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Where Do The Best Coffee Beans Come From

Where To Find The Best Coffee In The World

Where Do Coffee Beans Come From? | Perfect Coffee

What makes a coffee a contender for the best coffee in the world? Its a combination of factors. From geology to geography, history to culture, and botany to agriculture, many elements play vital roles in the coffee drinking experience. And the ideal bean also needs the ideal treatment.

A lot of love and expertise go into making a stellar cup of coffee here are the keys to growing and brewing the best coffee, followed by the best selections from popular coffee-producing countries around the world.

Making French Press Right

You should consider your tools for French press brews. The press you use is important, and finding the best coffee grinder for French press is important if you are grinding your own beans. You want a burr coffee grinder, and what that means is that you get a consistent size and you get the right size for a good brew. Both of those aspects are important if you are going to have great French press coffee, so keep that in mind. The burr coffee grinder gives you both of those things.

The finest and best coffee grind for French press is always consistent and flavourful. It should be a coarse grind if you are going to get that authentic French press flavour and texture.

Now, you have a few options to get you started and you know what to look for in a coffee grinder if you feel like grinding your own coffee. You are well on your way to making yourself a fine cup of French roast. If you have never had this particular brew of coffee, I think you are in for a treat. It may just become your new favourite way to make coffee, and you dont have to pay a lot to make a consistently good cup of French roast. The coffee itself will be a bit pricey, if you are getting some of the higher end, high quality stuff, but the grinder and the press are relatively inexpensive.

Folgers: Best Coffee Brand In The Usa

While coffee houses existed and were somewhat popular in the New World from the mid 17th Century, it wasnt until the Boston Tea Party of 1773 that coffee truly made its mark. You could say the US was a little late to the party. Well, the colonists had to drink something. It goes without saying, tea was off the menu

Established in 1850, Folgers Classic Roast is the archetypal American cuppa joe. With packaging reminiscent of the 50s boomer years, Folgers offer a truly American, straight-to-the-point coffee experience. No frills, just 100% medium-roasted ground coffee, suitable for all coffee makers.

Their classic coffee is a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans- with the Arabica utilised to balance the roughness of the Robusta, resulting in an all-round, all-American, pleasing flavour. Clearly, the natives love it- its been the best-selling ground coffee in the US since the 1990s. Well, were sold.

With their no-fuss approach and just downright American style, weve concurred with the masses and rated Folgers as the best coffee brand in the USA.

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How Much Coffee Does Brazil Make

Brazil is the powerhouse of coffee production, and for a good reason- theyve dominated the global market and produce nearly 30% of the worlds coffee. Although there has been a lot of economic strife for farmers and across the world, Brazil still remains the biggest exporter of coffee beans. This title has been held by Brazil for over 150 years, continuing to fuel billions of coffee drinkers each year.

The demand for coffee is only growing stronger, but economic struggles could change this in the future. Farmers are worried about the value of coffee dropping so low that production is more expensive, yet wholesale buyers are demanding lower costs. Regardless, Brazil still powers through and produces millions of bags of coffee beans to remain the top coffee country in the world.

What Flavours Are You Seeking

Top 10 Best Coffee Beans in 2021 [Reviewed]

The second question you should ask is an obvious one: what do you want? Some coffee lovers seek wine-like floral-y filter coffee flavour profiles, while others want a full-bodied, earthy and strong coffee that tastes like coffee with which they can add milk to.

Certain flavour preferences call for certain types of coffee beans. Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • If you crave the wine like, fruity, floral-y exotic flavours typically associated with pour over coffee, light roastsingle origin coffee beans are great choices
  • If you want something full-bodied that taste very coffee like go for a dark roast coffee. Heres a list of the best dark roast coffee beans
  • Craving some crazy flavour? If youre the type to drink coffee from Starbucks, youll probably enjoyed some of these flavoured coffee options.

If you wanna know why does coffee taste sour, watch our fun video:

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Royal Kona 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee 7

Want an already grounded 100% Kona Private Reserve coffee? This product is a good choice.

The brand behind this product has a good reputation in the industry. They have been providing premium 100% Kona and 10% Kona blends since 1969.

Every pack of this French press coffee contains carefully selected fresh beans that make a full body and smooth cup of coffee.


Stone Street: Best Tasting Coffee Brand

Micro-roastery Stone Street, nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC, has been roasting cut-above coffee since 2009. Their crown jewel is the Tanzanian Peaberry Mount Kilimanjaro whole bean coffee.

Displaying the quintessential characteristics of Kenyan coffee beans but with a milder acidity, the light-medium roast possesses a unique flavour. This is achieved by using the comparatively rare peaberry bean.

Never heard of it? Thats because only 10% of coffee is considered peaberry, making it highly desirable. The smaller beans deliver a distinguished flavour which is less overpowering than its conventional counterparts.

The full-bodied blend works happily with all the best coffee makers, although light-medium roasts tend to fare better in French press or drip coffee machines.

Perfect for bringing a fresh, fruity flavour to your palate, weve rated Stone Street as the best tasting coffee brand.

