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How To Make Starbucks Iced Vanilla Coffee

Homemade Vanilla Iced Coffee Homemade Vanilla Iced


52 por starbucks secret menu drinks how to order them coffee at three. A vanilla iced coffee is bound to be part of your routine if you are a coffee drinker like me.

Copycat starbucks vanilla iced coffee recipe starbucks. 11 healthier starbucks drinks to try on your next order volume 1 cella jane.

French vanilla iced coffee with homemade vanilla syrup is. 12 cup coffee press or a normal coffee maker.

Homemade starbucks iced coffee 10 cups coffee 12 c. 15 bottles starbucks fruccino iced coffee drink vanilla 9 5 fl oz.

Refreshing starbucks vanilla iced coffee vanilla iced. Cook on medium heat until sugar is dissolved.

How Do You Make An Iced Vanilla Latte

First, gather up your ingredients for your iced vanilla latte: brewed espresso, milk, vanilla syrup, and ice.

Once you have everything ready, get going!

  • Fill a glass with ice
  • Add the syrup
  • Pour the espresso over the ice or brew the espresso from your Nespresso or espresso machine directly over the ice
  • Pour in the milk to fill the glass.
  • Like I said, its super easy to make this drink at home!

    Pro Tip: Iced vanilla latte ingredient ratios :

    • 12 oz iced latte : 1 shot espresso, 1 ounce vanilla syrup, 8 ounces milk
    • 16 oz iced latte : 2 shots espresso, 2 ounces vanilla syrup, 8 ounces milk
    • 20 oz iced latte : 3 shots espresso, 4 ounces vanilla syrup, 8 ounces milk

    Now that youre armed with the best information about how to make an iced vanilla latte at home, I really hope you try to make your own!

    My iced vanilla lattes are a big part of my morning routine as I settle down in front of my computer after daycare drop off and Id love to hear how you make it part of yours this summer!

    Sonic French Vanilla Cold Brew Iced Coffee

    Calories: 210

    The Coffee:

    Sonic doesnt generally rank very highly for us in any fast food category but the drive-thru chains coffee offerings are pretty damn good and surprisingly flavorful. The French Vanilla Cold Brew has a very appealing smoothness to it its delicate and creamy while still containing that soothing earthy-bitter bite. Its almost chocolate-y. Notes of cherry hover gently over a smooth and subtly sweet roasted flavor that is unfortunately sullied by the artificial French vanilla flavoring.

    Id strongly suggest passing on the flavoring here and opting to take this coffee black or with only the sweet cream. The roast is complex and flavorful enough on its own.

    The Bottom Line:

    Its good because of the coffee, so skip the flavoring on this one for a distinct blend that tastes complex, naturally sweet, and expresses itself in delicious waves across your palate.

    Find your nearest Sonic here.

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    Refreshing Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee


    • Refreshing Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee

    How much do you love Iced Coffee? I’m not going to lie, I pretty much live on it during the summer months. Come mid-April I’m ready to trade my hot caramel macchiato for a vanilla iced coffee until about October when I can resist the pull of a pumpkin spiced latte no longer. But let’s be real, I can’t afford to go to Starbucks everyday. So I set out to find a cheaper way to have my favorite drink.

    Since I used to work at Starbucks, I can honestly tell you that this tastes like the real thing for a fraction of the price. You need a whooping 3 ingredients for this dream come true, so hold onto your hats while I show you how amazing this is.

    Coconut Manna As A Non

    Refreshing Starbucks Vanilla Iced Coffee

    Not only does it make an amazing non-dairy creamer for your organic iced coffee recipe, it is also delicious in smoothies, sauces, dressings, desserts and even vegan icing! And no, coconut puree/ coconut butter does not make your coffee taste like coconut. When you add it to your cup, youll notice that it has a very neutral/ creamy flavor that is the closest thing to dairy cream I have ever tasted.

