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Who Owns Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee Arrives In Deep Ellum This Weekend

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Counter Culture Coffees training facility, located at 3333 Commerce Street in Deep Ellum, will open its doors on Friday, January 31. The caffeine gods have sent us a new temple of coffee. Youre most likely familiar with the Durham, North Carolinabased firm whose roasts can be found at Fiction Coffee, Sip Stir Coffee House, Brewed and Pressed, and the Joule Hotels Third Wave coffee store, Weekend, among other locations throughout the country. Counter Culture Coffee is preparing its polished, enhanced way to enjoy coffee, according to regional manager Kathy Altamirano, after four years of developing a significant presence in Dallass business community.

Baristas can improve their professional standing by participating in a certification program .

So theres a word of caution for any aspiring baristas out there.

A few years ago, when Altamirano relocated to Dallas from Los Angeles, some could have asserted that the city lacked a cafe thought leader, someone to glorify the citys growing collection of coffee shops.

Doing it out of a sense of passion is what builds a fantastic coffee community, says the author.

In addition to coffee, Altamirano said the location will offer pop-up dinners with other local chefs in the future.

As for the celebrations that will take place this weekend.

At 10 a.m., there will be a coffee tasting, which will include baked goods from Crumb and Kettle, as well as remarks from Counter Culture creator Brett Smith.

Is Counter Culture Coffee Fair Trade

4/5Counter Culture CoffeeTradeCounter CultureTradeFair

Hereof, who owns Counter Culture Coffee?

Counter Culture Coffee is founded in Durham, NC by Brett Smith and Fred Houk who met while Brett was in business school at UNC.

Secondly, is Folgers coffee ethically sourced? Folgers. Although Folgers states on their website that they are concerned about sustainability and ethical working conditions, they reject all the common certifications to ensure this is happening. The coffee supply chain used is not pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide free.

Also asked, is Community Coffee Fair Trade?

Community Coffee and Fair Trade. Unlike larger coffee companies they don’t have to go through a middle man and they never have. CC’s gives a fair value on the dollar to their farmers.

Is Fair Trade Coffee Organic?

Every year since 2013, more organic fair trade coffee has been certified than conventional coffee. Between 1998 and 2018, Fair Trade USA certified around 1.06 billion pounds of organic coffee compared to 780 million pounds of conventional.

Q: What Were Some Of The Most Surprising Insights You Learned After Adopting Medallias Solutions

A: It is surprising the level that people appreciate what we do. We work hard with our producer partners its critical for the long-term sustainability of what we are doing and how the industry is headed. Some of these insights about certain coffees, certain relationships with farmer partners, were a big affirmation of what we are doing. A reminder of how consumers really are paying attention to and knowledgeable about brands, to the product, and the company behind the product. For us, its not just coffee. Its our companys philosophy, our commitment to sustainability. As a company, we have to be authentic and mean what we say.

The feedback is so criticalwhether its good or badand that has set us up on a path that gives us the confidence to go in directions we couldnt have gone on before.

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Q: How Important Is Experience Management For Your Online Business

A: While weve had an online presence for a number of years, its become a much larger part of our business. We view ourselves as predominantly direct to consumer, but we also have an online platform for our wholesale customers. So we have two venues where we are putting Medallia solutions into place, and are getting great feedback in return.

When implementing Medallia solutions we hoped to understand our NPS, but we also hoped to get valuable feedback from our customers on what we were doing well, and on what we could improve upon. We wanted to focus on the experience we could give our customers when they interact with our brand. Now, we have an opportunity to engage where we couldnt before, beyond the reach of e-commerce, to continue building brand loyalists across the country.

Coffee By Counter Culture

First Look: Counter Culture Coffee Refreshes Lineup With New Design, Names

Counter Culture Coffee has represented a different way of bringing coffee to market: sourcing incredible handmade coffees directly from farmers and cooperatives, and roasting so that we bring out their unique flavors.We want to share these great coffees as the fresh, seasonal fruits that they are. We only sell coffee at the peak of their flavor and freshness, so our selection of coffees grows and changes as we find other coffees to share. Our seasonal selection of single-origin coffees, limited-release offerings, and year-round selections are, to us, the best expression of coffee’s diverse traditions and origins.

