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Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe With Aeroccino

Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe Coffee Espresso Single

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe & Aeroccino 3 Milk Frother | Full Review and Demo
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Is Vertuoplus Deluxe Worth It

VertuoPlus Deluxe is the versatile capsule-based coffee maker that delivers the best home-brewed coffee ever and offers the perfect combination of style and texture, ranging from 0.3 to 17 oz without stepping into a coffee shop. It is easy to use and clean, delivers authentic beverages, automatically adjusts brewing parameters, has a large 60 oz water reservoir, and auto-off feature. All of these features and settings make it hard to beat the model.

Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe Overview

Nespresso offers two lines of machines OriginalLine and VertuoLine.

OriginalLine Machines: These machines extract perfect flavor and premium aroma from coffee capsules via a powerful 19-bar pressure pump.

VertuoLine machines use the Centrifusion technique, scan the capsules barcode, and vigorously run the capsule at 7000 RPM to extract the authentic flavor. It also brews coffee up to 17 oz.

OriginalLine machines are better than VertuoLine machines because

  • They use inexpensive 3rd party capsules, while VertuoLine machines use expensive Vertuo Pods.
  • Deliver hotter coffee than VertuoLine machines.
  • Brew authentic espresso cups with perfect crema while VertuoLine machines deliver espresso with airy crema.

Besides these, Vertuo-Line espresso coffee makers are worthy dual brewers they brew Espresso, Double Espresso, gran lungo, coffee, or other beverages in different sizes. One of the versatile VertuoLine machines, i.e., VertuoPlus Deluxe, has a sleek design and is easy to use. Its average rating value is 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is a quite worthy model however, it lacks a milk frother, so if you want to brew latte, cappuccino, macchiato, etc., pair it with a one-touch Aeroccino frother. It has two models

Designed by DeLonghi It has a flatter top and a 60 oz water reservoir

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Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe Review 2022

I start my morning with a perfect coffee cup, grind my whole beans and brew authentic coffee at home. My amazing experience has been with Breville Bambino. After a few years of use, I replaced it with its premium model, i.e., Breville Bambino Plus. Its advanced features and automatic milk frothing system enhanced my experience.

Unfortunately, my Breville Bambino Plus broke down, and my job started. Now I was busy and looking for a coffee maker that would instantly make coffee. One of my friends suggested French Press Aeropress, – Percolators, – drip coffee makers, – Grind & Brew coffee makers, but their espresso quality was not good. Another friend advised instant coffee packets and single-serve coffee bags like tea bags. But these things are best for office use only.

When I started to search for things, I had three options: Keurig coffee makers, Nespresso OriginalLine machines, and VertuoLine machines. After comparison, I decided to choose one of the VertuoLine machines, i.e., VertuoPlus Deluxe, as it brews coffee and espresso. It lacks a milk frother, and I am fond of latte, cappuccino, etc., so I bought a standalone one-touch aeroccino frother. My experience with this machine was spectacular it delivered me a wide variety of beverages , double espresso , gran lungo , coffee , and alto ) with a touch of a button. Its features and settings urged me to write a review on it.

Here is a complete description of my experience with this machine.

Intuitive Brewing Process Fast & Convenient

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee &  Espresso Machine with Aeroccino ...

For review, I brewed many drinks, and all were strong and rich. I followed the manuals instructions, inserted the pod, placed the cup under the coffee outlet, and pressed the button. The machine delivered the desired beverage within one minute. The automatic capsule ejection system automatically ejects the capsule after the brewing process. It did not produce any noise during the brewing process. It also has movable cup support and offers 4 different positions, allowing you to brew in small or large mugs.

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Can Vertuoplus Deluxe Make Double Espresso

VertuoPlus Deluxe makes double espresso with its double espresso Vertuo pod. Each Vertuo pod has its specific barcode and brew size, such as

  • Espresso 1.35 oz

Simply insert the double espresso pod into the machine and press the start button the machine will read the capsules barcode and deliver your desired drink within one minute.

