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How To Use Vietnamese Coffee Filter

But Well Get To That Shortly I Promise

How To Make Vietnamese Drip Coffee

how to clean fuel injectors at home However, dam realized that the shop wasnât using vietnamese beans for their drinks. Her mother, que bui, owns the house of bánh mì, which serves cà phê sữa Äá Below guide will give you the best vietnamese coffee recipe. Place filter on top of the drinking glass. Here is how to make this coffee recipe with and without using the vietnamese filter. Literally, 4 glasses need 4 little brewers.

One Of The Most Iconic Drinks From Southeast Asia Vietnamese Coffee Is Rich Perfectly Sweetened And Delicious Both Hot And Iced

how to grow hemp in ny Personally, i like this iced, sweetened preparation of vietnamese coffee the bestâthatâs why i made this cake! Then, add 2/3 cup boiling water over the top, stirring gently. To make vietnamese iced coffee, pour the filtered coffee into a glass filled with ice. Literally, 4 glasses need 4 little brewers.

Gravity Versus Screw Insert

Gravity inserts are easier to use if youre a complete novice when it comes to Vietnamese coffee. Simply smooth out the grounds before placing the insert on top of the coffee. Screw inserts add an extra step, but by holding the grounds in place, they assist make a smoother, more even brew. It also allows you more control over the amount of time it takes to brew. The longer it takes to finish a brew, the tighter the screw is.

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Ingredients For Vietnamese Iced Coffee

list of weight watchers foods and their points Next, place the spanner and brewing chamber on top of the glass. How to make vietnamese iced coffee. One of the most iconic drinks from southeast asia, vietnamese coffee is rich, perfectly sweetened, and delicious both hot and iced! If your machine has an iced coffee option, select it and let the brewing begin!

And By Most Peoples Standard Im Not A Serious Coffee Drinker Since I Tend To Reach For The Mixed Coffee Drinks Like This Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese Dripper Coffee Machine Filter Suitable For ...

how to weigh yourself without a scale The quicker, espresso method also gives the added convenience for when you want to make vietnamese iced coffee in bigger batches. Similar to the hot version, you can use sweetened condensed milk to sweeten and flavor the iced coffee. One of the most iconic drinks from southeast asia, vietnamese coffee is rich, perfectly sweetened, and delicious both hot and iced! Mark wilcox of muttâs coffee taught her how to roast her own beans, and she started to make vietnamese roasts for the family restaurant. Once the water has finished boiling, set it aside and begin the extraction process If your machine has an iced coffee option, select it and let the brewing begin!

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How To Make Vietnamese Coffee With Coffee Pods Or Coffee Capsules

The speediest route to making a good Vietnamese coffee is by using a capsule machine. I didnt think I would ever go down this route, but when you barely have time to brush your hair in the morning, let alone wait for your coffee to slowly drip into your breakfast mug, I think you would be forgiven for cheating.

You need a very intense coffee to stand up to the sweetness of the condensed milk, so any robust espresso capsule will work well in a cheats version. I typically use espresso or ristretto capsules with a very high intensity.

How To Brew Using French Press

When it comes to the world of coffee, French Press is often perceived as a fool-proof method for brewing coffee among the newbies. Just like the Vietnamese Coffee Filter, brewing coffee using a French Press is pretty much straightforward. The best part of using it is that it takes relatively less time to brew coffee as opposed to Phin. To brew coffee using French Press, you should consider these vital steps

  • Boil some water
  • Take the preferred amount of coffee and then put it in your French Press. It is best to use a coarse grind.
  • Take your hot water and pour it into your French Press.
  • Take a plunger, then place it at the top and allow your coffee to brew for about two to four minutes.
  • Push your plunger until it gets to the bottom of the French Press.
  • Take a cup and pour your coffee into it.

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For The Ultimate Coffee Experience Here Are Our Tips For Brewing Our Perfect Vietnamese Coffee

  • Boil your water temperature to around 185°F to 195°F
  • Twist the filter plate firmly into your ground coffee, but do not tighten the filter plate
    • If it’s too tight, the water will not be able to brew through
    • Your coffee grounds need space to bloom
  • If the coffee is dripping too quickly from the phin, it means your filter plate is not firmly in place
    • It is okay to slowly pour the water out of the phin to tighten your filter plate. Just add hot water again!
  • If the coffee is not dripping from your phin, it means you twisted your filter plate too tightly into the ground coffee
    • To fix this, you can slowly pour out the water from your phin and readjust your plate filter by loosening it. Then add new hot water to your phin chamber.
  • If you are lactose intolerant or want to try something new, opt for sweetened condensed coconut milk. Its delicious!

