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Saeco Espresso Machine Parts List

Cup Filter Basket 54mm

Saeco’s GranBaristo Avanti espresso machine makes brewing much too easy


2 Cup filter basket for Saeco/ La Pavoni Pressurized Portafilter#124650221 2Cup Filt. 54,5x2554mmAlso fits 54mm Non-Pressurized portafilter for Saeco and La Pavoni models . more…

Steam KnobCompatible with Saeco TALEA model espresso machines. more…

Replacement Dump Box/ Grounds Container BlackSaeco XSmallPhilips 2000Gaggia Besana. more…

Saeco Intelia Water Tank


Replacement Water Tank for All Saeco Intelia, SAeco Intuita and Gaggia Valasca ModelsNat/gry Water Container V2 NprAlt P#421944056301. more…

Currently out of stock

Saeco Syntia Dump Box 11012709 Black Dump Box Xsm. more…

Water Tank O-Ring for older model Saeco Espresso MachinesO-ring 12Mm Water tank145842900. more…

Steam Valve/ Faucet Support bracket for previous version Saeco Incanto Models 11005343 Black Faucet Support. more…

Saeco Slim Tube Boiler


Saeco Boiler Slim Tube. boiler 130for newer models 120v Models only . more…

Coffee Espresso Lever for Saeco Minuto Philips 2100Chrome Finish. more…

Currently out of stock

Replacement Milk Carafe for Saeco XelsisMetal Lid. more…

Replacement Milk Carafe for Saeco Xelsis TitaniumBlack Lid. more…

Replacement Hopper #421944029771For Saeco GranBaristo, GranBaristo AvantBlk Addition. bean Cont. v2+seal. more…

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Situation : Saeco Faults As Soon As I Press For Espresso

In this case, this machine starts up normally in ready mode and everything appears perfect but when you press for espresso the machine goes into E01 right away. Without any delay, it just goes into fault. I want you to reset the machine move to the pre-ground option as you would insert your pre-ground coffee yourself and brew espresso. If the machine makes the espresso this will be confirmation you need a new grinder motor, and there likely arent any other issues.

The grinder motor isnt hard to replace if you take it apart slowly and methodically. You dont need to buy a complete grinder but can purchase the motor itself. The motor is available on the ECS Coffee website for $90 CAD.

Saeco Gaggia Panarello Milk Frothing Nozzle

Saeco Starbucks Via Venezia Schematic Internal Parts Drawing 2 Exploded ...


Complete pnarello assembly For use with :Saeco SyntiaSaeco InteliaSaeco IntuitaSaeco MinutoSaeco PicobaristoSaeco Incanto Philips 2100Philips 2000Saeco XsmallGaggia AnimaGaggia BreraGaggia ClassicGaggia CarezzaSaeco PoemiaSaeco ViennaSaeco MagicPhilips 5000. more…

Tea/brass 90Connect. double Fast/lock For use with Saeco Royal Digital Plus version RI9913/47 . more…

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Saeco Water Tank Seal Kit


Saeco Water Tank Seal KitSaeco Water Tank Seal Kit for front/side loading tanks including:Saeco XSmallSaeco OdeaSaeco TaleaSaeco PrimeaSaeco SyntiaSaeco IntuitaSaeco InteliaSaeco MoltioGaggia Brera Gaggia VelascaGaggia Platinum 4 Piece Kit Includes:Water Tank Valve Spring P0049 #11003672Tank Valve Seal #11003671Tank ValveDuckbill Lid-Cover Available online only. more…

Saeco Royal / Magic Bean Hopper


Saeco Bean HopperClear ABS plasticFor use withSaeco Magic DeluxeSaeco Magic ComfortSaeco Royal DigitalSaeco Roysal ProfessionalSaeco Royal Coffee Bar . more…

Currently out of stock

Saeco Magic/Royal Version 1 Series Coffee Dispnensing Spout . more…

Saeco Vienna Deluxe Dump Box / Dreg DrawerSUP O18C. more…

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Saeco Incanto Grinder Dial


Saeco Incanto Grinder Adjuster DialFor use with:Saeco Incanto SiriusSaeco Incanto DeluxeSaeco Incanto Rapid Steam. more…

