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Nespresso Vertuo Pods Caffeine Chart

What Do The Numbers On Nespresso Pods Mean

I Tried Every Nespresso Pod

Nespresso intensity levels range on a number scale from 1 to 13. Nespresso levels are based on the concentration of the coffee, its body, its bitterness and its degree of roasting. The lighter the roast, the lower the intensity. On the other hand, the darker the roast, the higher the intensity. A rating below 6 on the scale is defined as light. In contrast, those with a rating above 8 on the scale are intense or dark because they undergo a long roasting. This affects the flavor of the pods too.

It is important to note that a higher level does not mean there is a higher amount of caffeine found in the coffee. However, if you are looking for caffeine content you can check out our Nespresso pod caffeine content guide for the amount of caffeine in each pod.

Originalline Vs Vertuoline Nespresso Machine

Which Nespresso machine are you using? Original line or Vertuo line? Vertuo line capsules are larger and contain more caffeine as compared to the Original line.

A standard Vertuo line capsule contains 105 mg of caffeine, while the Original line contains 60 mg of caffeine.

So, if you are using a Vertuo line machine, your coffee cup contains more caffeine.

The Best Nespresso Pods Reviews In 2022


Youre at the best place where you can get the knowledge of where to buy Nespresso pods.


But first Ill tell you what the best Nespresso pods are and afterward where to buy them.

Although there are a lot of fans of Starbucks Keurig and Lavaza, Nespresso is at the forefront when it comes to single-serving coffee. About 300,000 new and old Nespresso fans search for Nespresso on Google every day. Most of them are those who need guidance on Nespresso pods or Nespresso machines, including:

Best Nespresso Capsules for Vertuoline Machines.

Best Nespresso Capsules for Original Line Machines.

Best Nespresso compatible capsules made by third-party brands.

Best reusable capsules for those who fill Nespresso capsules by grinding whole coffee beans and enjoying fresh coffee.

Not only that, but some Nespresso users want to know how much caffeine is in Nespresso pods. Some users want to compare the price of Nespresso capsules with Keurig K-cups and coffee cups available at coffee shops, and often new Nespresso fans have no idea which pod is best for Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, or other specialty drinks.

There are different Nespresso users, and I dont know which one you belong to. But one thing is sure! You are lucky to have read this guide which covers all the topics related to Nespresso Capsules, which I have mentioned above. Lets start the topic and choose your favorite Nespresso capsule!

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Caffeine Content In Nespresso Vertuo Pods

Coffee lovers will love the variety of blends available with Nespresso Vertuo six different types of beans to choose from, including single origin Colombia, Sumatra, and Caffee Verona. These are perfect for a morning pick-me-up, an evening dessert coffee, or a midday caffeine rush. But, one of the biggest drawbacks of this machine is the lack of caffeine information.

Although the Caffeine Content In Nespresso Pods is not listed on the packaging, the coffee is brewed and served within two minutes. However, if you are a coffee drinker, you will be glad to know that there are several varieties available, including the Decaffeinato. These types of capsules have a higher caffeine content than the OriginalLine variety. The most popular ones are Melozio, Hazelino Muffin, and Caramel Cookie.

If youre looking for a strong coffee boost, you should look no further than the new Vertuo Pods. These pods are available in different flavors and caffeine content. Some of them are much higher in caffeine than others. If youre looking for a weaker, less expensive coffee, look for a coffee capsule with lower caffeine content. Youll be happy you found a new favorite in no time!

The Caffeine content of Nespresso capsules is 81 mg per serving. They contain no more caffeine than normal coffee. This product is made to be a one-time use product. Its caffeine level is low, and the coffee will not last longer than an hour. If you dont use it regularly, your beverage will be weak and taste bitter.

Strongest Intensity: Levels 9

Nespresso capsules sorted by the amount of caffeine (Source: Nespresso ...