Thang Long Coffee Press

Making Regular Coffee using Vietnamese Coffee Filter Phin Everyday Caffè Americano by GemFOX Food
  • Screw Down Vietnamese Coffee Filter with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • Awesome way to brew coffee. Inexpensive, portable, reusable, and environmentally friendly phin filter.
  • Use Traditional Vietnamese Robusta Coffee or grind coffee beans of choice. INSTRUCTIONS included.
  • Made in VIETNAM with QUALITY stainless steel. SCREW DOWN INSERT. Easy to clean.
  • To start making your own DELICOUS Vietnamese Iced Coffee at home click the add to cart button

The Thang Long coffee press boasts of its top-quality construction. Its great for brewing traditional iced Vietnamese coffee with its 8-ounce build. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for your convenience and peace of mind.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Medium-sized for iced coffee
  • Size: 3.8 X 2.8 X 2.7
  • Capacity: 8oz

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What Type Of Coffee Grind

There is controversy here, I have read of anything from fine to coarse grindbeing used. The cans have what appears to be a French grind I use a grindsomewhere between French and drip. This does not fall through theholes in the filter and tastes great. If you are new to Vietnamese coffee, use aFrench grind since it is easier to get it right with a coarser grind.

How To Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee With A Phin Coffee Filter

Traditional Vietnamese iced coffee is a strong, slow sipper with a big caffeine kick. It is sure to give you an energy boost . I have yet to featured the Vietnamese coffee maker known as the Phin in my manual coffee brewing guides. Talking about the Phin coffee filter along with its most popular recipe seems like the best way to introduce it.

Below is my Vietnamese iced coffee recipe, some discussion on sweetened condensed milk and a Phin coffee filter brewing guide.

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Ten Mile Vietnamese Coffee Dripper Features

Vietnamese Iced Coffee If youve ordered a coffee in Vietnam, youll be happily surprised to get a sweet, cold and delicious Coffee Cocktail known as cà phê sa á.

No Filters Needed Simply brewed through a metal filter and designed to drip slowly into your cup below.

Mirror Finish Using Food-Grade Stainless Steel for that mirror finish and durability.

Easy to Clean A quick rinse under the tap or in the Dishwasher will keep it sparkling clean.

Wet The Grounds Slightly With Hot Water

Vietnamese Coffee Phin Filter

how to send out certified mail usps Subscribe to our email list and be sure to follow us on pinterest , facebook , instagram , and youtube! First of all, start by pouring one or more tablespoons of the condensed milk into the tall glass in the amount that suits your taste. Fire up the espresso machine , pull a crema laden shot of espresso and then convert it to a beautiful vietnamese iced coffee. Literally, 4 glasses need 4 little brewers.

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When You Have Your Vietnamese Coffee Maker Follow These Instructions

For quantities, these are for a brewer with a brew chamber that holds about 8 fluid ounces.

These brewers are available in several sizes. See how much water yours holds, and adjust quantities accordingly. Also, adjust according to taste.

OK, lets get started.

Step 1: Gather together all the elements of the brewer and your ingredients. For ingredients, that means ground coffee, condensed milk and hot water just off the boil.

Turn on your kettle, or put it on the stove, for the hot water.

Step 2: Pour some condensed milk into the glass. About two teaspoons.

Step 3: Place the drip tray on the top of the glass, then the brew chamber on top of that. Now add your ground coffee to the brew chamber. About one heaped tablespoon.

Step 4: Insert the gravity spreader so it sites on top of the ground coffee. Dont push it or press it. Just let it sit there.

Step 5: Add just a little water to the brew chamber. Just enough to wet the ground coffee under the spreader. Let it do its thing for 15 to 20 seconds.

Step 6: Now pour in the rest of the hot water, up to the top of the brew chamber. Add the lid and leave it to drip. This is a gravity drip process and will take 3 or 4 minutes.

Step 7: Take the brewer off the glass, stir the coffee into the condensed milk… and enjoy!

Step 8: Experiment with quantities next time you do this, and keep at it until you get it just the way you like it.

OK… Thats it. Vietnamese coffee. I hope you enjoy it!

Here are those Amazon.com links again.

Where To Buy Vietnamese Coffee

A proper Vietnamese iced coffee should be brewed with traditional Vietnamese coffee. This is a little hard to come by in the United States.

Last week I discussed Phin Coffee Club. Harvey, the founder of Phin Coffee Club, sent me a Phin and some of his coffee. That is what I have been using to test out Vietnamese iced coffee recipes. Harvey sells traditionally roasted Vietnamese Robusta coffee at the Phin Coffee Club website.

Another option is Nguyen Coffee Supply out of Brooklyn, NY. I have not personally tried their coffee but they also feature coffee from Vietnam. Nguyen takes a more modern approach to roasting their coffee, bypassing some of the traditional methods like combining the coffee with a cacoa butter and slow roasting the coffee with wood. .

There is also a contingent of people who use Cafe Du Monde coffee when brewing with a Phin. I am personally not a fan of the brand but it seems that you can approximate the taste with this New Orleans style chicory coffee. You can read about my experiments with chicory and Cafe Du Monde here.

Lastly, you can try brewing a Vietnamese iced coffee with what you have on hand.