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    How To Make Vanilla Syrup For Coffee:

    Its super easy to make your own homemade vanilla syrup for coffee. Add 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water to a saucepan. Heat to boiling, stir until sugar dissolves. Let the sugar syrup cool completely. Then add 1 tablespoon vanilla extract to the cooled sugar syrup to create vanilla syrup. This can be used to make a regular vanilla latte too. This recipe for vanilla syrup will allow you to make about 10 beverages. Just store it in the refrigerator, and it will keep for up to one month.

    More Iced Coffee And Tea Drinks

    Thats all you need to know to make an iced vanilla latte at home: we hope you find it tastes as good as Starbucks! Let us know any questions in the comments below. And if youre looking for more iced coffees and tea lattes, weve got you covered! Here are a few more Starbucks specials you can make at home:

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    Can You Make Espresso In A Keurig

    Yes! You donât have to have an espresso maker to brew espresso. If you have a coffee maker that uses K-cups or pods , you can use espresso pods instead of coffee pods. We happen to have the Keurig Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker at my house, and we love it. And in a pinch, you can just brew some coffee and make this recipe with coffee instead of espresso.

    Add a couple of tablespoons of the vanilla syrup to the espresso.

    And the final step of making an Iced Vanilla Latte is to add 1/4 cup of half and half cream to the glass. This is the fun part because you get to see the swirling that happens in the coffee as you pour it in.

    Stir it all together.

    See how easy it is to make an iced vanilla latte at home? Enjoy your beverage with my copycat Starbucks Vanilla Bean Scones or some Blueberry Cream Muffins.

    How To Make A Vanilla Iced Latte: Basic Steps

    EASY Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte with INSTANT COFFEE!!

    Heres the outline of how to make a vanilla iced latte at home:

    • Step 1: Make the vanilla syrup.
    • Step 2: Make a double shot of espresso.
    • Step 3: Froth ¼ cup whole milk by shaking it in a covered jar or whisking until frothy.
    • Step 4: Pour the espresso and 2 to 3 teaspoons vanilla syrup over ice. Add milk and serve.

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    What Kind Of Coffee Works Best

    Any coffee that you enjoy will work just fine! Personally, we really love iced Aldi brand Organic Honduras Coffee . It has hints of chocolate and vanilla while being super smooth and rich.

    We also really love the Mexican Organic coffee from the bulk bin at Whole Foods but our store doesnt carry it anymore plus, its VERY expensive.

    Heres How Starbucks Makes A Grande Iced Chai Latte

    There are only three ingredients in a Starbucks iced chai latte:

  • Highly concentrated chai concentrate
  • Ice
  • Directions for a grande iced chai latte

    • Add 4 pumps of chai concentrate directly into the cup
    • Add milk up to the third black line cup marking
    • Fill the cup with ice and give it a swirl to mix

    Now, take a careful look at the photo below.

    Notice that the four pumps of concentrate comes up to the first clear line on the cup.

    I did a little experiment to see how much liquid it takes to get to that line and its cup.

    Next, Starbucks baristas add milk up to the third black line on the cold cup. To get from the clear line to the third black line takes an additional 1 cup of liquid.

    Finally, fill the remaining space with ice. A quick swirl of the cup mixes the ingredients together nicely.

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    Calorie Healthy Iced Vanilla Latte Tastes Just Like

    2 tsp salted caramel sauce optional. About 30% of the sugar as the regular version, 10 grams for the grande size.

    60 calorie starbucks drink grande iced skinny cinnamon. stir together coffee, vanilla syrup, and milk.

    Blonde vanilla latte sub almond milk for milk vanilla. 1/2 cup milk or cream (not a dairy fan?

    Iced vanilla latte recipe real vibrant recipe. Brewed espresso, milk, vanilla syrup, and ice.

    Iced vanilla latte recipe in 2020 vanilla latte latte. Classic vanilla syrup mixed perfectly with rich espresso and creamy milk, the iced vanilla latte is a classic espresso beverage,.

    Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe

    Iced vanilla latte

    Recreate your favorite coffee-house drink with ease! Gather the ingredients together. Prep the espresso.