COFFEE GRINDER MOTOR V3. 1 120V #421941305001See Schematics for compatible Models. . more…



Saeco Talea Bean Hopper Clear ABS plasticFor use with Saeco Talea Giro Saeco Talea Ring Saeco Talea Touch . more…

Top Rated Saeco Espresso Machine Reviews

Saeco Superautomatic Espresso Machines | CR Comparison

Since weve mentioned 10 different models of Saeco Espresso Machines on the above list, it may be difficult for you to find the right one for your needs. This is why we listed the key features of each of these Saeco Espresso Machines below:

Product Highlights:

  • Premier programming The xelsis lets you program everything. From milk and espresso volume to dose, temperature, and texture only thing holding back your morning drink is you
  • User profile And once you have your favorite drinks dialed-in, you can save them to your dedicated profile for easy access
  • Touchscreen control The xelsis showcases its programming prowess with an accurate 3.5 Touchscreen
  • Hygiesteam system An upgrade to the steam systems of old, the xelsis Fridge-ready milk carafe packs in texture control and automated purge and clean cycles
  • Double thermo blocks Dedicated for both brewing and steaming offer accurate temperature controls for every drink in your recipe book
  • Refined ergonomics From a front-access water tank to adjustable spouts and a scratch-resistant drip tray The xelsis brings the best from Saeco design options
  • Protects your system against lime scale build-up
  • Adjustable settings for different aroma levels
  • Regular decalcification extends lifetime and enhances taste
  • Package dimensions: 1.0 inches L x 1.0 inches W x 1.0 inches H

Product Highlights:Product Highlights:

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Saeco Maintenance Kit For Automatic Espresso Machines

The Saeco Maintenance Kit allows you to prevent your Saeco Automatic Espresso Machine to break down, while keeping it clean and running smoothly. Designed to give you the best performance of your appliance.

More Info
  • Includes: 2 Decalcifiers, 2 Mavea Intenza+ Water filter cartridges, 1 Service Kit .
  • Maintenance Kit is the most convenient kit to perfectly keep the top performance of your Saeco Espresso Machine.
  • Regular maintenance ensures the best taste and aroma from your Saeco espresso machine.
  • Water filter extends the lifespan of your espresso machine, ensuring you can enjoy the best-tasting coffee for longer.

Error: E05 Water Circuit Interrupted

Saeco says this error: Occurs when the flow meter is faulty, disconnected or does not occur passage of water. In these cases, since the machine fails to correctly read the pulses of water, enters alarm condition.

This error is tricky as I found in most instances, the flow meter is not the issue.

The flowmeter is doing its job. It reports the revolutions of the wheel inside the flowmeter. Keep in mind if you have a plug into any area of the water system the flow meter will read the error E05. So in most cases, the flow meter is reporting and not faulty.

I have a long list possible causes and cures for this error E05, Ill start with the Flowmeter.

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Situation : Your Grinder Hums And Isnt Turning

If your grinder hums like it wants to grind but is not turning, then youll want to unjam the grinder.

To unjam the grinder start by empting the grinder area of all beans. Use a vacuum to make the area visible and inspect the grinder for any hard material caught between the burrs. I have unjammed a lot of weird items from a grinder in the past some being a nail, stones, glass, plastics and even the porcelain burr that has broken and jammed the grinder.

If you cannot see anything visible, turn the grinder all the way coarse until you can separate the top burr from the grinder and finish cleaning out the area. Once its clear, reassemble it back together and try making a product and see if the grinder runs and runs on

You will get the error to add beans. In this case it is a good sign that you cleared the jam, and you can test the unit with product and make an espresso to test before you fully reassemble. At this point it should be clear what the grinder had jammed

Possible Fix: Flow Regulator

Saeco Royal Cappuccino Wiring Diagram

This funny valve is connected to the pump end. Its job is to regulate the flow. There are some that have a blow-off hose in case the pressure goes beyond the manufactures specs. The valves are well built, and I have only seen 2-3 fail. You can disconnect a hose down the line and press for a brew or rinse and see if the water moves ( I usually like to do this after the boiler to see if it is flowing. If you dont have any flow just keep testing your way back.