Owning The Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe By Delonghi With Aeroccino Milk Frother

Tastefully redesigned with a number of insightful improvements, the VertuoPlus series from Nespresso offers the ability to prepare rich espresso or full bodied long coffee with the push of a button. Using Nespressos Centrifusion technology and a barcode reader, the machine will automatically recognize the type of capsule you want to brew, and adjust extraction for optimal flavor. Flexibility is the name of the game with the VertuoPlus, with adjustable cup support featuring 4 positions, and new multi-position water reservoir, that can be angled behind the machine based on the layout of your kitchen. The VertuoPlus Deluxe features additional silver accents and an expanded 60 oz water capacity. For delicious hot and cold milk specialities, the VertuoPlus has been bundled with the Nespresso Aeroccino milk frother. This compact, standalone frother is perfect for rapid one-touch preparation of milk drinks and is packaged with multiple whisks for preparing various textures of foam.

Dimensions: 5.6 W x 12.8 H x 16.2 D

Weight: 9.72 lbs

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Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe Descaling

The VertuoPlus Deluxe has a descaling alert. The machine is descaled with a descaling solution every 6 months or after 600 used capsules. For descaling, I also followed the manuals instructions. I filled the water tank with a descaling solution and simultaneously pressed the button and lever. The machine entered the descaling mode it took only 20 minutes. After that, your machine is ready to brew

Nespresso Vertuoplus Vs Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee Maker Review & Demonstration

Both models have many similarities, but when we compare them, we also see some differences, including

  • Vertuo Plus has a small 40 oz water reservoir, while VertuoPlus Deluxe has a larger 60 oz water reservoir.
  • VertuoPlus Deluxe has a chrome finish around the lever and buttons, while VertuoPlus does not have a chrome finish. For more detail, read the above table content.

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What Is Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe Matte Black

VertuoPlus Deluxe Matte Black allows you to brew high-quality coffees , alto , splendid espresso shots , double espresso , and gran lungo with a rich crema. Its precision brewing system automatically adjusts the brewing settings. It has average customer ratings of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This machine has awesome features such as a large water tank , auto-off feature, hassle-free cleaning, and programmable water hardness.

What Is The Difference Between Espresso And Coffee

The main difference between coffee and espresso is the brewing method.

Coffee: In coffee preparation, coffee grounds are evenly spread in the filter, and the machine brews them. The machine passes hot water through filters and grounds.

Espresso: In preparation, the brewer passes hot water through fine coffee grounds and delivers a concentrated shot.

The other notable differences between coffee and espresso are as follows

  • Coffee has 80 to 185 mg caffeine content in 8 oz cups, while espresso has 40-75 mg caffeine in 1 oz shot.
  • Coffee types include drip coffee and filter coffee, while espresso can be without milk or milk-based or water-based .
  • Coffee serving is 5 oz cups to 60 oz carafe, while espresso serving is 1-2 oz.
  • Coffee brewing time is 6-12 minutes, while espresso takes only 20-30 seconds.

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Is The Vertuo Or Vertuoplus Better

Both machines are quite similar in many aspects, but they also have some differences, as mentioned below

  • Vertuo has a 40 oz water reservoir, while Vertuo Plus has a 37 oz water reservoir.
  • Vertuo has a large capsule container that can accommodate 12 used capsules, while Vertuo Plus has 10 used capsule capacity.
  • Vertuo has a fast 15 seconds heat-up time, while Vertuo Next takes 25 seconds for heat-up.

To Our Valued Customers

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee Maker Sale

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Matters of consumer privacy and rights are paramount to our brands and we will continue to work diligently to make our products available to you. The pace of global regulations is hard to predict, but we have the ultimate goal of being able to offer our products everywhere.

We share your disappointment and greatly appreciate your understanding. Thank you for your patronage.

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Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe Cleaning

VertuoPlus Deluxe offers quick and easy cleaning. According to the manuals guidelines, I emptied the capsule container and washed the machines exterior with a damp cloth. I washed the drip tray and capsule container with hot soapy water. VertuoPlus Deluxe models feature chrome accents and automatic cleaning cycles. I pressed the button three times, and the machine automatically cleaned within 5 minutes. The machine passes fresh water through the inner system and coffee outlet during the cleaning. I also placed the container under the outlet and collected the dumped water.

How To Make Coffee And Espresso With Vertuoplus Deluxe

The VertuoPlus Deluxe machine delivers perfect single-serve coffee and espresso.