    Heres how to assemble this tasty drink:

    • STEP 1: Sprinkle light-brown sugar into a tall glass.
    • STEP 2: Pour hot espresso over the sugar. Stir well until sugar has completely dissolved.
    • STEP 3: Add vanilla extract. Stir briefly to combine.
    • STEP 4: Fill the glass with ice. Pour milk or cream over the top. Stir gently with a spoon and enjoy.

    KITCHEN SMARTS: The measurements listed for this recipe are for a bold robust coffee. If assembling this drink with a mild-flavored coffee, use less brown sugar and vanilla. Let the flavor of the coffee shine through.

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    How Do You Flavor An Ice Latte

    Flavored iced lattes are where its at these days! Ive been making my iced vanilla lattes with my homemade vanilla syrup. Its a delicious syrup to have on hand in the fridge for all kinds of cold coffee drinks and even for cocktails.

    If youre not into making your own syrup, you can buy vanilla syrup. stocks it and Im pretty sure Ive seen it sold in Target stores too.

    Ive also made a slew of other syrups for cold drinks too. This brown sugar cinnamon syrup is a copycat recipe for the cinnamon dolce syrup from Starbucks. Do you like cinnamon dolce lattes? Then you need this syrup!

    Ive made 2 coconut syrups: toasted coconut and almond toasted coconut. Both are exceptionally good but the almond really ups the ante and thats now my favorite of the two versions.

    My blackberry vanilla syrup is SO SO good in cold coffee drinks! Its the perfect summer syrup to make use of local blackberries and Ive been using it in cocktails and other iced drinks this summer too.

    Lastly to note, if you dont like sweetener in your coffee, you can certainly make a latte without a flavored syrup. The drink will be strong but if thats your thing, more power to you!

    Tips And Tricks For Vanilla Iced Coffee

    • Use fresh coffee for this recipe.
    • If you know that you are going to be drinking iced coffee throughout the day, brew an extra pot in the morning and put it in a pitcher in the refrigerator for yourself to drink out of. Make sure to use fresh coffee each day.
    • Not sure if you will be wanting some throughout the day? Then just brew one cup at a time and use the quick cool method of pouring over fresh ice in a mason jar and giving it a good shake.
    • If you need your iced coffee sweeter than listed, do not simply add sugar to the cup. Melt sugar in an equal amount of water heated a little on the stove or in the microwave .
    • Use a quality whole milk for maximum creaminess in your coffee, but dont use cream. Its too thick and wants to cling to your lips when you drink it in a greasy type of film.
    • This recipe requires quite a lot of ice if you are chilling your coffee by that method. Just be forewarned.

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    Prime 10 Iced Coffees At Starbucks

    Now that you recognize all of the methods to order iced espresso at Starbucks, lets check out the very best iced coffees and drink combos on the menu.

    Right heres an inventory of the Prime 10 Starbucks iced espresso drinks that clients order again-and-again.

    Diet data is for a grande measurement drink.

    Starbucks Iced Espresso Drinks: Fast Info

    How to make Iced Vanilla Latte | STARBUCKS AT HOME
    • Starbucks has three varieties of iced chilly espresso drinks: conventional iced espresso, chilly brew espresso and iced espresso.
    • Common iced espresso is made by hot-brewing espresso and is the least costly strategy to get pleasure from iced espresso at Starbucks.
    • Iced espresso and chilly brew arent obtainable decaf. To get decaf iced espresso at Starbucks that you must order an iced decaf espresso drink or a decaf iced pourover.
    • Starbucks iced espresso is mechanically sweetened with Traditional syrup, however you possibly can order it sugar-free.
    • An unflavored cup of chilly brew will not be mechanically sweetened.
    • Most iced espresso drinks embrace a flavored syrup or liquid sweetener within the drink recipe.
    • Well-liked toppings for iced espresso drinks embrace caramel syrup, candy cream chilly foam and even Starbucks whipped cream.

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    Please Please Use Organic Coffee In This Iced Vanilla Latte Starbucks

    So, the only ingredient in my Vanilla Late iced coffee recipe that is most similar to the Starbucks version is the coffee. And even that is not the same.