Before taking things apart, when the message comes up reset your machine and try to run a cup of hot water. If the water flows, it is a good indication it can be a weak pump or something in the brewer and delivery spout may be clogged.

Hopefully one of these possible fixes has fixed the Error 05.

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Situation : Grinder Issue

One issue you can have is with the grinder. The bottom burr is the one that turns and grinds against the top burr. The holder that secures the bottom burr has known to shear off from the drive gear. You might find the grinder runs with beans in the hopper, but coffee doesnt come out and faults to add beans If you clean the hopper out and run another espresso and the grinder visibly turns

It is possible this shaft that holds and turns the grinding mills has sheared off but without beans, it is tight enough to turn without the resistance of the beans. With the machine unplugged you can clamp the spiral that draws the beans in and see if it turns easily to detect if it is broken.

This part can be found on the ECS Coffee website for $30 CAD. Keep in mind this involves taking the grinder apart as well.

Error: E03 Brewing Unit Blocked

This error code means the brew unit is blocked or stuck in the working position in all cases, you cannot remove the brewer.

I have seen this many times and usually, the cause is the brewer is not maintained and goes dry from not lubricating the rails and struggles to make the movements from working to the home position. Lubricate the rails to enable the moving parts to function properly. Youll want to use the official Saeco grease lubricant to achieve the best and safest lubrication.

However, there may be other causes for this error. Here are some of them:

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Error: E24 Bu Encoder

This happens when the machine is not correctly detecting the signal of the encoder.

Some errors are incorrectly seen more than others and can be common in older machines. Keep in mind the fault that is showing does not necessarily mean the error is stating. I find this all the time, including just recently I had an Error 04 on a repair machine. The fix was a Microswitch had burnt out and failed. I replaced the microswitch and the machine tested back to normal.

I hope this gives you some guidance, and hopefully can save you a few bucks from getting it inspected by a technician.

Error: E14 Boiler Coffee Timeout

Saeco Minuto Full Review

When there is no power coming to the coffee boiler and it has not reached the pre-set temperature within a time of 2 minutes. At startup the machine will say the message Warming up , and after the 2 minutes, the machine locks up.

This has multiple possibilities, but the cause will be in the electrical circuit.

Use a multimeter to check the boiler element, TCO , and any wire that might have a fusible link inline.

I usually check everything in the circuit before I consider the power board being the issue. If all checks out it can be the board and may need to be replaced.

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Pressurized Portafilter For La Pavoni & Saeco


Pressurized Portafilter 53mmHeavy Gauge Nickel plated BrassSpring loadW/ Double basket included. For Use With La PavoniDolce Caffe,Gran Caffe,Dolce Espresso,Baretto For use with Saeco Traditional Espresso Machines AromaArmoniaMagic CappMagic CombiStarbucks BaristaVia VeneziaVia VenetoPhilips Poemia . more…

Saeco Brew Unit BlackFor use with series:RoyalMagic Stratos . more…

Error: E15 Boiler Steam Timeout

Various temperatures, Steam boiler temperatures are out of control.

You may need to first replace the temperature sensor as this controls the temperature and it is failing. Second to this, it could also be a bad power board. I always find CPUs and power boards are hard to diagnose. You also may need to replace the board to confirm it was causing the fault.

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Error: E06 Dc Valve Short Circuit

This occurs when one of the valves of the flute is short-circuited. This problem may occur during the delivery of a milk-based product. Not a common issue to see, but it can happen. The Milk itself is the interesting thing here, as it can creep back and compromise the solenoid valve possibly causing it to fail.

When it comes to fixing this error, its not worth trying to rebuild. I would just replace the valve to fix this.

Error: E11 Coffee Temp Sensor Open Circuit

Saeco Aroma Nero/Black and Inox/S.S.

This would manifest as you turning on your machine, and it suddenly stops.

This occurs when the temperature of the coffee boiler sensor is not detected. The problem is due to the absence of the signal of the sensor and does not allow the machine to establish the actual temperature of the coffee boiler.