For single-serve coffee:

  • Turn on the machine and allow it to heat for 20 seconds.
  • Adjust the drip tray according to your cup size and place the desired coffee cup under the coffee outlet.
  • Insert the pod .
  • The machine will deliver the perfect cup of coffee with hazelnut color into your coffee cup within 1 minute.
  • Once the process is completed, the machine will automatically eject the capsule.

For Espresso:

The entire process is the same as followed for coffee preparation except, instead of coffee pods, place the espresso pod in a Vertuo machine. The machine will deliver a well-balanced espresso shot with a strong aroma and airy crema into your cup.

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What Is The Difference Between Vertuo And Vertuoplus Deluxe

Both models have many similarities, but when we compare them, we also see some differences, including

  • The water tank of VertuoPlus Deluxe was rotating and positioned to optimize the kitchen countertop space, while VertuoPlus has a static water reservoir.
  • VertuoPlus has a large capsule container and can accommodate 12 used capsules, while VertuoPlus Deluxe has a small capsule container and can accommodate 10 used capsules.
  • VertuoPlus has a fast 15-second heat-up time, while VertuoPlus Deluxe takes 20 seconds to heat up.

What Is The Difference Between Nespresso Vertuoplus And The Deluxe

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee Machine Review: The Only Coffee Machine Youâll Need?

Both models have many similarities, but when we compare them, we also see some differences, including

  • Vertuo Plus has a small 40 oz water reservoir, while VertuoPlus Deluxe models feature chrome accents and have a larger water tank, 60oz capacity.
  • VertuoPlus Deluxe has a chrome finish around the lever and buttons, while VertuoPlus does not have a chrome finish.

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Is The Vertuoplus Deluxe Nespresso Machine For You

If you want a versatile capsule espresso and coffee maker that delivers you authentic beverages, VertuoPlus Deluxe with a large 60 oz water reservoir is hard to beat. It is easy to use and clean and delivers splendid espresso , a gran lungo , double espresso , alto , and coffee without stepping a foot in a coffee shop.

Design Unique And Modern

When I unboxed my DeLonghi VertuoPlus Deluxe, its simple, sleek, and modern design appealed to me. The machine with matte black color and neat design decorated my kitchen very well. It comes with a complimentary starter set of capsule assortment, including a wide range of Nespresso Vertuo pods with unique aromatic characteristics. It has a chrome finish around the lever, cup holder, and button. It has a single button for the entire operation and a dial to unlock or lock the capsule container. Although it is a large model with 8.7 W x 12.8 D x 13.2 H dimension, its adjustable water tank helped me to adjust it to the desired place.

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Nespresso Vertuoplus Deluxe Pods Vertuo Capsules

Vertuo pods are designed for Nespresso Vertuo-Line machines, so these machines use only Nespresso Vertuo capsules and do not work with third-party capsules. Similarly, the VertuoPlus Deluxe is only compatible with Vertuo pods each comes with a specific barcode and brew sizes. However, after the Nespresso and Starbucks partnership, it also worked well with Starbucks by Nespresso Vertuo pods. If you want to brew a drink with your desired pre-ground coffee, you can also use reusable stainless steel Nespresso pods.

Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe Coffee & Espresso Machine With Aeroccino Milk Frother By Delonghi

Breville Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee &  Espresso Single
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Start your morning off right by enjoying barista-quality java with this Nespresso Vertuo Plus Deluxe coffee and espresso machine.


  • Two brew-size presets: coffee and espresso
  • Centrifusion extraction technology for perfect results every time
  • Intelligent extraction system recognizes each Grand Cru blend and automatically adjusts accordingly
  • Fast heat-up system reaches ideal temperature in 15-20 seconds
  • Automatic shut-off 9 minutes after last use
  • Adjustable drip tray
  • Aeroccino milk frother creates light, creamy hot or cold milk froth
  • For use with large and small Nespresso Vertuoline coffee capsules only


  • Grand Cru capsules tasting box
  • Areoccino milk frother
  • For warranty information please click here


  • 12.8″H x 5.6″W x 16.7″D
  • 60-oz. removable reservoir
  • Model no. ENV155BAE

Due to its contents, this product cannot be shipped via our Priority Service or sent to Alaska, Hawaii, P.O. boxes, and/or APO/FPO military addresses.

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