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Where To Buy Kauai Coffee

Lapperts Hawaii Ice Cream And Coffee

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There are a few locations of Lapperts Hawaii Ice Cream and Coffee scattered across the islands, including one at The Shops at Kukuiula in Poipu. Along with classic lattes, macchiatos and pour-over coffees, there are plenty of island-inspired coffee drinks on the menu at Lapperts. Indulge in a Kauai Pie Mocha, which blends coconut, dark chocolate and hazelnut, or sip on a cup of vanilla macadamia nut coffee made fresh by the cup.

Little Fish Coffee Poipu

The bright yellow and turquoise walls of Little Fish Coffee in Poipu give off a distinct island vibe, and the coffee served inside hits just the right note whether youre sipping a hot honey nutmeg latte or beating the heat with an icy-cold Midnight Marauder with four shots of espresso, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk.

If your spouse isnt in the mood for coffee, the menu also offers options like homemade chai, fresh iced tea and flavored Italian sodas. Your kids might opt for something off the smoothie menu or decide to indulge in a rich hot chocolate.

Where Can I Buy 100% Fresh Kona Coffee On The Island

I’ve been ordering on line for my home use from Maui Oma Coffee roasters. But I would like to bring some home this time — save on shipping costs.

I would like to avoid coffees that have been sitting around for a while.


Why not buy 100% Kaua`i coffee? Walmart has the best price on it, and stock turns over so fast that it probably hasn’t been sitting around.

I loaded up at Starbucks on Maui not sure if they have stores on Kauai they have a 100% Kauai and 100% Kona. I order regularly from Pele Plantations in Kona for my home use.

You can get 100% Kona coffee at WalMart like pzp said, or get it at the grocery stores, Starbucks, etc. The 100% Kauai coffee is good too, and you can take a tour of the plantation over on the west side.

Kauai coffee company, tasted a lot of their coffees.

I bought a t-shirt

oh yes… 100% kona coffee bean from Kauai is just fine for me!! I didn’t mean it had to come from Maui — that’s just where I’ve been buying on line from so I can have it at home.

So you guys don’t think I HAVE to buy from a regular roasting co.? I can get just as fresh from the stores there?

That would be ideal. What about ABC stores?

Aloha from Kaua’i!

You can get 100% Kona coffee in any decent sized market here on the island — there are many brands and what I’d look for are the ones that say they are from the Big Island — IMO they simply have the best coffee in the islands. I’d also suggest buying whole bean as opposed to the ground coffee.

Malama Pono,

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% Kauai Coffee Is Fair Trade Certified Rainforest Alliance Certified And Non

KAUAI, HAWAII May 27, 2021 For Fred Cowell, General Manager at Kauai Coffee Company, producing coffee in a sustainable manner is as much a cultural commitment as it is an environmental one. For more than six years, Mr. Cowell has managed the largest coffee farm in the United States by putting care for his employees, Kauais land, natural resources, and community at the forefront.

With Cowell at the helm and an ambitious sustainability program in place, Kauai Coffee Company has earned the unique distinction of producing triple certified Hawaiian coffee. 100% Kauai Coffee® is Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Goods that are Fair Trade Certified by Fair Trade USA help provide safe working conditions and environmental protections, while empowering farmers to create sustainable livelihoods and improve their communities. They do so by utilizing their Community Development Funds, additional money workers earn on top of wages that workers can use for improvements of their choosing. In 2022, Kauai Coffee Company will begin dispersing its Community Development Funds toward unique needs within its community.

It takes a lot more planning and people to operate sustainably, but it is better for everyone, said Jon Ching, Kauai Coffee Company Orchard Manager. The learning curve is big, but it is really exciting, he continued.

Researching Kauai Coffee Single Serves Vs Kona Coffee Pods

Kauai Coffee Koloa Estate Hawaiian Whole Bean Coffee, Dark Roast, 10 ...

Put our Kona coffee to the test by researching online. Customers can read all about the unique flavor of Pooki’s Mahi Kona coffee custom single serve pods and purchase some to make drinking it a daily routine. Finding the most reliable coffee reviews isn’t difficult consumers should visit online culinary and beverage magazines that spotlight semi-annual and annual contests to determine the best coffee. Customers can readKona coffee reviews on Pookis Mahis Kona coffee single serves. Thebest Kona coffee reviews are displayed first. Pookis Mahi does not believe in paying coffee cuppers to provide Kona coffee reviews on their Kona coffee single serve pods. Pookis Mahis customers are not shy sharing their feedback on Pookis Mahs Kona coffee single serve pods.