If you are looking for a dark roast coffee brewed with a full body, a rich aroma and a bold and hints of bitter flavor, then youll like the strongest pods. These are between 9 and 13 on the Nespresso number scale. Pods with an intensity of 9 or higher will give you that powerful coffee experience. These are great for drinks made with milk, such as lattes and cappuccinos.

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What Is A Lungo Shot

A lungo shot, similar to the brewing method of regular espresso, starts off as coffee grounds, which are subjected to this same stream of highly-pressurized water. The difference between the two, and most espresso variations, lies in the amount of water used during the brewing process.

A lungo shot uses roughly double the amount of water used during the brewing process of a regular shot of espresso. Coffee enthusiasts also consume ristretto shots, which are the opposite of a lungo shot. Ristretto shots use less water than regular espresso shots.

The extra brewing time of the lungo shot results in extra compounds being extracted from the grind. Usually with more time more of the bitters extract but some additional acids, sugars, and of course caffeine extract as well.

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How To Use Nespresso To Track Your Caffeine Intake

Many people are motivated to limit their caffeine intake or just want to know how much they are consuming. Both these endeavors require you to track your caffeine intake. With the Nespresso capsules, this becomes an easy possibility.

Depending on the drink you are having, the capsule will vary. This means the caffeine content in it will vary too. All you have to do is to calculate the caffeine content of that capsule and get a total sum. Many Nespresso capsules give you a range in which the caffeine content will lie. We recommend that there is more caffeine than less.

Finally, keep an eye out for any strange reactions, be it jittery-ness or lack of sleep. These And other bodily reactions indicate a high caffeine consumption. So, it is important to monitor yourself as well.

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Nespresso Vertuoline Intenso Pods Best Overall

Our number one pick is as the name suggests intense. Thats because were really excited about how hard this capsule can punch. The Intenso is a dark roast from South America, and its chock-full of complex chocolatey notes.

We like that all this flavor can be crammed into a little pod, and we love that intensity is no longer a feature only used to describe espresso. This is a great option for anyone looking for a kick in the morning, but not wanting to relinquish the comfort of a slowly sipped coffee.

In addition to the dark caramel and smoke notes, the Intenso is balanced out thanks to its nutty and slightly spicy feel.

Overall, we think the Intenso is the best Nespresso VertuoLine pod on the market this year.

  • Too dark for medium and light roast lovers

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Coffee Aims Top 3 Picks For Flavored Vertuo Coffee Pods

Nespresso – Understanding Nespresso and our Coffees | SG

The flavored, medium-roast Barista Creations coffee capsules are the most popular Nespresso Vertuo coffee pods on Amazon. If they all sound good to you, then check out the variety pack on Amazon. This assortment will let you explore the rich tastes and differing notes of the following Nespresso Capsules: Hazelino Muffin, Caramel Cookie, and Vanilla Custard Pies.

Product Image
Cup Sizes: Coffee . 1. It is a type of medium roast.2. You can enjoy the drink with generous malted and cereal notes.3. The malted flavor is natural.4. Better for those who prefer moderate coffee consumption. Those VertuoLine Capsules dont fit the Original Line machines. Buy these pods from the Nespresso website or .

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What Is Meant By The Intensity Of A Nespresso Capsule

Coffee lovers frequently mistake the intensity levels of a Nespresso capsule for its caffeine content. And if you have been making this mistake it is time to unlearn the wrong and relearn the truth. The intensity levels of a Nespresso pod or capsule have no relation to the coffees caffeine content.

Basically, the intensity levels of the capsules refer to the intensity of the flavors. For instance, if Nespresso tastes burnt or other stuff, how intense, strong, or bold the flavors of your Nespresso coffee will be. Will they be super sharp and hit your tastebuds or will they be mild and lighter? All this you find out through intensity levels of Nespresso capsules.

What Exactly Are Nespresso Pods

Nespresso Coffee Capsules are single-serve aluminum coffee pods made to use in the range of Nespresso brand-name or compatible coffee machines.

