona Coffee Belt.

  • Cup notes: full body and smooth with a big sassy taste
  • Flavor notes: subtle, sweet with low acidity aftertaste
  • Grade: Extra Fancy

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Your First Kona Coffee Experience

With a fresh-brewed cup of Kona coffee in front of you, the first thing you notice is the sweet fragrance that the brew exudes.

You tilt the cup towards your lips. Itâs sweet and rich at first taste but not overpowering. More subtle than anything. Then comes nutty, honey-like notes accompanied by flavors like caramel, butter, and cocoa.

Being naturally low in acidity, itâs gentle on your stomach and smooth on your palate.

While you bask in all of the savory glory of the nectar of the Hawaiian Gods, you also notice that there is a lingering aftertaste of citrus and nuttiness thatâs both bitter and sweet. If you werenât already sitting, you are now.

Physically speaking, you donât get the jittery over-caffeinated feeling either. In fact, well-roasted Kona does the opposite to you, making you feel lively and rejuvenated.

This is the good stuff. If only you broke college students could afford it.

Best Coffee In Kona And Hilo: My Top 7

Youve probably heard of Kona coffee. Did you know the coffee is grown on the island of Hawaii? Before I planned any activities to do on the Big Island, I already had a full list of coffee shops and coffee farms I wanted to visit on the Hawaiian island. It was something I couldnt miss as a coffee lover! It was our goal to try one coffee shop per day during our 7-day trip, both on the Kona side and Hilo side. Here are the seven best places to get coffee in Kona and Hilo and what makes each place special.

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What Happened Kona Coffee

In a previous article, we noted how Green Mountain has discontinued the production of its Kona coffee products. Our last supply of Green Mountain Kona Blend K-Cups is gone, CDC reported on its website. Allan Frank, proprietor of Kona Cafe, said: It is frightening thought we might lose everything..

Stay Away From Kona Beans That Are Not From The Kona Region

Green Forest 100% Kona Coffee Black &  Tan

Like Champagne in France, the Kona Belt of Hawaii is prized for its excellent micro-climate. However, this doesnt apply for all of Hawaii. In fact, most other islands of Hawaii, including Maui and Kauai, are poorly suited for coffee farming .

This does not mean that other coffee beans from Hawaii is terrible, but it should only be labelled as Kona if it was grown in the correct Hawaiian coffee region. Heres a guide to the best Hawaiian coffee.

  • Save

Because of a long history of sugarcane farming, the soil of most Hawaiian islands has been exhausted and stripped of nutrition. The clay soil type is much less fertile than the rich volcanic earth of Kona, and the climate isnt as favourable for growing coffee.

The term Hawaiian coffee is sometimes used on packaging to denote high quality, but this is simply misleading advertising. Dont be fooled, because not all Hawaiian coffee is first-class. There may be individual non-Kona-coffees from Hawaii that are excellent in their own right.

As a general rule, Hawaiian coffee from outside Kona is not any better than, say, the average coffee from Brazil.

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High Importation Prices Drive Up Cost

In the Big Island of Hawaiis South and North Kona Districts are Mauna Loa and Hualalai, two sloped volcanos with grounds ideal for growing Kona coffee beans.

Although Hawaii is technically a part of the United States, since its not attached to the other states, its not like imports and exports can be driven across state lines to arrive at their destination. Instead, the goods must be flown by plane or helicopter, which is more expensive.

Sustainability resource Smart Cities Dive writes that, around 2017, Hawaiian food imports to other parts of the US were as high as 90 percent.

This is a profitable business too. Another Statista chart reveals just how profitable. According to the data, in May 2020 alone, Hawaiian exports were worth $25.13 million, and Hawaiian imports up to $84 million.

Why Is Kona Coffee Only 10%

Kona coffee labeled 10% means it’s combining 10% Kona coffee beans with 90% of other roasts or varieties. This ratio stems from the need to mass-produce and reach more consumers. It’s possible that the beans are not truly from Hawaii since it’s mandated that 100% Kona come from the island.

Kona coffee offers an unmistakable rich flavor profile, giving a distinct coffee experience that’s only found in Hawaii. However, you may still see labeled 10% Kona, and its taste is nowhere close to what 100% Kona coffee can provide.

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Medium Roast Whole Bean Kona Coffee Tri

This Kona Coffee Hawaii pack is the best thing to purchase if youve never tried this coffee variety before.

With a business that dates back to 1997, this brand will offer extra fancy coffee that has been rewarded with titles such as the winner of Gevalia Cupping Competition and PCCA Coffee of the Year.

Basically, if you decide to purchase this pack, you will be buying Koa Estate products, which are goods made by a respectable manufacturer.

As for the bundle itself: it includes three different packs of coffee that will paint a general picture on the quality and flavor profile of some of the best Kona coffee options on the market.

The package includes a bag of Grande Domaine , a bag of Private Reserve , and a bag of Estate .

Who Would Enjoy This Coffee?

If you have never tried Kona Coffee beans or grounds before, this pack is the perfect introduction to everything that quality Hawaiian coffee represents, as Koa Coffee is considered by many a benchmark for what exquisite coffee should taste like.

There Is No Such Thing As Fair Trade Kona Coffee Because It’s Grown In The Usa

How Millions Of Pounds Of Coffee Are Processed At Hawaiian Coffee Farms | Big Business

To be Fair Trade certified, coffee must have met minimum sustainability and labor standards throughout its journey from seed to cup.

Much of the coffee in the world isnt Fair Trade certified. As a result, coffee farmers around the world are often paid poorly for their crop without any capacity to improve their farm or living conditions.

However, this isnt the case for Kona coffee. Coffee producers in Kona earn an equitable living wage because it’s US law. This means that Kona coffee doesnt just meet Fair Trade standards it exceeds them.

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