This can be the sensor failure, or it can be TCO Check this with a multimeter to confirm its a sensor failure. If it is, the sensor will need to be replaced.

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Possible Fix: Descale Your Machine

Neglecting to descale your machine periodically may also be a possible solution to this error code, not to mention descaling can save yourself a lot of money in the future in repairs/replacements. If water cannot smoothly move through the system because the scale is built up, you will get this error. However its important to know, DO NOT USE VINEGAR! Ive touched on why Vinegar is bad before, so long story short stick to using the trusted brand-name descaler.

On the topic of using the right tool for the right job, youll want to use the official which includes the descaler solution, or just the . Its important to note the kit also comes with all the other things you will need to avoid this issue again like the cleaning brush.

As a helpful little reminder, dont go more than 3 months without a descale. This will ensure your machine will always be clean and smoothly working. If youve been behind on the maintenance of your machine, you should also consider the as your filters should be replaced about every 5000 cups.

Possible Fix: Clean Your Brewer

Take the screen off the tamp as it can be plugged with oils not letting the water flow. You can use a capful of bleach and soak the metal screen in it until it breaks up the oils then rinse it off well. The small valve that is on the tamp should also be cleaned. Be careful when you take it apart as one version will have a small glass ball at the end of the long spring. This valve regulates the crème of the espresso. You can soak it in the bleach.


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Saeco Talea Ring + Cpu


Saeco Talea Ring Plus CPU Board As Cpu+sw V2 P0053/c . more…

Saeco Odea Series CPU Kit Spares Cpu+sw V2 P0049. more…



SAECO – VALVE CONNECTOR #996530009862BLOWDOWN VALVE CONNECTOR P0049 ASSY. with SealFor use with Saeco Odea, Talea SeriesGaggia Platinum Series. more…

Currently out of stock

Situation : Your Grinder Starts And Stops After 2

Saeco 21103 Royal Professional Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

In this case and being that I have seen it, but rarely. Your grinder starts but stops within about 2-3 seconds of grinding with beans in the hopper. Your machine will go into E01.

I wont write much about this fix here as it will be replacing the grinder motor itself which also applies and explained in the next scenario.

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Original Spare Parts For Your Philips Saeco Espresso Machine

There are many available on the market coffee makers from overflow, through portafilter, to automatic, but one thing they have in common are … the parts they consist of. All of them have trays, brewers, lids, lifts, grinders, grids and often jugs. Everyone Coffee machinewhen it breaks down, it requires repair and spare parts or additional accessories like milk container for your Philips Saeco espresso machine, which is a removable element used to prepare milk foam and a jug for a Philips Saeco espresso machine How do I fix a faulty coffee machine that is no longer working properly? We can often do it ourselves by replacing the needed spare part.

Let us remember that regardless of whether we need them or not spare parts for the coffee machine Are the accessories important that they are original elements because they have a guarantee of quality and thanks to the use of such coffee maker parts, our device will serve us for a long time. In our store you will find only original ones Philips Saeco espresso machine parts and accessories from milk containers for your Philips espresso machine po jugs for the Philips espresso machine to many other elements of the coffee machine, so that the coffee always tastes great and is ready on time. We only have the original ones Philips Saeco spare parts.

Saeco Small Appliance Replacement Parts And Accessories

Philips Saeco S.p.A., or short Saeco, is an Italian manufacturer of manual, super-automatic and capsule espresso machines and other electrical goods with headquarters and factories in Bologna. The company was founded by Sergio Zappella and Arthur Schmed in 1981 as Sergio, Arthur e Compagnia. In 1985 they launched the first completely automatic espresso machine for domestic use, called Superautomatica and in 1999 they bought the historic espresso brand of Gaggia. The Saeco brand belongs to the Dutch electronics company Philips since July 2009. Saeco super-automatic espresso machines provide you cup after cup of coffee made from coffee beans, freshly ground at the touch of a button. From a shot of espresso to a cappuccino, latte or macchiato with fresh frothed milk from the integrated milk frother.


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