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Bean Belt Coffee: What Is The Coffee Bean Belt

You can only get quality graded coffee beans when you nurture them in their prime location. The bean belt is considered the sweet spot for culturing quality grade beans.

The area between Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn is considered a prime location to grow a quality coffee bean plant. The lush tropic environment is a great facilitator for one of the top-quality coffee beans.

The coffee plantation has spread from Africa to the greater east and western parts of the world.

The climate, land, temperature, and even the humidity of a certain place plays a significant role behind a good harvest.

The 15 Best Coffee Beans To Buy In 2021 Reviewed

Make a Cup of Coffee Starting From Scratch | Coffea arabica | Video

Nothing really beats the first sip of coffee in the morning whether its a dark roast made from coarse grounds and a French press or something less strong and dark via your reliable Mr. Coffee. But just like everything in life, theres always room for improvement. Whether it be the right coffeemaker or the right milk or milk frother, the ideal method for making the perfect cup of coffee is easier than you think. After all, in addition to tasting great and kick-starting your day, there are coffee health benefits that arent widely known.

While were all for coffee clubs and the coffee subscription route, sometimes you just want to be in charge of your coffee beans. And remember, coffee beans do expire, so dont let them sit for too long. Below are some of the best coffees around that will surely please your palate and will provide some perk.

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Coffee And Coffee Beans

People like to have juice, soft drink, and other beverages, but the place coffee cannot be compared with any other beverage. It is like tea and coffee are the headmasters of the school of drinks. You will see a coffee shop near all the schools, universities, offices where people are gathering. When a guest comes over, you will never forget them to ask for tea and coffee. It is like a ritual to have tea coffee, and it is reflecting in the business of the production companies.

When Its Time To Grind

This is loosely on the quality of storing your beans: if youre a coffee connoisseur, and youre grinding away every day, be sure to leave your grinders clean. Coffee oil will gather and taint any new beans that enter the grinderno matter how fresh, no matter how exquisiteand essentially ruin your experience. When preparing your beans, be sure to keep your machines clean.

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Where Did Coffee Originate

Coffees origins are captured in a few different legends and stories. The most popular is an Ethiopian tale from the ninth century about a goat herder named Kaldi who noticed that his goats became so energetic after eating berries from the coffee tree that they wouldnt sleep.

Kaldi tried the berries himself and felt the same energizing effects. Then he brought his findings to a local monastery and the monks experienced it, too. Word of coffees stimulant effects began to spread.

Yemen has a similar origin story. According to this tale, the Sufi monk Ghothul Akbar Nooruddin Abu al-Hasan al-Shadhili noticed birds flying energetically around his village after eating coffee berries. When he tried them himself, he felt alert as well. Ethiopian coffee history claims that the monk was traveling in Ethiopia when he discovered the effects of coffee.

The truth about the discovery of coffee will probably never be known. We do know that the coffee bean comes from Ethiopia and that people started roasting coffee beans around the 13th century. One of the earliest documented uses of coffee was by Sufi monks in 15th-century Yemen who used the berries to stay awake and pray all night. The coffee plants were most likely discovered in Ethiopia and brought to Yemen, which is where coffees popularity took root.

Caribou Coffee: Best Light Roast Coffee Brand

Coffee Beans

Contrary to popular belief, light-roasted coffee actually has a higher caffeine content than dark roasted coffee. Furthermore, the longer the coffee bean is roasted, the more it loses its origin flavours and begins to take on the flavours from the roasting process.

So, through the light-roasting process, the Daybreak Blend from Caribou Coffee retains the caramel and cherry-floral flavours inherent in the coffee beans. The 100% Arabica beans are 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, too.

The Daybreak Blend is truly multicultural, sourcing the best coffee beans from the Americas and East Africa to deliver absolute finesse.

The versatile whole bean requires home grinding, with the grind dependent on your preferred method. However, lighter roasts usually produce the best results when paired with a cafetiere or drip coffee maker.

Possessing a genuine passion for coffee, intertwined with expert roasting methods, weve rated Presto as the best light roast coffee brand.

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The 2 Types Of Coffee Beans

Despite the variety of coffee producers and consumers, there are only two main types of coffee beans: Arabica, and Robusta.

Arabica is the most widely sold and consumed. It originated in Ethiopia and currently makes up 70% of coffee around the world. It requires a higher altitude to grow and provides a softer, sweeter taste.

Robusta is much easier and cheaper to grow. Originating from the Kongo, this type can be grown at much lower altitudes. Its flavor is stronger and harsher. It accounts for 30% of coffee worldwide.

The next time you enjoy your cup of coffee, consider this: Where it came from and what it took to get to you. Remember that you are joining millions of people around the world who also love their daily coffee!

Roast Levels Will Affect Flavors In A Big Way

The roast level also has a strong influence on the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of your coffee.

Lighter roasts typically have fragrant floral and/or fruity notes, with a mild body and brighter acidity. Theyre excellent for exploring the subtleties of single-origin coffee beans, like coffee beans from China, and brewing using the pour-over method is a great way to appreciate a light roast. Here are some of our favorites.