    Although I could certainly brew my own Starbucks at home, Im actually not the biggest fan of Starbucks coffee. Besides, these days I really do prefer my coffee to be organic if at all possible. Not only is organic coffee a lot healthier for the environment, its also grown without using toxic pesticides that kill birds and harm workers.

    If at all possible, I really do think organic is definitely the way to go with your coffee.

    Iced Vanilla Latte Starbucks Copycat Is Delicously Satisfying

    If youre a big fan of the Vanilla Latte from Starbucks, then this iced coffee recipe is the perfect copycat.

    From a Caramel Machiatto to a simple shot of Italian espresso, if you were to head to your local Starbucks to conduct a coffee poll you would quickly learn almost every coffee drinker has a favorite coffee drink.

    The classic Vanilla Latte from Starbucks is made with full-bodied espresso, steamed milk and classic vanilla syrup full of sugar. Then, topped with more foamy milk. If you prefer your Vanilla Latte cold, just add ice.

    In fact, my iced coffee recipe tastes basically just like a Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte. Minus the sugar, dairy and cost.

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    Starbucks Iced Coffee With Milk & Vanilla

    Calories: 80

    The Coffee:

    Starbucks is obviously the crowd favorite and Im sorry but, it earns its place comfortably in the middle of this list. I ordered my iced coffee with whole milk and three pumps of vanilla syrup which is the standard amount for a small sorry, tall and I was pleased to find that the drink had just a hint of sweetness, with the perfect balance of creamy flavors and bitter, chocolatey coffee. All of the elements of this coffee really work harmoniously, but the weakest link is the coffee itself, and when were talking about iced coffees thats kind of a problem.

    Starbucks coffee just isnt very good. Its roasted to the point that the coffee comes off as more bitter than it should. Its a little acidic and has a slight chocolatey quality to it, but it just leaves your mouth tasting very flat and in desperate need of gum.

    I also dont feel a very significant kick from this drink. Its refreshing, but doesnt really provide me with that jolt that I rely on coffee to provide.

    The Bottom Line:

    Its well balanced but at the end of the day, Starbucks coffee just doesnt taste very good. Its over-roasted, I realize Starbucks utilizes a lot of dark roasts, but this isnt rich, complex, or distinct like dark roast coffee should be its flat and harsh.

    Find your nearest Starbucks here.

    Questions You May Have

    Iced Vanilla Latte (Starbucks Copycat)

    Whats in Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte?

    Starbucks makes this drink with the same 4 ingredients thats in this copycat recipe: ice, 2% milk, 2 shots of espresso, and 4 pumps of vanilla syrup in a grande.

    Can I make this drink with cold brew or cooled down coffee?

    For a drink to be a latte, it needs to be made with espresso. You can use strong coffee or cold brew but it wont have the same taste as using espresso.

    How much ice goes into a Starbucks iced drink?

    Starbucks iced drinks are half ice. So a grande 16 ounce drink has 8 ounces of ice.

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    Can I Just Put Vanilla Extract In My Coffee

    You can put vanilla extract directly into your coffee but its likely that you wont taste much vanilla that way.

    Making your own vanilla syrup using sugar or store bought vanilla syrup carries a stronger vanilla flavor and adds a tad of sweetness to the iced coffee that you wont be sorry about either!

    How To Make An Iced Vanilla Latte At Home:

  • Brew coffee or espresso, add all natural zero calorie sweetener and vanilla extract to the coffee when its still hot. Mix well to dissolve.
  • Fill a tall glass with ice.
  • Add the brewed coffee to the glass of ice, top with almond milk and serve.
  • Special Tip: You can find these directions, along with measurements, nutrition and more in the sharable recipe card in the next section!

    Up next, a sharable recipe card for the best iced latte recipe

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    Starbucks Copycat Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe

    Just so you know, if you click on a product on and decide to buy it, we may earn a small commission.

    Looking for a Starbucks-quality coffee, but dont want to leave your kitchen? Weve got you covered.

    Heres a quick look at the recipe, keep reading for a step by step tutorial with photos!

    If youre looking for a cool and easy way to chill off and wake up this is just the recipe for you. This Starbucks iced latte copycat recipe is fast, inexpensive, and oh-so tasty!


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