There are now two types of pods: OriginalLine and Vertuoline, which contain different amounts of coffee and therefore different amounts of caffeine. Weve looked into both types of pod to find out exactly how much caffeine is in each one

There are around 35 different Nespresso capsule varieties to choose from in their OriginalLine and as well as 13 varieties in their Vertuoline.

To start with, lets clear up a common point of confusion. Nespresso describes the flavor of their coffee using a term called Intensity. The numbers generally range from a rating of 1-11. But dont be confused, this intensity rating by no means determines its caffeine.

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A Note About Decaf Nespresso

As mentioned, Nespresso doesnt give out too much of information regarding its caffeine content. Nevertheless, the company is quite strict about testing the caffeine content in decaf coffees.

Contrary to popular belief, decaf coffees arent completely lacking in caffeine. Instead, this type of caffeine still contains a small amount of caffeine. The exact amount can vary depending on the beans and the decaffeination process.

Nespresso maintains that all of its decaf coffees contain less than 0.1 percent of caffeine. As a result, there is always less than 3mg of caffeine in every capsule of decaf coffee.

How Much Caffeine In Nespresso Decaf Coffee

Stormio: An intense coffee, with myriad aromas stemming from its highly ...

Nespresso offers a number of decaf coffee options, though beans sourced from South America tend to contain the most caffeine. Some Nespresso decaf beans have up to 3 milligrams per serving. As a result, it is important for individuals who wish to limit their daily caffeine intake to monitor how many servings they drink.

As a rough guide the Vertuo decaf range contain approximately 10mg of caffeine and the original line around 3mg. The reason for the big difference is that the decaf process tends to be either a Swiss Water or CO2 process. The latter being much more efficient at removing caffeine and still retaining flavor.

Please check our table for both original and Vertuo pods to see all the Nespresso decaf pods and their caffeine content.

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What Are Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso capsules are made by Nestle Nespresso SA, part of the Nestle Group they can be inserted into a Nespresso machine to brew espresso and coffee.

Nespresso capsules can be called all kinds of different names depending on where you buy them. They can be coffee capsules, coffee containers, coffee pods, or Nespresso capsules, which generally mean the same thing. They are individual single-use capsules/ pods/ containers that contain around 5 or 6 grams of ground coffee beans of different strengths and origins. Those grounds sometimes contain extra flavorings and ingredients, too and the Nespresso capsuleâs caffeine content varies depending on the type of capsule you use.

When you want to use a capsule, you place them in the machine, and they are pierced or opened inside the machine, processed, and then water is heated by the element and filtered through the grounds producing the amount of coffee needed for one cup. This process is the same regardless of whether you use pod or capsule, although they have some minor differences:

Amazon Brand Solimo Ristretto Coffee Capsules

You might be skeptical seeing that Amazon sell their own coffee under the Solimo brand name, but dont knock these Amazon brand capsules until you try them. While we can be a little snobbish about coffee sometimes, Amazon proved they know what theyre doing, so they at least deserve a chance.

This dark roast coffee contains a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. They lean heavily towards Arabica, so you dont need to worry about a bitter-tasting espresso shot.

Apart from Ristretto, the capsules are also available in other flavors like Lungo and Espresso. In this pack, you will get 50 capsules, and it is compatible with Nespresso OriginalLine models. The flavors are very strong and rich.

As per the official site, the coffee beans are grown by UTZ-certified farmers, and they have followed better agricultural practices. The beans are roasted as well as packaged in Belgium by expert roasters. If youre concerned about the environment, youll be happy to know Amazon partnered with the Rainforest Alliance too.

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Which Nespresso Pods Are Compatible With Nespresso Machines

Like its machines, Nespresso offers two kinds of pods: OriginalLine and VertuoLine.

Nespresso Original Lines machines accept Original line pods, while Nespresso Vertuoline machines use Vertuoline Pods.