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Amazoncom : Counter Culture Coffee Whole Bean Coffee Fresh Roasted Sustainably Farmed Forty

Prices start at:$ 35.50$ 31.95 each week. Every four weeks, our Coffee Department selects two distinct 12 oz bags of seasonal, freshly roasted coffees to be sent to you directly. Each shipment includes a total of two bags. Once a shipment is completed, your credit card will be charged. It is possible to start your subscription the next business day after it is received.

What Is Harris Teeters Brand

Supermarket chain Harris Teeter is a subsidiary of Kroger, operating 260 stores in seven states on the east coast, but it boasts its own robust private label program including its HT Traders, HT Organics and Harris Teeter brand products that run alongside Simple Truth, Private Selection and many more.

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Q: Has Your New Means Of Customer Interaction Inspired You To Test Out Other Means Of Engagement In The Future If So How

A: Customers like to be heard, their voices are strong and meaningful and insightful. We started off on this journey thinking it would be great to get feedback, to understand our NPS, but as we continued, we were reminded how important it is when youre building a brand. How important it is to provide that experience, to have something unique, something that meets the needs of a continuously, ever-demanding customer base.

We are converting our customer support into a CX team, with plans to invest in other resources like real-time chat. Over the next few months, we will finalize a new role in our company, a CX manager, and we will continue to finetune the experience we deliver to our customers.

We are in the early stages of this process, and our learning curve is very steep, but with the feedback we get, it enforces our reality of having to close that communication gap and make ourselves available for our customers. The feedback is so criticalwhether its good or badand that has set us up on a path that gives us the confidence to go in directions we couldnt have gone on before.

What Is The Best Tasting Coffee Brand

ProDev: The Series #Baristastainability

We Tried 7 Brands of CoffeeThis One Was the Best

  • Eight O’Clock The Original. Score: 5.3/10. This coffee has a nice mild flavor but is still a bit bitter.
  • Peet’s Coffee Cafe Domingo Medium Roast. Score: 6.5/10. There’s a nice, consistent flavor here.
  • Starbucks Pike Place Roast. Score: 6.6/10. It tastes fancy!
  • Best Organic Coffee Brands for High-End, High-Quality Brews

    • Lifeboost Organic Coffee – Our Top Pick. Beans: Arabica.
    • 2. Cafe Don Pablo: Subtle Earth Gourmet Coffee.
    • Java Planet Colombian Organic, Medium Dark Roast.
    • Kicking Horse Coffee: Smart Ass.
    • Death Wish Coffee, Dark Roast.
    • Camano Island Coffee Roasters, Organic Medium Roast.
    • Jo Espresso.

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    Who Is Counter Culture Coffee For

    Counter Culture is for anyone who wants to up their coffee game. If you want to make your morning cuppa shine, then this brands unique and thoughtful brews are for you.

    Plus, the company puts ethical and sustainable practices first. If you want high-quality brews and to support a business that does good, consider paying the extra couple bucks to buy into a movementwith the added bonus of delicious coffee!

    Counter Culture Coffee Durham

    Fridays at 10AM, Counter Culture Coffee offers free tasting/cupping along with a tour. I enjoyed learning about the company and its operation along with tasting their Perennial Blend.As a bonus, I spoke with Brett Smith, the founder, about my coffee roasting hobby and received…green coffee samples of Perennial Blend beans so I can try to match my amateur efforts with those of real pros.Everyone from the founder to the cashier treated me well.More

    This is a cool coffee roastery in Durham that offers free tastings every Friday morning. It’s educational and fun. Definitely for coffee afficianados and people just looking for a unique experience. They also have occasional fundraisers and other special events. Cool place to visit or…take out-of-town guests.More

    Counter Culture Coffee is the greatest place to learn about coffee. The real address is 812 Mallard Avenue though. The new roastery smells great and there is a Cupping event every Friday at 10 am. You get to taste different coffees and learn about their…origins. Classes are offered to study various aspects of coffee and it’s proper brewing I love a blend called Forty SixMore

    Counter culture is a can’t miss coffee roaster. Absolutely my favorite roaster in the US. Additionally, they are very conscious about who and where they buy their beans.

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    Counter Culture Coffee Reviews: What Do Customers Think

    This wouldnt be a thorough Counter Culture Coffee review without hearing from customers, so lets see what at-home coffee connoisseurs had to say. Below, weve sourced testimonials from Amazon, Facebook, and Trustpilot that shed light on the brand and its products.

