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Unique Coffee Tables For Sale

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8 Amazing Woodworking Projects Most Worth Watching // Coffee Table With Design Unique Incredible

Material:Ive roughly arranged the tables below by material. Marble continues to be a popular choice for a table top, but wooden coffee tables are, of course, a classic, and come in a variety of styles, from mid-century modern to more rustic styles. There are also plenty of tables that incorporate mixed materials, like wood and metal, glass and metal, and wood and marble, adding a bit more texture and dynamism to a piece.

Style and Design:Coffee tables come in a few basic tabletop shapes: round, oval, square, rectangular, or a variation therein. They can stand on four legs , or have a plinth- or pedestal-type base, or be shaped like a drum. Some come with additional shelving or built-in storage. What youre looking for will depend on how you want to arrange your space, keeping in mind the scale of your other furniture like sofa and accent chairs.

Price:You dont have to spend a lot of money to buy a good-looking table, but if youre looking for premium materials, youll have to pay up. There are plenty of options in the $500-and-under range here, and Ive denoted them with $ in the specs. Anything in the $500 to $1000 range will be denoted by $$, and anything above $1000 will be designed by $$$.

Unique Coffee Table Ideas For Every Space Style And Budget

Below, Ive gathered dozens of beautiful and unique coffee table ideasyoull find modern coffee table ideas, rustic coffee tables, contemporary coffee tables, as well as glass top, nesting, and wooden coffee table ideas in every price range and decorating style.

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Wooden Mallet Coffee Table With Magazine Pockets

Nowadays, people dont read magazines that much. But if that doesnt apply to you, then Wooden Mallets coffee table could be the right pick for you.

This coffee table features magazine pockets on the sides. Aside from keeping the magazines within your reach, this coffee table would also allow you to neatly collect your favorite magazine numbers. Check it here.

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Classic Wood Plank Metal Cart Coffee Table

The most remarkable feature of this coffee table is the pair of casters installed in the back. While coffee tables are compact, they arent very easy to move around, so a pair of wheels would certainly come in handy. And besides, you may like the slight antique vibe that this coffee table has. Check it here.

Wesley Unique Round Coffee Table Gray & Antique Brass

big coffee tables for sale Collection

Trying to establish an eclectic vibe, this unique coffee table from CasaOne will just do that. The industrial style makes use of a tripod style metal base and a concrete top. The antique brass finish contributes in creating a truly regal atmosphere.

The natural concrete mix means there are variations and gray hues which means each piece is different from the rest. Sized moderately and versatile in its conception, this unique stone coffee table works well in transitional and urban decors.

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Embossed Leather Coffee Table

by RH

I never thought a coffee table could be sexy buthere we are. There is nothing not to like about this piece by RH. It looks simple enough but once you get up close, youll see how luxe it really is. Dressed in shagreen-embossed leather and accented with your choice of brass of sterling silver trim, this coffee table will make your living room look and feel absolutely luxurious!

How To Choose A Coffee Table For A Sectional

A square or round coffee table works best for large seating configurations, such as a living room with a sectional .

Make sure to choose a coffee table size that matches the size of your sectional i.e., if your sectional is on the small side, pair it with a small- or medium-sized coffee table. However, if you have an oversized sectional, choose a large coffee table in a round or square shape that will allow everyone seated to have easy access to the table.

The square coffee table, shown below in this beautiful living space from Ames Interior Design, is a great example of how to pair a beautiful coffee table with a large sectional for a stylish look.

The nesting tables below pair beautifully with the furniture in this modern living room configuration. These stylish, unique coffee tables are a great option for this living area.

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Best Coffee Tables For Every Style And Budget

Coffee tables are one of those pieces of furniture that really unify a living roombut finding the best coffee tables is no easy feat. They come in every shape, size, material, and function you could think of, but it can still take time to find the one thats just right for your space and vibe.

We did some digging and were here to report that there are tons of lovable coffee tables in every style, at every price point. The options were bringing you are well-made and stylish, including gems from some of our favorite brands, like HAY, Coming Soon, and Lichen. No matter your aesthetic preference, weve got a piece that will speak to youwhether youre drawn to a Scandinavian, glam, or ultra-modern look. Add one to your shopping cart now. Thank us later.

PS: If youre into glass coffee tables exclusively, check out our gift guide thats dedicated the very best glass coffee tables.