The other big difference between the two lines of these Nespresso machines is that the original line machines only accept espresso pods, resulting in them brewing different-sized cups of espresso for you. Thats why the choice of drinks in the original line machines is very small.

In contrast, Vertuoline machines use both espresso pods and standard coffee pods, such as the Keurig k-cups, which is why you can choose from a wide range of beverages while using Nespresso Vertuoline machines. Like Citiz & Milk Some Original Nesp

Each Original Nespresso capsule contains 5 grams of ground coffee while Nespresso Vertuo pods contain more ground coffee than OriginalLine capsules. Result: The more ground coffee the more caffeine.

Nespresso Originalline Vs Vertuoline Capsules

Nespresso – Vertuo Next Masterclass | ZA

Nespresso offers two types of machines: OriginalLine and VertuoLine. Like two lines of their machines, Nespresso offers two types of coffee pods:OriginalLine pods andVertuoLine pods. OriginalLine pods are compatible with OriginalLine brewers, and VertuoLine pods are compatible with VertuoLine brewers.

Surprisingly there is one more type: Third-party capsules and they are compatible with Original Line machines.

Nespresso VertuoLine Capsule and OriginalLine Capsule

Nespresso third-party capsules are the same as OriginalLine and easily fit in OriginalLine machines.

It is a quick summary, and you can check out our complete Nespresso VertuoLine vs. Original comparison for more details.

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Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Nespresso

There are no known health risks associated with drinking Nespresso. However, it is important to note that excess caffeine can be harmful to your health. So, if youre drinking several cups of Nespresso per day, its important to monitor your caffeine intake and make sure youre not consuming too much.

Why Should I Buy A Nespresso Vertuo Pods

You can tell if you need or want a nespresso vertuo pods by looking at your existing inventory. You probably dont need it and should reconsider buying it. If you cant get go of the old one, you could sell it and use the proceeds to buy the new one.This is a fun and easy approach to finish your task.

Final Thoughts

Lets face it, we all want to feel good about our purchases. But there are so many! How can you know which is best? You need not be concerned because Aids Quilt has your back. Our trained staff is here to help you find what works for you. Before making a final decision, you can take advantage of our free consultations.

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What Affects The Intensity Of Nespresso Capsules

Nespresso capsules are usually marked with an intensity marker that goes up to a level 13.

The caffeine content of a Nespresso capsule is not directly related to the intensity of a Nespresso capsule coffee. This is because the roasting, concentration of the coffee, bitterness, body, and origin of the coffee all contribute to how it tastes. A very mellow bean can be high in caffeine, and vice versa, a very intense coffee can be low in caffeine or even decaf.

Originalline Cup Sizes Caffeine Content:



Ristretto contains 55-65 mg of caffeine with a complex of acidic and bittersweet notes. Ristretto and Ristretto decaf is the most common pods in this range.


Espresso contains 55-65 mg of caffeine. You can find a variety of Espresso pods in Original Line. Some of the popular Espresso pods are Caramel Creme Brulee, Vanilla Eclair, Colombia, Palermo Kazaar, and Napoli.


Lungo pods contain 77-85 mg of caffeine. As compared to espresso, you need extra water to brew these pods. As a result, you will get comparatively more coffee. Popular Lungo pods are Vienna, Tokyo, and Stockholm.

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How Much Caffeine Is In A Nespresso Capsule

The amount of caffeine will vary slightly depending on:

  • The coffee roast you chose
  • The ounces of coffee brewed
  • Whether you are using a regular, half-caff, or decaf capsule
  • For espresso shots, the caffeine range falls between 60 and 150 milligrams. For lungo shots, it increases to 120 to 200 milligrams. Half caff pods will peak around 90 milligrams, while decaf contains no more than 12.

    Its worth knowing that caffeines half-life is five hours. This means if you drank one cup of regular strength coffee five hours later, youd still have ~40 milligrams of caffeine in your system.

    Caffeine affects your central nervous system, those extra sensitive to caffeine should stick to half-caff or decaf whenever possible.

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