Medium roasts offer a bit more sweetness and less acidity than light roasts, due to the caramelization of sugars during the roasting process. They will have a more substantial body and a slightly toasted flavor.

Good dark roasts have a bittersweet taste profile and a bold, rich body. Their flavors, which tend towards chocolatey, nutty, and earthy, are a product of the roasting process as much as the coffee bean itself. Personally, I avoid dark roasts for pour over brewing but here are a few great dark roast coffees if youd like to experiment.

Speaking of roasting, if you ever wish to try and roast your own beans, check out our video on home roasting:

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Volcanica Coffee Kenya Aa Coffee Beans

Probably one of the main contributors to the quality of Kenyan coffee is the fact that better coffee is rewarded by farmers. The government runs an auction where all the coffee is sold in Kenya. Coffees of good quality are sold at a higher price, offering farmers an opportunity to develop their crops.

The biggest-sized bean is AA followed by AB. In Kenya, the better the bigger. Look for AA at all times. Sweet fruit notes, a winey acidity, and a syrupy body describe these coffees. These coffees are among the worlds cleanest-tasting because of the processing.

Brazil The Biggest Supplier Of Arabica Bean Coffee To The World

Katy’s Coffee Farm | Lipa Batangas

Brazil is the largest supplier of arabica coffee beans to the world, a title which they have maintained for the past century and a half.

At one point, Brazil accounted for 80% of the worlds coffee exports, which one might consider to be almost unbelievable, until you realize just how huge Brazil is.

Currently, Brazil is down to one third of global coffee production, which is still a whole lot of premium coffee beans.

Also, Brazil, as a culture, drink a lot of coffee themselves.

They are the 14th biggest consumers of coffee worldwide, and so, as you can see, Brazil is all about coffee however you look at it.

Mainly, Brazil specializes in growing arabica coffee beans, but still there is a fair percentage which are of the type known as robusta, with the two accounting for the entirety of their coffee production.

Robusta in red, Arabica in yellow

Because of their generally heavy-bodied blends, Brazil has become more associated with fine espresso.

Since the world is only becoming more in love with espresso, this tells us something about why Brazil still increases in popularity to this day for their great espresso blends.

Most of the best espresso blends from Brazil are made from either Brazil Cerrado or Bourbon Santos.

The flavor of Brazilian coffee is soft, generally nutty, or chocolatey, with a lingering aftertaste and low acidity.

The elevation of farms in Brazil is generally lower than other countries, with a more challenging non-volcanic soil to contend with.

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Browny Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Roasted Coffee Beans

I chose this one next because it has a decent balance between acidity and flavour. This coffee comes from Ethiopia, as you may have guessed from the name, but it is pretty easy to find just about anywhere in the US. The flavour here is sensational, and Ethiopia has a reputation worldwide for some of the best beans anywhere.

I like how these beans make a coffee that isnt very bitter and that doesnt leave an aftertaste. I just dont care for a bitter aftertaste with my coffee, and it is my belief that coffee should not be so bitter you need to drown the flavour in creamer, milk, and sugar to make it palatable. This one passes that test for me as very close to the best coffee brand for French press. You may prefer it because of its great flavour and aroma compared to the Community coffee.

Asian Coffee Beans 101

Though we dont see as many of them as coffee lovers in Europe or Australia, Asian coffees can actually be quite deliciousand they sure can have an exotic appeal as well.

  • Yemen In the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen was actually home to the worlds first coffeehouses and commercial coffee farms. Beans from here are pretty rare, but if you can get your hands on a bag, you can expect some incredible earthy, chocolate-y flavors with a winey acidity.
  • Thailand Very little specialty-grade coffee is grown in Thailand, but the stand out beans tend to have flavors of chocolate, flowers, spice, and citrus.
  • Myanmar This newer country only started exporting coffee to the US again in 2016, so few coffee lovers in North America have discovered the delicate, complex fruity and floral flavors of these beans .
  • India Specialty-grade arabica coffees from this fascinating country often have a rich flavor profile of chocolate and spice, as well as a crisp acidity akin to a bright Guatemalan.
  • Because of a devastating disease that wiped out much of Asias coffee production in the late 1800s, most of the continent grows robusta coffee . So while its harder to find excellent specialty coffees in this area of the world, when you do find one thats great, you should snatch it up!

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    Bizzy Organic: Best Cold Brew Coffee Brand

    Using ethically-sourced beans from Guatemala, Peru and Nicaragua, Bizzy Organics Cold Brew Coffee is a triumphant formula. For those who favour a cold brew , theyve assembled a blend specifically for cold brewing.

    The 100% Arabica beans are a pleasing mix of light, medium and dark roasts. The union of the three blends perfectly to deliver a smooth, sweet flavour profile.

    Even better, the coffee beans come already ground to the perfect coarseness for cold brewing. For cold brew coffee, a coarser grind is desirable as it makes the filtration process easier, and will eliminate any bitterness. All you need is a little patience, and youll be rewarded with a sufficiently mouthwatering coffee experience.

    Cold brew coffee has never been easier, thanks to Bizzy Organic. For that reason, weve rated them the best cold brew coffee brand.


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