    We first turned to Amazon, where the company has received hundreds of ratings. Most coffees earned an impressive score of 4.5/5 stars or higher. Check it out:

    • Holigram: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 551 reviews
    • Big Trouble: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 551 reviews
    • Apollo: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 295 reviews
    • Forty-Six: an average of 4.5/5 stars out of 147 reviews
    • Gradient Blend: an average of 5/5 stars out of 32 reviews

    We first dove into Amazon reviews for Apollo because we were intrigued by this unique brew. Customers rave about the tastiness, intoxicating smell, and how smooth yet strong it is.

    One customer also gushed about the fruity notes: This was a surprise find for us and makes an excellent espresso. Superb aroma and body, good crema, excellent finish.

    Meanwhile, another customer echoed the love for this fruity coffee: This is one of my fave coffees from one of my fave coffee roasters. I love Ethiopian coffee and am very particular, and this one has the bright, fruity zing Im looking for. Smells so, so good. Huge fan!

    We also took a quick look at the brands Trustpilot page. Here, we only found one reviewit praised the brand for its tasty and ethical brew:

    Counter Culture Coffee Employees

    The secret to making great coffee revealed.

    Lemuel ButlerDetailsMay 2007 – Present 2007 – Present 2012 – 2012 2010 – 2010 2007 – 2007 Gee BargerDetailsCarrboro CapitalMay 2006 – June 2006 First Flight Venture CenterMay 2004 – August 2004 2003 20062003 20061995 1999David AminiDetailsBuchanan & EdwardsMay 2013 – October 2013 2009 2013Ryan SticklesDetails2002 – 2007 UPS1991 – 1994 1991 19941987 1991J.R. HarrisDetails2000 2005Matthew SouzaDetailsSophie LotsteinDetailsBlue SombreroMay 2013 – Present Duke UniversityMay 2010 – August 2010 2009 2013Jesse GordonDetailsMay 2012 – Present CafePress Inc.Rapid Refill2010 20152004 2010Beth KizakevichDetailsRichard FutrellDetailsPeace Corps1989 1991Lauren DicksonDetailsBurt’s BeesDURHAM2008 2012Kevin NealonDetailsMay 2011 – August 2011 The Bike RackJ. Park BrannenDetailsJittery Joe’s Coffee2006 20092004 2006Chris HerrinDetailsA Southern SeasonBryan DugganDetailsEmpire EatsMay 2006 – June 2009 2004 20082004 20082004 2008Katy V. MeehanDetailsTrader Joe’s2004 – 2006 2006 20092003 20051996 1998Christina ByrneDetailsMay 2007 – September 2009 2005 – 2007 1993 19951988 19911985 1987Dutch HedrickDetails1989 1994Kim Elena IonescuDetailsKansas Attorney General’s Office2006 20091999 2003Serena EnglishDetailsBookmans Entertainment ExchangeMay 2009 – September 2010 2004 – 2007 2012 2014

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    Is Counter Culture Coffee Sustainable

    Counter Culture operates with sustainability at the forefront. The company strives for measurable environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability in everything it does. It works directly with coffee producers to tackle issues like climate change and education starting from the supply chain.

    At the brands production facilities, its sustainability doctrine is carried out by reducing its carbon footprint, using fewer resources, and reducing waste. As part of Counter Cultures education at its training centers, its team discusses sustainability issues directly with consumers.

    Additionally, the company partners with various organizations such as World Coffee Research to take a collaborative approach to these issues. As part of its mission to strive for measurable success, the company releases a yearly transparency report.

    This Counter Culture Coffee review has to hand it to the brand for maintaining high-quality coffees alongside sustainable practices.

    About Counter Culture Coffee

    Counter Culture Coffee is a roasting company dedicated to crafting your next favorite brew. With more than 26 years of experience in the coffee industry, the brand helped usher in the third-wave coffee movement in the United States.

    Counter Culture Coffee has received attention from LA Weekly, Kinfolk, and ArchDaily. Its also incredibly popular across social media, with 143k followers on Instagram and nearly 40k likes on Facebook. Clearly, this classic coffee company shows no signs of slowing down.