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How To Make Vietnamese Iced Coffee

how to care for leathered granite countertops It took me until my third boy to embrace coffee. Then, add 2/3 cup boiling water over the top, stirring gently. The one used for making espresso, south indian filter coffee, or the french roast is perfect. A swirl of rich condensed milk, and a hint of mint gives you a taste of ultimate refreshment with this vietnamese iced coffee recipe. In a stainless steel vietnamese coffee filter, add 2 tablespoons of vietnamese coffee. Put 2 table spoon in each glass.

How To Make Vietnamese Coffee


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Vietnamese coffee is a strong and sweet coffee beverage thats often served on ice. Its traditionally made with a phin, a metal pour-over coffee filter that makes a single cup at a time. Unlike other types of coffee, Vietnamese coffee is made with sweetened condensed milk. The rich, thick, and sweet milk balances out the bitterness of the strong coffee, resulting in a refreshing and tasty beverage.

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New Zealands Largest Specialty Vietnamese Coffee Importer

Shop our range of Trung Ngyuen ground coffee, high quality phin filters and gift packs.

Drinking Vietnamese Coffee is a special experience, watching the coffee drip through the specialised phin filter and into condensed milk in the bottom of a glass is a truly magical experience. As New Zealands largest importer in Vietnamese Coffee we specialise in bringing you the flavours of Vietnam 365 days a year.

Our coffees and filters make fantastic gifts, contact us for any special packaging requirements. You can find our coffee all over New Zealand at a number of restaurants and cafes.

We have 5 different coffees, with different flavours and types of coffee beans, for more details you can read the description on each.

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How Do You Make Vietnamese Coffee

To brew Vietnamese coffee you need French roast coffee grounds, water, condensed milk, and a phin . Boil the water and preheat the filter and cup by adding some water through. Remove excess water, then add a heaping tablespoon of coffee into the filter.

Twist the filter on top until there is some resistance and pour some water inside and wait for the grounds to expand before filling the filter all the way up. Brew for three to five minutes, then add the desired amount of condensed milk into the cup.

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Pull A Bunch Of Shots Then Stir In The Sweetened Condensed Milk To Taste

tiki dog food recall Now that we know what we need and we have gathered all our supplies, it is time to get started brewing our first cup of vietnamese iced coffee. A swirl of rich condensed milk, and a hint of mint gives you a taste of ultimate refreshment with this vietnamese iced coffee recipe. Place filter on top of the drinking glass. This intensely brewed concentrate is creamy, rich, smooth in texture, and has a bold flavor. Add 2 tablespoons of your coarse ground coffee to the coffee press. Looking for more authentic recipes?

Vietnamese Coffee Bean Brands

Vietnamese Coffee Maker Reddit / Vietnamese Coffee Filter ...

In America there are sooo many popular brands of Vietnamese coffee you can order and have shipped to your doorstep:

These are just to name the popular ones available in America! Lately there are many new roasters in America trying to hop on the Vietnamese coffee scene. There seems to be a few small companies popping up every year starting as local roasters, selling at farmers markets, and eventually shipping their beans nationwide and worldwide.

We saw the big name coffee brands like Trung Nguyen above have chains of coffee shops when visiting Vietnam in 2020. In Vietnam there are countless other brands producing, roasting, and selling Vietnamese coffee and beans though that you simply cannot buy in America.

People are passionate about their coffee, and asking which brand or type of Vietnamese coffee is best is sure to stir up some arguments!

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What Is Vietnamese Coffee

The most famous Vietnamese coffee amongst non locals is the one you see in the images here, dark strong coffee, dripping onto an inch high of sweet condensed milk. This is known as ca phe sua in Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of the south, and ca phe nua in the north.

To anyone born anywhere within Asia, like me, Vietnamese coffee is not all that big a deal after all, thats how we drink our coffee and tea, with condensed milk. Before the advent of Starbucks et al, naturally.

Phin Coffee Is A Ritual

Making coffee with a phin is extremely simple, and once youve done it a few times it begins to feel like muscle memory. To make coffee with a single-serving phin, you put the device over a mug, and add about two tablespoons of coffee grounds to it. Then, you place the press disk over the coffee and pour in a bit of hot water, just enough to cover the grounds by about half an inch, and wait for 30-40 seconds. This process is known as blooming, which gives the grounds some time to release carbon dioxide, making the resulting coffee more flavorful. After that, you fill the phin to the tippy-top with water and wait. As the coffee drips into your mug, you can do a few stretches, look out the window, or play a few of your favorite tunes. Within five minutes, your coffee will be ready.

Want a strong brew? You can sip the thick coffee as-is. But if you want a lighter, longer cup you can simply add another round of water to the phin. Since theres no need for paper filters, this method is a sustainable option for coffee drinkers looking to make their morning ritual a bit more eco-friendly. Plus, since phins are made with stainless steel, cleanup is always a breeze.

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