All products featured on Architectural Digest are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Mixed Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

SHOULD YOU BUY IT ?? 3 Unique IKEA Coffee Tables

by Wayfair

For such a seemingly simple design, this piece brings coffee tables to a whole other level! We love the way it utilizes space, tapering at the bottom to create a really striking look without actually taking up any more space than your average department store find. This is also an eco-friendly pick, as its made of 100% reclaimed wood.

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Galloping Horse Trio Metal And Glass Coffee Table

The base of this table shaped like a metal galloping horse trio doesnt make this coffee table the most versatile table in the world, but it certainly makes this table stand out. Add to that the round glass top, and you get a coffee table that could make for an excellent decorative piece or a great gift. Check it here.

Unique And Decorative Coffee Tables With Storage

No living room is complete without a coffee table it anchors your seating area and is a must-have for every modern space. Our collection of unique, eclectic coffee tables is comprised of versatile, multi-purpose pieces: Each serves as a venue to display a collection of books or curios, while providing a convenient spot to rest a mug of coffee or a glass of wine. Choose a coffee table with built-in storage to optimize a smaller space, or a large, statement-making piece for a grander living room layout.

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Southern Enterprises Terrarium Display Cocktail Coffee Table

The Terrarium Display coffee table allows you to bring in your lowlight houseplants and potted cacti to have some gardening fun right in your living room. But if you dont really wish to deal with the dirty mess that may occur in your room, you could just use the display area of this table to showcase your favorite items. Check it here.

Tuner Unique Artisanal Coffee Table Antique Brass & White

Unusual Coffee Tables for sale in UK

Looking for a piece that will truly shake things up? This unique coffee table from CasaOne is a piece of art that is going to do just that. Unique as it comes, this piece comprises two differently sized tiers at different heights. The hand etched antique brass iron top shelf below serves as the main platform for your beverages and food. This is elegantly supported by sturdy legs in the same color for seamless style.

The supporting marble shelf in white is smaller and located above, making it perfect for your potted plants and embellishments. Crafted by local Indian artisans, the design is a true testament of their skill. A showcase of the unique characteristics of natural materials, this small coffee table is a true showstopper.

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What Is The Right Size Of A Coffee Table

A perfect size for your coffee table should be two-thirds of the size of your sofa. At this arrangement, you will have an ideal look in your living room.

I bet you cant decide which unique coffee table you would choose for your own living room now, either way, Im sure you can appreciate the funky and creative coffee table designs featured here and the work that has gone into creating them.

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Modern Mirrored Coffee Table: Nothing says glam quite like the high shine of a mirror finish and that is exactly what you get with this contemporary coffee table. With its mirrored top and chrome plated legs, it gleams with modern charm.
Stylish Modern Wood & Glass Coffee Table With Storage Drawers: Glass and wood combine to create this edgy coffee table that looks straight out of the future. Not only is it gorgeous with its bold angular design, it also features 4 stylish storage compartments and is available in white or espresso.
Modern Grey Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Base: The combination of the opaque top paired with the transparent glass sides elevate this simple and clean design to new heights. Available in 6 colors: Gray , Cappuccino, Dark Taupe, Glossy Gray, Glossy White and Gray Cement.
Small Modern Coffee Table: Who knew that wooden crates could look so great!? This rustic coffee table is a storage haven for any farmhouse styled decor. The ideal place to show off your latest reads, all while keeping your table top clear. Available in Weathered Wood or Espresso.
Modern Glass Top Coffee Table With Wooden Legs: Its unexpected wooden legs contrasting against the white shelf and glass table top make this timeless design a must have for either urban or country decor. Available in two models: Donatella and Massimo.

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Shauna Unique Round Coffee Table With Nesting Table White & Chrome

Nesting coffee tables are true life-savers to those who appreciate a smidge more storage. This unique coffee table set from CasaOne is an excellent space-saving solution. Both the tables feature a sturdy steel construction for lasting robustness.

The set features a gorgeous small faux marble coffee table in a clean white as the main piece. The small round glass coffee table can be easily tucked away when not in use and offer additional space when needed. The variety in style and storage makes this piece just right in contemporary spaces.

Upgrade Your Decor With A Unique Touch

Beautiful Woodworking Design Ideas – Making Unique Coffee Table

Coffee tables arent merely pieces of furniture. More and more home dwellers are recognizing what this simple piece can do for your home decor. Usually the right coffee table can add a completely new touch to your space and help you express your own personal style.

You can however amp it up with a coffee table that will offer something entirely new to the atmosphere.

Whether you want to simply kick up your feet or redecorate your space, a unique coffee table is the way to go. As the crucial piece of furniture that can create a welcoming aura, you need to put thought into how it will fit in with your existing style.