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Getting The Best Value

Everyday, people discover why Pooki’s Mahi’s 100-percent Kona coffee single serve pods are the best value. The Kona coffee single serve pods are made of mesh versus plastic and their lids are clear and don’t contain lead. Each Kona coffee pods has the expiration date, lot code, a nutrition label and product information, such as the number of grams in each cup. While competitor brands may seem to be a better deal at first, once coffee lovers realize that the inflated shipping charges add significantly to the overall cost of each cup, they learn that our cups are the best buy — not only for the taste buds but also for the pocketbook.

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    The Difference In Hawaiian Coffees

    Coffee beans grown on the island of Maui produce a subtle difference in this beverage due to its rich, earthy flavor. The Maui Mokka coffee comes from small, round coffee beans and has a variety of chocolate flavors. Kona coffee has a smooth, well-balanced flavor that is bright, but not too sharp. Kau coffee can have a coconut, cherry or chocolate flavor depending on the weather conditions during the growing season. Kauai coffee has a mellow base that is infused with a bright flavor.

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    What Is Hawaiian Coffee

    Hawaiian coffee is a gourmet variety made from beans grown only on the Islands of Hawaii — specifically on the golden Kona coast for Kona coffee, Maui for Maui Mokka and Kauai for Kauai coffee. Only a few of these Kona coffee farms exist, and they have largely been owned and operated by the same families for generations. Hawaiian coffee has a completely different taste from the varieties that people typically drink. It has a flavor all its own and is nothing like coffees grown outside of Hawaii, such as those from Latin America, Africa, or South American coffees. Anyone wanting a superior coffee experience will enjoy Pooki’s Mahi’s100-percent Kona coffee single serve pods. Pookis Mahi is a single serve coffee manufacturer of all five different styles of100% Kona coffee single serve pods: Kona Medium Roast coffee single serves, Kona French Roast coffee pods, Kona Decaf coffee single serevs,Kona coffee Estate Extra Fancy pods, and Kona Peaberry coffee single serves.

    Hawaiian Kona Coffee 100%

    Exploring Kauai | April 2022

    The Kona coffee is famous for its rich flavor, its lack of bitterness and its irresistible aroma of fresh nuts.

    Kona beans have been grown for over 100 years on Hawaiis Big Island. The islands west coast takes advantage of a unique micro climate. The Kona Belt is located on the west slopes of the Mauna Loa and Hualalai volcanoes, which protect the plantations from the strong winds that blow on the island. A rich volcanic soil and perfect climatic conditions provide to this sought after coffee its exquisite flavour and unique aroma.

    Our pure Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy is imported exclusively from certified Kona coffee farms. You will always receive from us very freshly roasted Kona 100%. Dont hesitate to enjoy your favorite coffee all day long with our Swiss Water® naturally decaffeinated Kona 100%.

    No need to waste money on shipping cost to order from Hawaii. Your Kona coffee 100% is already here in Canada and ready to be roasted for you, sold in Canadian dollars and shipped free of charge with Canada Post Expedited Parcel on any order!

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    Koloa Mill Ice Cream And Coffee

    Koloa Mill Ice Cream and Coffee, located in the heart of Old Koloa Town, is mostly known for its tempting scoops, scrumptious soft serve and incredible shaved ice, but its also a great place to score a delicious cup of joe. Stop in for a cup of fresh-brewed island coffee and a breakfast sandwich in the morning, then return later in the afternoon for a frozen treat.

    Where To Buy Good Coffee Beans In Kauai

    Are there any good roasters on Kauai? I’d love to grab a bag of beans that are roasted locally to enjoy during our upcoming stay and to bring home.

    We’re staying near Anahola, but will probably make it to most parts of the island.

    I get mine at Hanalei Coffee Roasters but there is actually a coffee plantation you can tour and buy coffee.

    Here’s another vote for the Kauai Coffee Plantation — they have a nice little visitors center where you can sample many coffees. It is just west of Hanapepe on what I call the Eleele bypass, but maybe somebody else can give you the correct name of the route.

    Kauai Coffee Plantation………. they have a nice visitors center and you can test taste many of their flavors at the coffee bar. You can also buy ground or beans.

    Here’s the link. Go to the Visit us page for maps and directions. The easiest way is this…… as you’re driving on the main highway , east to west, just as you begin to come out of town you’ll see a sign for Kauai coffee. Follow the arrows and turn left there. It’s highway 540.

    Kaua`i Coffee Plantation will have, typically, about 18 tasters for your enjoyment and purchase. We like the plain medium roast, which can be purchased at Costco for a good price. Sometimes they have one of the flavored coffees, but you’ll get the most variety right at the plantation.

    The Kauai Coffee Plantation is on Halewili Road just up the hill from Ele’ele and Port Allen.

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