    The brand has long been a mainstay in the coffee world, but is it worth your coin? This Counter Culture Coffee review will dive into the company and its roasts, provide customer recommendations, and answer important FAQs so you can decide if its coffee is worth becoming your new morning cuppa.

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    Is Counter Culture Coffee Worth It

    Considering everything weve covered in this Counter Culture Coffee review, we definitely think the brand is worth it. The company works hard to enact sustainable and ethical standards, and the fact that it has direct trade relationships with coffee producers definitely sweetens the deal.

    Aside from being a globally-conscious company, it also makes darn good coffee! Each brew comes with its own story that is as unique as its tasting profile. No matter how you like your morning cuppa, Counter Culture surely has something for you, with its wide variety of beans and various roast levels.

    Antebellum And Civil War

    ProDev: The Series The Field Trip

    Prior to the arrival of the railroad, the area now known as Durham was the eastern part of present-day Orange County and was almost entirely agricultural, with a few businesses catering to travelers along the Hillsborough Road. This road, eventually followed by US Route 70, was the major eastwest route in North Carolina from colonial times until the construction of interstate highways. Steady population growth and an intersection with the road connecting Roxboro and Fayetteville made the area near this site suitable for a US Post Office. Roxboro, Fayetteville and Hillsborough Roads remain major thoroughfares in Durham, although they no longer exactly follow their early 19th century rights-of-way.

    Large plantations, , , , , and among them, were established in the antebellum period. By 1860, lay at the center of one of the largest plantation holdings in the South. African slaves were brought to labor on these farms and plantations, and slave quarters became the hearth of distinctively Southern cultural traditions involving crafts, social relations, life rituals, music, and dance. There were free in the area as well, including several who fought in the Revolutionary War.

    As both armies passed through Durham, Hillsborough, and surrounding Piedmont communities, they enjoyed the mild flavor of the area’s , which was considered more pleasant to smoke or chew than was available back home after the war. Some began sending letters to Durham to get more.

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    Sippin Coffee With Counter Culture In Silverlake

    Its a straightforward procedure. Shop for items from your favorite store near you using the Instacart app or website. Instacart will link you with a personal shopper in your region who will shop for you and then deliver your order. Our Leave at my door option allows for contactless delivery. Using the Instacart app or website, you can keep track of the status of your purchase and connect with your shopper at every stage of the process. Learn more about how to make an order here. Click a shop of your choosing near you that allows pickup using the Instacart app or website, select Pickup, and then select your desired pickup location from where youd like to place your order.

  • A shopper or store employee will either deliver the goods to your car or you may pick them up in a designated place, depending on the store.
  • Heres how much Instacart delivery costs:- For same-day purchases above $35, delivery prices start at $3.99.
  • Service costs vary and are subject to change depending on factors such as your location and the amount and types of products in your cart.
  • Tips are not required for delivery orders, although they are appreciated.
  • Instacart pickup cost: There may be a pickup fee on your pick up order that is typically $1.99 for non-Express members.
  • As with a delivery charge, Express membership waives this fee as well.
  • Learn more about Instacart pricing here.
  • Counter Culture Coffee Review

    The brands bread and butter is coffee. From single-origins to blends, the companys 26-year expertise definitely shows in its products. Lets begin this Counter Culture Coffee review by taking a look at some of its best-sellers.

    Equilibrium means balance, and thats exactly what youre getting in the Counter Culture Coffee Equilibriumblend. The coffee that compromises this blend is sourced from East African and Central America. It has a light, fruity profile with delicious tasting notes of tangerine and mixed berries.

    The company is dedicated to traceability, so it shares a breakdown of the exact origins of the blend. We learned that three equal parts form this coffee:

    • 33% comes from Idido, Ethiopia, a region famous for crafting complexfloral coffee
    • 33% stems from Ngaratua, Kenya, which brings fruity, citrusy qualities to the cup
    • 33% comes from San Miguel, Guatemala, a region renowned for sweetness and acidity

    Each blend component is roasted separately in order to maximize its unique flavor profile. The roasted coffees are then color sorted before being blended together, making for a more consistently sweet cup.

    This limited-release blend is available through late October 2021. Grab a 12 oz box while you can for $19.

    Apollo is Counter Cultures love letter to Ethiopian coffee. When the brand launched the first version of this blend in 2010, it wanted to give its customers the best of what coffee could offer.

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