Read 35+ Best Coffee Table Ideas For Your Living Room

Since coffee tables serve multiple purposes in todays age and often act as the style focus of your living space, it is an essential purchase. Make the right choice from CasaOnes extensive catalog. The timeless variety of options underlined above will make this tough choice easier for you.

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Modrest Unique Round Wooden Avocet Coffee Table Gray

For those of you who find beauty in the unusual, you are sure to appreciate this unique wooden coffee table from CasaOne. Just the right choice for contemporary interiors, this round coffee table is constructed using engineered wood.

This unique modern coffee table is futuristic flair at its best with a two-tier curved design. The clean grey brass finish makes it a seamless addition to your home. The curious design also presents a quirky decorating opportunity.

Marble & Iron Coffee Table With Mesh Rack

by Pottery Barn

Simple and sophisticated, you really cant go wrong with this pick. There is not a living room on Earth wherein this wouldnt look amazing and the marble top makes it a truly upscale and timeless piece. Also, check out the magazine holder in the bottom right-hand corner just as practical as it is beautiful!

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Festnight Square Coffee Table

You may think that this coffee table is a simple black box with a slight gloss to it, but it, in fact, is quite a versatile piece of furniture. Its sides pulling apart expose a roomy storage compartment that can be easily opened and closed on demand. Thanks to its compact size, this coffee table could pose both as a side and a dining table. Check it here.

The River Coffee Table With Pebbles

Vintage Industrial Design Coffee Table, Unique Industrial Coffee Table ...

Its not often that you come across unique coffee tables that can as well be treated as a piece of art. But this one certainly looks extremely artistic and interesting as it combines several pieces of wood that together look as if a river has been running through it leaving behind pebbles and unique patterns.

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Dolores Unique Round Coffee Table Antique Brass & Gray

A harmonious marriage of rustic and industrial elements, this unique stone coffee table from CasaOne is a modern masterpiece. The concrete column base in gray, is effectively sturdy and offsets the royal tone of the top. The spacious circular iron top offers ample room for your reading material.

The design of the top would be further highlighted with a smartly chosen decorative object. The antique brass finish on the top offers a clean contrast of the column. Amp up the modern aura of your home with this round coffee table.

Sycamore Hand Forged Iron & Glass Coffee Table

by Stone County Ironworks

If youre looking to bring the wonder of nature into your home, heres the coffee table for you! Each unique tree branch has an iron finish and has optional leaf accents, which you can choose in contrasting colors. We recommend the glass tabletop, but special wooden ones are available too.

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Zuri Furniture Zion Coffee Table

From the point of view of the design, the Zuri Zion coffee table has very minimalistic yet expressive looks. The Zion coffee table could strongly complement an interior with a plentitude of edges and right angles. And when it comes to practicality, this coffee table boasts a multi-level tabletop surface. Check it here.

B Handcrafted Antique Coffee Table

Extreme Creative And Interesting Woodworking Project From Scrap Wood // Make A Unique Coffee Table

The first thing that catches the eye in this coffee table is its beautifully carved rosewood design with a vintage feel. That isnt the most interesting thing about this table: its tabletop in reality is a collapsible rosewood fruit basket. The chic basket could be used to serve your guests flavorful fruits or maybe to showcase your favorite items. Check it here.

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Lippa 42 Unique Oval Coffee Table Rose Gold & White

Get ready for a grand makeover with this unique oval coffee table from CasaOne. A signifier of polished opulence, this piece features a faux marble top in a unique oval shape. The addition of a tapered pedestal base in rose gold only enhances the lavish look.

This two-tone classic perfectly highlights the seamless pairing of organic style and neat urban design. The clear lacquer finish is chip and scratch resistant for long-lasting elegance. The sturdy metal build makes it a decor gem for the ages.

Rustic Wood Coffee Table

Who doesnt want multifunctionality when it comes to home furnishings? Surely such an item will be handy and save your money a lot! This rustic wood coffee table can be the right option for your interior décor. Additional storage under the table can store food jars, tissues, and magazines. Moreover, it has an elegant design with a touch of rustic wood grain pattern. Also, the table is excellent as a focal point in your living room, thanks to its round shape.

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Lord Of The Rings Map Table

This cool coffee table will make any Lord Of The Rings fan squeal in delight and excitement as it features a map of Middle-Earth carved into it. It looks extremely awesome and beautiful. Now you can spend hours just studying this artistic map or settling geographical disputes with other fans of the franchise.


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